Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mixing & matching

With so many hunts and fairs around at the moment it's to know where to go first! but I'll start with the mix & match hunt, and the pose fair as those two have some really amazing items!

Firstly I want to get really gushy about this outfit from 22769  which a hunt item at the  The mix & Match hunt These guys make the most incredible skirts, I'm sure you'll all agree that you've had a skirt you love, which looks fabulous when stood static , then when the ao kicks in or you walk, fleshy parts always appear! or you have a rigid skirt that moves in odd ways when you do . You get used to that because that how things work in SL...well NO MORE! These skirts are designed in such a way that they never loose their intended shape, yet move fluidly  with you, and believe me I've tested that to the max leaping around just to see! that's pretty incredible for a non flexy skirt if you ask me!

Next is a few items at the Pose Fair. Well in my pic i'm using a cute little prop from HelaMiyo. It's a colour changeable shaded box which also has a pose stand. Natty little tools for making pics, as I've only just discovered. Animations and tools of this type are often overlooked, yet they're so important. It's an amazing fair so go along and have some fun trying a few out!

Hair: L$50 iced coffee - black > LoQ hairs
Scarf: L$75 floret tie - black > Jane
Skirt & top : Free mix & match hunt item ( hint -  I am with my friends ) > 22769
Sandals: L$149 - secrets of Iris > Skifija
Pose box:  item at the pose fair > HelaMiyo
Pose : pose fair > Miamai

Friday, April 1, 2011


Fayette was too curious even for a fairy. Wanting to see more of the world than just the forests and meadows she and the other fairies called home. First she enjoyed to see all the new places but after having spend some time in the big city she started to feel weak and sick. Illness was nothing she knew and her human friends told her that she only would have to rest. But it did not help at all. Fayette decided to fight against the illness and forced herself to go to work but this also was not the right way to deal with her problems. Deep in her mind she knew that she simply was at the wrong place, and that it was the city which made her sick but it was hard for her to admit that she needed the nature she had been used to. She prefered to become weaker every day to admiting that she had made a wrong desicion. One day when she was stumbling home she was so weak that she fell while walking. When standing up again she saw the unicorn.
fairy meets unicorn
The white animal forced her to realize what she tried to hide so long from herself. Fayette needed to leave the city as fast as possible. She was at the wrong place and it was the same with the unicorn. The fairy did not even wonder why the unicorn was in the town, she simply obeyed when the unicorn gestured her to crawl onto its back. Feeling the silky fur under her fingers, which were rough because of her work as waitress, made her immediately feel better. She wanted to jump down to stay a bit longer in the city but the unicorn started to run so fast that she would have hurt herself if she would have jumped off, so she stayed on its back.
Unicorn saving a Fairy
The unicorn ran for a long time. After a while it started to walk in a fast but calm way. Fayette fell asleep. Her wings started to glow lightly again and her skin which had been nearly grey in the city looked more healthy. After an other day on the back of the unicorn they reached a huge forest. The unicorn brought the fairy into the heart of it and left her there. Fayette was able to feel the other fairies around her. In the evening they danced together.
fairy feeling better
The unicorn and the fairy dress are two amazing items. They are both available at the two faires which start this weekend.
The fairy dress has the name Whish and comes from Babelfish Designs. The set included the wings and the shoes. Some very well made textures have been used to create it. At the top it has some flowertextures and the skirt has white leaves on its upper part. Of course the dress is not plain white, because of the used shades of grey it looks like a dress in reality look. Babel Fish Designs take part at the fantasy faire. They have their store on the Enchanted Mysts Sim. Muriella Munro the designer of the dress also founded a group which informs about new fantasy items: United Fantasy Merchants.
I fell desperatly for the unicorn from Studio Sidhe when seeing it on the Pose Faire. It is so wellmade and so different. The unicorn comes with 5 inbuilt poses and not only the avatar who is sitting on it changes its position with the poses the unicorn changes as well. It could sit on the ground with an avatar nuzzling at it or stand in four different ways. It is only sold at the posefaire and the fantasy faire at the moment.

Dress: ##<<245 Whish BF-Design (400$ sold at the Fantasy Faire and the BF-Design Mainstore)
Unicorn: :+:SS:+: Unicorn Pose Prop (600$ sold at the Posefaire and the Fantasy Faire)

All the pictures have been taken at Rampart.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fantasy Faire 2011

A princess dreaming. She has nearly everything she needs, her beauty is stunning and her closet is well filled. But her friend the woodnymph is ill and needs help. So she is glad when hearing about a faire which is held to help those who have the same illness as the woodnymph.
Fantasy Faire 2011 Ezura Auction gown
The Fantasy Faire 2011 is going to place from April 2nd to 10th. It is an amazing faire which is held to raise money for Relay for Life. Having spend much time there last year I would describe the faire as a family meeting. There is normaly always something happening. DJs entertain the crowd, live bands perform and last year even a second life theatergroup gave a show on the mainstage. So it will be surely also that great this year.

