Saturday, February 7, 2015

Enchantment in SL - My Love Will Arrive

The candles were burning, and she was afire, too. The perfume of the red roses was overwhelming. She wore a deep red gown, and her strawberry blonde hair was arranged in an elaborate updo. She touched a dry log in the fireplace, and the fire roared up. She was growing more and more impatient, moment by moment. She was the Lady of Flames and her lover, the Frost Prince, was to arrive. Soon, very soon.
My Love Will Arrive

I've been in debt with Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny, the owner and designer of .:Soul:.) for a long time, and now - quite unexpectedly - the mysterious ways of SL graciously permit me to clear said debt. When I saw the first pictures of his latest skin line, "Catalina", I was squeaking with glee. Then, when the tattoo layered "Uni" ears appeared, I was still squeaking, and also hopping with excitement...and what does an enthusiastic-yet-penniless blogger do in a situation like this? Yes. She pesters the creator for review copies. Charlie generously obliged, as always, only that SL unexpectedly decided to gobble up the gift (...well, the skin tone was "Cream", after all...), and regurgitate, in the same unexpected manner, the same gift a few days ago.
The splendid gown with the gold lace overlay is another booty, gotten by ill means from Titania Halasy this time. Titania is a wise woman who knows what to do when she meets a dangerous ankle biter out for a juicy morsel of flesh, or two... so now I can strut Jolie Proie, my "Beautiful Prey" with a looter's pride! The gown is also special because Titania and Alia Baroque created it together, Titania being the "humble tailor", as she modestly defined herself, and Alia providing the textures... and what can I add to all this? My only wish is that these two continue working as a team!
Last but not least, the background. I usually don't review any non-wearable items as I don't have a space to rez them, but now I've made an exception. The latest grandiose piece of furniture (if I may call Justine that...) by Alia Baroque's Libertine is "a dome, a group coven, a playground or a home port", a must-see and also a must-buy.

Skin and shape: "Catalina" in Cream by Soul - 899 L$. The skin shown here is from the Human series, but you should also check out the new Fantasy Line, consisting of eight beautiful and unusual skin tones. Each skin pack contains various shapes, muscled/toned skin layers, appliers, and many other extras such as makeup layers, so it's really worth it to pay a visit to Charlie's shop.
Ears: Uni Ears "High Elf" by Soul - 399 L$. The ears come with a special tattoo HUD, and they are also copy/mod, making them a true bargain.
Eyes: Spectral Eyes "Leonine" by IKON  - past group gift, now available for 150 L$.
Hair: "Ruri" in Ruby by D!va - 125 L$ (special discount price). Marisa Kira is rebuilding her sim, and she has decided to pamper her clients with a special offer in the meantime - everything is half price in the temporary skybox shop! "Ruby" was a Lucky Board gift but there are 12 other lovely colours still available.
Gown: "Jolie Proie" in Red by Faida and Fallen Gods Inc. - 260 L$, for the "Enchantment in SL" event. The gown is available in eight lovely gemstone colours, and you can read more about Enchantment in SL here.
Jewellery: "Eureka" by Ganked - not available any more (... what a pity).
Rose bouquet with pose: [[RH]] "Old Rose Bouquet" set - a free gift at the Creators Collection Box event until 14th February.
Sofa: "Justine" by Libertine - 3,700 L$. Visit Libertine's showroom in order to play with Justine before you buy this unique piece.