Saturday, November 2, 2013

An elephant journey

The first time Jiiarale had heard about the garden was when she was still a little child. Some of the women in the harem had talked about the rumor that there was a place where they could live without having to serve. At this time Jiiarale had not even known what it meant to serve but when she grew older and learned the important rules - for women - in life the idea of the garden returned to her mind.
Riding the elefant 5
Most of her sisters disappeared when they reached a certain age, Jiiarale did not want to allow others to determine her future so she started to read a lot. And finally one night she found a book which contained all the information about the garden and how to get there. But it would be a long journey. She did not want to go alone so she started to try to talk with her sisters but it seemed like they would not even want to think so making a plan about how to escape was far from their minds. In her lonelyness she started to spend time with watching her fathers elephants and one day she realized that one of them was supposed to have a similar fate as hers. It was planed to give Geena away to the sovereign of the neighbour country and then Jiiarale learned that she was supposed to go there as well. She needed to flee and now that she had more pressure to come up with a plan her mind started to work faster.
Riding the elefant 2  At the end she was surprised how easy it was for Geena and her - and also Geena's calf - to escape the guards who were supposed to bring her to the neighbour country. And then they started to travel on their real journey. Jiiarale had not supposed that Geena would be willing to come with her but it seemed like the elephant knew that she had nothing bad in mind. For a long time their days consisted out of endless hours in sun or rain which never seemed to end. While the elephants seemed to become stronger with every day Jiiarale became more and more exhausted. So Geena wrapped her trunk around her at one day and placed her on her back. From then they started to travel faster.
Riding the elefant 1
The sun was low when they finally reached the garden. But both elephants and the women knew that there would be many days of sunshine would follow.

Elephants are some of the cutest beings on earth. So seeing that Bare Rose made rideable elephants was just great. The elephants are available in a black and a white version. Each of those packs contains a special Elephant riding ao, an adult elephant with saddle and one without and an additional baby elephant. The elephants are attached to the avatar and when running the ao it looks like the avatar is riding on them.
Riding the elefant 4 Apsara has a wide range of asian outfits. All of those are available in a wide range of rich colours. The scarf and the long shirt are both made of mesh. The bottom of the pants is made of non rigged mesh, while the rest of the pants is a normal clothing layer pant. This makes it easy to combine those.
The Shiki Hair from Wasabi Pills looks like a looly bound ponytail with some decorations. It is possible to tint the hairclips as well as the hairband with a hud, which is contained in the pack.
The pictures have been taken at Ode. One of second life's most beautiful garden sims.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Shiki Mesh Hair
Necklace: Frippery~Birthday Roses - gold necklace [RFL Exclusive]
Scarf: Apsara - Dupatta(Loveberry)
Long shirt/dress: Apsara - Anarkali Kameez (Seafoam)
Pants: Apsara - Chooridar(Amethyst)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Berry :: Midnight Mania
Elephants:::: B@R ::: Black Elephant Rider
Pose: Purple Poses

Location: Ode

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Booey Halloween!

There was silence in the Evil Enchanted Forest. Ominous silence. Every poisonous plant, every bat and snake was ready to pounce on anyone who dared wander around among the bushes on Halloween Night.
Yet, all of a sudden, the guardian of the Evil Enchanted Forest, an ancient oak, couldn’t believe his… well, his ears, had he had anything similar to a human ear on his trunk at all. Someone was happily singing and hopping along the narrow path, that lead to the very centre of the forest, a stinky black swamp. 
Pumpkin Boo A little girl, carrying a bunch of orange balloons that looked like jack-o’lanterns. “The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout…” – sang the silvery high-pitched voice. “At least she is stylish… let her through!” – whispered the Guardian and the poisonous plants, the bats and snakes remained withdrawn among the shadows.
If you’re an innocent little girl and you want to walk around at dangerous places at night, pick up the Halloween balloons at Vita’s Boudoir, the Halloween dress and skin at Dimbula Rose, and the colourful hair on Analog Dog Island. Booey Halloween! :-)

Dress: “Alice’s Summer Dress” (Halloween Version) by Dimbula Rose, free gift in the shop (0 L$).
Shoes: “Classic Ballet Flats” in Gold by Baby Monkey - free gift bag in the shop (0 L$).
Skin: Halloween Doll by Dimbula Rose - lucky board prize (0 L$). The board is for group members only, but it’s free to join. If you don’t have any free slots or you don’t have time, you can buy the skin for 50 L$.
Hair: “Fablespoon” by Analog Dog - free gift in the shop (0 L$).
Eyes: “Feral Eyes” in Brandy by Sterling Artistry – 85 L$.
Balloons: “Halloween Balloons” by Vita’s Boudoir - Halloween Lucky Chair prize (0 L$). You can also buy the balloons and many other lovely Halloween prizes for 50 L$ if you’re too eager to party and won’t wait for your letter to show up.