The participating creators donate items which are sold in special donation vendors. All the money from those goes to Relay for Life. And even more special items are sold in auctions. The purple gown on the pictures is one of those items. It has been created by Ezura and will be sold only one time. That means the lucky one who wins the auction will be the only person on the grid who has this gown (I will give the dress back to Ezura I only had it to take pictures of it).
The gown is purple - the colour of relay - and is princesslike and stunning. The headdress, the neckdress and the top of the skirt look all like flowers. At the top of the gloves and the top are some silver decorations and the skirt is covered with intresting textures. When the one who wears the dress moves the skirt floats around her. Ezura created the dress on a way which includes lingerie. So it comes with stockings and when taking off the skirt it looks quite sexy. The gown is sold in the silent auction so it is always seeable how high the highest bid is and if you want to have the gown you could simply bid higher. The auction vendors are placed at the central sim of the fantasy faire.
Fantasy Faire 2011 Ezura Auction gown 3
Dress: + ezura + Shania Gown for FF2011 *Purple Set (Auction Item at the Fantasy Faire)

Di's Opera - Quirky Line 1 - pose 4
Di's Opera - Express Line 1 - pose 8

The pictures have been taken at the Exotic Worlds Sim of the Fantasy Faire 2011.

[silk on a leash]

We'll tie him to a post
they said
He is dangerous and will
tear you apart
with diamantine claws
Ripping out your heart for
a single moment of joy

We'll tame him right away
they said
Take away his
the talons, the tail and ears
for he'll use them against us
In our brave new world

Where instincts have
no meaning
And individuality is not
I wanted to believe their words
their whispered allegations
considered the truth

[silk on a leash]
Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge - Week 21: White

But every night
he sneaked into my dreams
on silvery paws
with a purr
and his soft whiskers all over
my face

I can still feel his silky fur
underneath my fingertips.

Skin: [-B-] - Fate II
Hair: Magika Hair - Veruka II
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES NATURE ~ Mud ink

Pants: [Sassy Kitty Designs] - Sassy Overall White Suspenders
Cuffs:*BLITZED* - Spiked Bracelet
Collar: [AiTech] - Leather Studded & Spiked Collar

Boots: AVZ ~ Wrapped Boots White
Leo: ::: B@R ::: - White Leopard
Poem: Mine

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Button me up

Wow do I adore this outfit! It takes so much from the regency period, with this amazing  Bonaparte jacket from A:S:S and the flora boots from Lassitude & Ennui yet so wonderfully modern at the same time.  Well at least  least 200 years ago I wouldn't have had to worry about getting through customs wearing all these buttons would I? ...sorry I think some random stuff at times. Anyway can you believe this jacket is only L$90 ?! mental!

The boots have been made for the forthcoming fantasy faire, and come in every colour imaginable! they have been designed for with a roleplay feel for either a victorian lady or a doll feel...very imaginative, however they're not restricted to this, as I intend to wear them with a nice pair of jean next!

More details on the Fantasy Faire at the official > Fantasy Faire blog

Hair & Hat: Free gift > CriCri
Earring: Free @ Alberto Kawaii hunt > Willow
Jacket: L$90 Bonaparte jacket - Pink > A:S:S
Trousers: L$25  Staceys strength pants - white Phoenix rising
Boots: L$350 Flora boots - Red >  Lassitude & ennui 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Bites skins....

Today i found this lovely store, that belongs to the sweetest girl ever. It is called Sweet Bites, and they had a cute catalog of great skins. Now the skins are set at 75L, but they will be back at the regular prize after tomorrow (03.30.2011) at 1pm slt.
Sweet Bites, also offer you a clothing line down to 75L at the moment as well.
Besides this offer, they have a discount area with different items for a very reasonable prize. Don't miss this opportunity to buy some good quality skins for a reasonable prize!!!!

Sweet Bites Skins, Light, Tan and Dark tones (the skins comes with teeth or not teeth option)
Shape: Brocolli

Thank you Rebujita
... Ania

A short story

Shorts shorts shorts! I've blogged a few pairs of shorts recently, and I'm a shorts kind of girl. I love how they can be causal or smart, and the varying degree of lengths, from capri style pants to hotpants, bit today i'm wearing a classic pair of denim shorts which are new from Vero Modero, they come with the belt so you can dress them up or dress them down, and you know how I love items that can be worn in  a variety of styles.

Oh Oh and I wanted to say how I 'm glad I rediscovered Sole Sisters and dollarbie options. If you don't already know Sole Sisters have all the white shoes/boots at L$1, which I think is a quirky and clever marketing ploy, so of course I was thrilled to pick up this cute little shoes ..oh and a few other pairs too.

