Friday, April 13, 2012

What Shall I Call You?

Nuwwananiyeh grew up in a world where shapes and outlines mattered, but people had no concept of „colours”. In order to describe a dress, a landscape or a tasty dish she had been talking of „edgy” and „soft” and „square” and „rotund” things all her life… until one day she suddenly decided to follow two birds that somehow appeared in the meadow not far away from her residence.
Spring Purple She was so enchanted, even mesmerised by the two winged creatures that she followed them without giving a thought to the occasional perils that might have arisen. Nuwwananiyeh was running and running.... until she sobered up and realised she was standing in the very middle of a desert, a flat and plain land, and there was something really odd about the landscape. It was.... “colourless”....? Nuwwananiyeh was rolling the word on her tongue. “Colourless”. And she was, in comparison.... “Purple”....? Yes, that was the proper expression! She was dressed in “purrrrpleeee”.... and Nuwwananiyeh was laughing by now. “Purrrple...” .... “reeeddd”... “blueeee”? The new words were frolicking around her like kittens, and she was blissfully happy. “Yellloooowwww....?” – she laughed and pointed a finger at the Sun.
Sakura PeKaS Designs Gorean has a solid reputation in SL for offering a vast spectrum of Gorean fashion for both men and women. Yet, now and then, some “unexpected” items appear on the Midnight Mania boards at PeKaS... something utterly modern, or something out of the mainstream, like the Lady Purple Spring dress that can pass for a lovely Victorian gown, provided you wear the modesty shirt layer that I’ve neglected to put on. :) I particularly like the amazingly detailed, frilly and flowery tournure, and the elaborate flowers in general; and the Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift by Orage Creations just completes this fresh Spring look.

Outfit: PeKaS „Lady Purple Spring” – Midnight Mania Board prize (0 L$).
Skin: Venus Envy „Mayumi” – Lucky Chair prize (0 L$).
Makeup: Madrid Solo „Eden” – The Runway Perfect Hunt 2 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Hair: Orage Creations „Orchid” – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Nails: Sterling Artistry „Petals Pink” – previous monthly freebie not available any more, but the currently available „Dragonfruit” is quite similar to it (10 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „Neko Felidae” Look – camping prize in the shop (0 L$).
Poses: CS Shapes „Gentle Poses” – former Womenstuff Hunt prize (not available any more) in the first picture; Morgane Batista Poses, The Runway Perfect Hunt 2 gift (0 L$) in the second picture.

The pictures were taken at China.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lila and Purple

The flowers were in bloom like always. Lila didn't know any other season. Just the days when spring slowly floated into summer. She was one of the small people. And as beautiful as they were she was not too fond of wearing pretty gowns. Some other small people enjoyed sneaking into the houses of humans where they pretended to be dolls until somebody sewed clothes for them. But that was nothing Lila liked. She wanted to become a cat rider something only males could become.
Petite with Elisabeth gown and jewellry
She was supposed to become one of the sorceresses of her clan. Her whole life had been sorted in this way. Even her name represented the colour she would use in her magic one day. And her haircolour was magically changed to this colour as well as all her clothes. And she herself had to admit that the magic seemed to call her. She got along well with the other colours and was able to create some things allready. But there was that dream. Catriders were the ones who transported messages from clan to clan while riding on cats. And Lila wanted to see more of the world than just the forest where she lived. At someday she would find a solution, she was sure about this. And then she found the lost kitten in the forest. She had no clue where it came from but it was hungry and dirty. Lila started to care for it secretly. Being feed regularly the kitten grew fast and it was very tame at least when it came to Lila. It might have been her magical powers which allowed her to communicate better with the cat than any of the catriders did with theirs. So she started to train with the kitten secretly. Fitting to her own name she called it Purple. When she was completly sure that Purple obeyed to every of her thoughts she unveiled her secret. First people were shocked but her skills were so impressive that it was finally accepted that she owned and rode a cat. And having Purple allowed her to travel and to learn from other sorceresses so that her clan had some benefits because her subborn mind at the end.
Petite in Elizabeth gown
I know Elizabeth Tinsley, the owner of frippery for some time now and her patience is something which is just impressive. The amount of time it took to create the Petite Faerie Queene jewellery must be imense. The set contains a circlet, necklace, earrings, a wristlet and a ring. The ring actually is contained three times in the set for each of the handpositions for petites. As the jewellery for humans from Frippery also the jewellery for petites has wonderful natural forms and just looks playful and elegant at the same time.
The Petite Faerie sets are available in seven colours and sold at Evie's closet where also the gown on the pictures comes from. Its called Elizabeth gown and also available in seven colours. The one on the pictures is the purple one. The gown can either be worn with long sleeves or sleeveless. It is of course very elegant and perfect for every petite queen or princess. The hair is the Orion hair from Wasabi Pills rigged for Petites and the used poses are the Jewelry Standing poses from Just a pose.

