Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crayon Design for Project Fur Japan

She rested at the great wall. The journey had been exhausting even for her. But she was aware of the fact that she was the best runner so she was also a bit proud on herself. Although it was a bit strange that they sent her just to order some vine.
crayon design project fur
Crayon Design takes part at project fur. A fundraiser for the animals which got harmed and homeless because of the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan. To read more about Project FUR Japan take a look at their blog.
The outfit Crayon Design created for project fur is an asian inspired one. It comes with a top with prim sleeves and also primsleeves which remind a bit on the sleeves of a kimono for the upper arms. It looks like being closed with a bow. The brims of the trousers and the top are made in light blue and there are some asian blue textures also on the upper parts of the outfit.
This is a 100% donation outfit so the whole money which is earned by selling it goes to Project FUR Japan. It will be sold at the Project FUR and also is sold allready at Crayon Design.

Outfit: CRAYON DESIGN - BLUE SAKURA Outfit (300$)

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