Thursday, October 31, 2013

Booey Halloween!

There was silence in the Evil Enchanted Forest. Ominous silence. Every poisonous plant, every bat and snake was ready to pounce on anyone who dared wander around among the bushes on Halloween Night.
Yet, all of a sudden, the guardian of the Evil Enchanted Forest, an ancient oak, couldn’t believe his… well, his ears, had he had anything similar to a human ear on his trunk at all. Someone was happily singing and hopping along the narrow path, that lead to the very centre of the forest, a stinky black swamp. 
Pumpkin Boo A little girl, carrying a bunch of orange balloons that looked like jack-o’lanterns. “The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout…” – sang the silvery high-pitched voice. “At least she is stylish… let her through!” – whispered the Guardian and the poisonous plants, the bats and snakes remained withdrawn among the shadows.
If you’re an innocent little girl and you want to walk around at dangerous places at night, pick up the Halloween balloons at Vita’s Boudoir, the Halloween dress and skin at Dimbula Rose, and the colourful hair on Analog Dog Island. Booey Halloween! :-)

Dress: “Alice’s Summer Dress” (Halloween Version) by Dimbula Rose, free gift in the shop (0 L$).
Shoes: “Classic Ballet Flats” in Gold by Baby Monkey - free gift bag in the shop (0 L$).
Skin: Halloween Doll by Dimbula Rose - lucky board prize (0 L$). The board is for group members only, but it’s free to join. If you don’t have any free slots or you don’t have time, you can buy the skin for 50 L$.
Hair: “Fablespoon” by Analog Dog - free gift in the shop (0 L$).
Eyes: “Feral Eyes” in Brandy by Sterling Artistry – 85 L$.
Balloons: “Halloween Balloons” by Vita’s Boudoir - Halloween Lucky Chair prize (0 L$). You can also buy the balloons and many other lovely Halloween prizes for 50 L$ if you’re too eager to party and won’t wait for your letter to show up.

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