Jewellery: Frippery~The petite Faerie Queene in Black (495 L$ also available at Evie's Closet)
Dress: *Evie's Closet* Elizabeth Gown - Petites - Purple (395 L$)
Avatar: PETITES Royale + Fallen Gods Inc. (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)
Poses: Just a Pose

The pictures have been taken on Oubliette. And all the petite items are also being sold in the Petite Avatar Kingdom.

Shopping helper

It was not easy to be the adoptive daughter of one of the lords of hell. Anubia had asked her father several times why he hadn't killed her or something like that when finding her but somehow she must have been a very cute baby so he had decided to raise her as his daughter. Maybe he also only wanted to have somebody close who would not plan to kill him at the end. Of course Anubia sometimes thought about killing him but it would be a bit difficult to get somebody down who was ten times bigger than her and also resistant to most poisons. As cruel as he was to other demons as fatherlike was his behaviour when it came to Anubia. He had sent her to some exclusive schools where she was supposed to learn to behave like a Lady. She turned out like a Lady who was used to deal with deviant creatures and was not offended when seeing somebody eat other beings. But all in all she did quite well. And she loved to shop. If anybody would have heard about her he would most likely have supposed that she would wear typical black dresses with many frills but Anubia loved modern clothing. Her father had offered her slaves to make her clothes but that wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to buy clothes like a normal human. Her father was of course always worried when she went shopping so he started to send some of his servants with her. It was entertaining at least for the servants, Anubia normaly ended totally embarrassed and well the stores looked very different after she and the servants left. Luckily money wasn't a problem so she was still always welcome. But even her father had to admit that it might be better not to send demons with her who had nothing else in mind than making stores look like their normal home and that they hung the shopassistants on the ceiling was also not a behaviour he could call wellmannered. So he started to send a hellhound shopping with her. It went more or less well. He only stared in an inappropriate way on some women and when she told him to stop he stared at men instead. Unfortunatly he started then to be interested in the things she bought and demanded to get clothing as well. Anubia decided that it was best to leave quickly again. The next time she would ask her father to send a succubus shopping with her. This wouldn't be a good decision as well. But after the succubus was done with the storeowner he granted Anubia a big discount at least.
The shopping helper
The current round of the Zombiepopcorn event will only go for a few more days so its time to jump there and to buy the cute items which are being sold there. For example the Dominique mesh hair from Wasabi Pills. Its rigged and comes in two versions. The one on the picture is the version with the pony covering the forehead. The sweater from pesca is available in several versions. This one is the black one. It can be worn with a sculpted bottom but there is also a version included to be worn without that sculpt. The meshclutch bag comes from Tea Time. The set includes it in three versions, one without a pose and two with a pose. Aura released those mesh pants some weeks ago. They are sold in several colours and each of those packs contains them in several sizes and in a version for heels and one for flats. The textures are elegant and sophisticated. The wolf avatar comes from 1st act of course.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dominique Mesh Hair - (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)LinkTop: :pesca:antique lace T black ( 85L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)
Trousers: [Aura] Class Act Pants - MESH - B Tweed - Mute (250 L$)
Clutch: (3 POSES)Mesh Clutch Bag Ocean *Tea Time ZPB (90 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)

Werwolf: 1st Act Werewolf - Shadow Male (1950 L$)
Pose: Purple Poses

The picture has been taken at Mayfair.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be bold with colour


 After all my recent beigeness posts I decided to be a little more bold with colour. If you didn't already know (and I think most of you do because when I went it was rammed to the rafters) there's a mini hunt at PurpleMoon all with all the gifts being purple! I blinkin love these mini hunts, at PM, the gifts are always  great! they've also gone to the trouble of putting a board up so you can see what gifts are available.