Hair: L$50 Euphoria spring sale > LoQ hairs
Beret: Free Group gift > !1MM
Top & shades: L$200 Petal top - red  & 40's shades > Vero Modero
Shorts & belt: L$200 Denim shorts > Vero Modero
Socks: L$39 White knit socks Awram Viie
Bag: Free luckyboard item > Pesca
Bracelet: L$95 > Inoiu
Shoes: L$1 Brit flats - creme > Sole sisters

Crayon Design for Project Fur Japan

She rested at the great wall. The journey had been exhausting even for her. But she was aware of the fact that she was the best runner so she was also a bit proud on herself. Although it was a bit strange that they sent her just to order some vine.
crayon design project fur
Crayon Design takes part at project fur. A fundraiser for the animals which got harmed and homeless because of the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan. To read more about Project FUR Japan take a look at their blog.
The outfit Crayon Design created for project fur is an asian inspired one. It comes with a top with prim sleeves and also primsleeves which remind a bit on the sleeves of a kimono for the upper arms. It looks like being closed with a bow. The brims of the trousers and the top are made in light blue and there are some asian blue textures also on the upper parts of the outfit.
This is a 100% donation outfit so the whole money which is earned by selling it goes to Project FUR Japan. It will be sold at the Project FUR and also is sold allready at Crayon Design.

Outfit: CRAYON DESIGN - BLUE SAKURA Outfit (300$)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Magical Forests

Elain was a wanderer. Searching for something she had forgotten in the centuries of her journey. She also had forgotten her age but still remembered some things from the time when she had been a child. The forest she just visited looked like a typical magical forest, big trees, mushrooms which were much bigger than they should, pillows for the elves and so on. But the walking tree she saw was really surprising for her.
In the magical night forest

Firefall sells well made outfits for roleplayers which could be normaly worn on many different ways. And they got some lucky chairs also in their store. This outfit is one of the prizes on those chairs. It is called Rogue Silver. The prize contains a version of it with a resizescript and one which is mod. The textures are well made. The top comes in three versions with fitting prims for those and also the belt with the skirt could be worn in any different ways. I liked the one with the horn best. It could always happen that you get thirsty during a fight or while traveling so its a good thing to have a horn in which you could carry some water and which could also work as glass. The upper parts of the gloves are made of prims. The legband has a small bag at the side which is also great for roleplay. The pose on the upper picture belongs to the brand new "Spring In Your Step" Poses from { Just A Pose } . Those poses are great for pictures on spring meadows and also work within a forest in autumn.
free roleplay outfit for women
Outfit: **Firefall** Rogue Silver (0$ Lucky chair)
Pose on the first picture: { Just A Pose } Spring In Your Step Poses


Sometimes when the mechanical angels fall they got caught by demons who throw them back to heaven.
The twisted hunt will end soon. Del May made this awesome couple pose as hunt gift for that hunt. There is also a second pose included in the gift. On the upper floor there are some extra poses placed for the hunters.

Pose: TWISTED HUNT SPRING 2011 - DEL MAY (0$ Huntgift)

Emotional Androids

EX11-03 was not happy at all. Normaly she should not have feelings like happyness or sadness she should just do the work she was ordered to do but unfortunatly one of the pupils at the school where she was cooking in the canteen had decided to play around at her. And it was not her body which intrested him he thought it would be fun to add some emotions to her data. Secretly he hoped that she would fall in love for him but unfortunatly she was much smarter than most humans and not intrested at all in him. Most probably she would have been able to add those components he added herself, but as she had no emotions she did not think about that. Her mind was not creative enough to desire emotions or even to dare to think about free will. The emotions changed that and she needed a while to get used to them.
annoyed robot
Her work started to bore her and in her free time she read now the mathbooks she found in the schoollibrary instead of simply sitting around. But this did not help much after a week she had read all of them and wanted more. Much more even. Pretending to be broken she managed to be sent to the firm where she had been built.
The firm was placed on the moon. It was smarter to build the robots there as sometimes odd things happend with them. Some started to sing dirty songs others developed a sudden like for crochet and the more dangerous ones, which had been build to fight in wars, were into testing how stable human bodies were, they simply did not know always which was the foe they should attack. But those were problems which had been caused by the original data of those robots. None of the workers in the firm had ever to deal with a robot with emotions and EX11-03 knew that.
running robot
Being placed in a hall with many other robots which needed to be repaired she imediatly started to infect the other robots with emotions. It was like a wave of ideas running through the firm and the few human workers found themself locked into a room while the now intelligent robots discussed what to do with them. At the end they decided to send them back to earth in a spaceship which was also infected. Life on earth became much different for the humans and the robots after it had landed and infected some more spaceships.
escaped robot
Those awesome cyberoutfits and boots are the latest release from Ezura. They are available in silver, red and black and all of them are skintight and very hot. As most items from Ezura they could be worn in many different ways. All come with three kinds of skirts, two long ones and one which is open at the front and short, of course they have resizescripts which could be deleted. Included are also many options for the clothing layer. The top and the bottom comes in a sheer and in a non sheer version and also in one without the sheer latex so that it could be worn just as short body. Ezura started to use very well made huds for the colours of the metalic parts of the outfits. It is possible to decide in which colour they glow and which colour the metal should have. The boots come with the same hud and it is possible to resize them with it. This has the benefit, that both boots are resized at the same time and it is not needed to keep in mind how much had been changed at the first boot when resizing the second. Also comfortable is that the hud changes the colour of the glow of the boots and the metal parts of the outfit at the same time. The outfits are great and I love how unique the boots look. Hopefully Ezura creates more outfits like those ones.
Ezura latex outfits
Outfit: + ezura + DIGI Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Silver (488$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Silver (388$)
Outfit: + ezura + DIGI Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Red (488$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Red (388$)
Outfit: + ezura + DIGI Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Black (488$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Black (388$)

The pictures have been taken at the earth in Insilico.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Planing Adventures

Lucinda and Erik Loren used to disappoint their parents as long as they lived. Lucinda was adopted so she only disappointed her adoptive parents from the time after her first birhtday. But Erik really disappointed his parents from the day he was born. They always wanted to have nice calm children but Lucinda nor Erik were calm. They were pretty nice but it seemed like being calm was something they did not think about at all. All they wanted were adventures. And they had a lot of them. With twelve and eleven they managed to add some strange machines to the bathtub to use it as little steamboat. A year later they tried to use the favourite chair of their father as helicopter but now they were a bit older and had built a ramp into the sea. They wanted to use it as start for a rocket. It was surprising for all when it worked. The money they gained because of that did they use to build themself a flying train. It was odd but it was what they really wanted.
22769  photoshooting
Steam the hunt is going to end soon. Luckily 22769 sells some steampunkoutfits for men and women so there is no need to hunt for them. Erik wears the Boma outfit from 22769. It comes with a cap which keeps the ears warm while flying, a leatherwest which is closed with a belt and to keep the neck warm he wears the turtlenecksweater which is included in the outfit. The leather beeches are useful and keep the legs warm. Lucinda wears also an outfit from 22769 it is called Sabrina. The orange textures of the top go pretty well with the leather which has been used for the sculpted skirt. As seeable on the picture the skirt consists of several parts so it is not possible that suddenly a leg looks out of it (no decent victorian andventure lady would allow herself something like that). At the bottom of the skirt is some lace. Sabrina and Boma come both with gloves. The gloves of Boma have sculpted leathercuffs and the ones of Sabrina are skintight and very long so the whole arm is covered. What I like at the outfits are the nice accents the skirt of Sabrina has some useful bags and Boma comes with a sculpted knive which is worn at the upper arm.

Erik: 22769 Vintage Series Outfit Boma (290$)
Lucinda: 22769 Vintage Series Outfit Sabrina (270$)

Shopping wars

I love this little desk from the Alberto kawaii hunt and this picture is saying to me, get off the laptop and go shop! I've got my bag ready, however as much as  love to shop in SL , I detest it in RL...ok so here comes the rant. In real life you have to contend with the following : getting parking rage before you even start! yes the parking spot that you've patiently been waiting for, gets taken as someone else drives straight in whilst the previous occupier is still reversing out!
 next > indecisive shoppers that are stood dithering over the item that you simply want to take  & pay for! next > escalators! urghh!! you wanna get on but the person in front of you is spending so much time negotiating when exactly is the right time to get on!! what's that about? anyway when they do get on you have the same problem when they reach the top" uh uh when do I get off ?" ..."urghh now because you're causing a mass pile up of bodies behind you!"
next > So you finally find the item you want , yet you can't pay for it because the shop assistant is too busy telling her mate what she got up to the night before, even though she is aware that you are stood there.
Hmm cyber shopping it is then!

Sunglasses: Free > Maschienenwerk
Hair & Hat: L$50 for project themeory > Posh
Top:  L$200 New top - Blossom leaf > Vero Modero
Trousers: L$200 New_ marine low rise bemudas - white > Vero Modero
Bag: Free group gift - clear tote > Coco
Belt: Free menstuff hunt item -  Classic jeans belt > Alphamale
Socks: Free subscribo St patricks day gift > Jane
Shoes: Previous group gift which changed just as i was doing this post gah! > Tokidoki
Desk: Free gift at the Alberto kawaii hunt  > Cheeky pea