 I love Purple, as do I turquoise, perhaps colours that you might not think to put together but I rather like the bold contrast and they belong to the same tone grouping so it works and looks cheerful so what's not to like about them? Technically they are 'cold' colours but because there is a high ratio of 'wamth' i.e the purple has a lot of red and the turquoise has a lot of yellow, a warm toned skin works best  and I particularly like the caramel tone of skins from Hush for this. So what's great about Hush skins is that you choose your make up choice and the skin package comes with a variety of skin tone/ cleavage & eyebrow options to mix and match depending on your outfits. Oh! and you get a shape thrown in too! Brilliant!

Hair: 0L - Group Lucky board item > [SyDS]
Skin: 950 -  Emily - flirt - Caramel > Hush
Dress: 0L - Marga tunic in purple - hunt item > PurpleMoon
Trousers: 0L - Shelan purple pants - hunt item > PurpleMoon
Jacket: 250L -  Sheena jacket - Lidil  > Emery
Boots: 0L - Group gift > Duh!



I love this hair, I mean really really love it! that's why I waited forever for my letter to come up on the lucky board. Yes I could probably have just purchased it, but that's the thing about lucky boards, the longer you wait, the more you want to so that you don't feel your time was wasted. I actually though it was the ideal opportunity to sort my shed of an inventory, kill two birds with one stone if you will and a nice cam round the store as well, is that really what lucky boards were designed to do?

 How can you not totally love these boots from Lethal Couture that come in an array of fabulous colours? they come with a hud which gives you a resize facility and the option to change the colour of the heel and zip. The shades and jacket are prizes at the easter hunt at Vero Modero which runs until the 21st and there are plenty more items to pick up too

Hair: 0L - lucky board item > Red mint
Glasses: 0L - easter hunt item > Vero Modero
Jacket: 0L - easter hunt item > Vero Modero
Shorts: 30L - short pants - grey > Evergreen
Boots: 450L - Starwalk platform - Mulberry > Lethal Couture
Make up : 69L -  Gala make up  Eyelure @> XYROOM

Monday, April 9, 2012


Dust. It hurt his eyes so much that they already appeared as red. Luckily he had found the facemask in one of the left houses on his way. It was only one hour to walk but he had not managed to foresee the change in weather. Else he would have worn more protection against the weather. But so he had to deal with it. The weather had been like this now for some time. And it was good that it was like it was. It made the humans leave. He didn't care where they went he only wanted them to go. The amount of magic which had been needed to change the weather had been giant. And he knew that it would cost him maybe one or two centuries when the elders decided to change the weather back to a more pleasant one again. But there had been nobody who wasn't willing to donate lifetime. Even the oldest who only had some decades to life used those. It had been centuries ago that they all worked together like this but the long time away from sunlight had made them willing to pay the tribute for realizing the only plan they saw as promising to get out of their caves, in which they had been living now for ages.
And it was a well prepared plan. They even had collected plants on the surface and would take care for them until everything under the sunlight turned into a dessert. He was glad not to be one of the gardeners. It was nicer to be one of those who controlled that the humans were really leaving. The elders had been frightened that humans would use their magic against the elven magic but it seemed like they had forgotten it for a long time.
In the Wastelands
Although doing it takes a long time Sanity Falls is an awesome hunt. To take part in it its needed to buy a hud for 100 Lindens. After this you teleport to Sanity Falls and start to search for hints for your kidnapped wife. There are 50 posters to find of her and on each of those posters is a phonenumber. This number needs to be called and you get a hint where to find money to pay the ransom for her. The money always comes with a first huntgift of one of the 50 participating stores. After collecting all the money there is an end riddle to solve and then you get an other huntgift from each of the participating stores. So at the end you get 100 gifts from 50 stores which makes a Linden for every huntgift which is not very expensive especially in comparison with the quality of the gifts. The hunt is also one of the rare ones which have a lot of huntgifts for males. Its even possible to get several new outfits for a male avatar in it.
The facemask is the ending prize from Hooligan, it can be resized and looks great. Its also an item which goes very well in roleplay. The trousers from chandelle are an other gift from the end of the hunt. They are unisex and very well textured. Its always good to have some boots so the gift from Death Row Designs is useful. Beside of looking good there are also some bloody knives attached to it which makes it to an other roleplay item. The boots come in a version with and one without resize script.
The meshshirt and the jacket aren't huntgifts. They come from the Breath luckyboard. The meshshirt is only the part which is worn over the longsleeve. The set includes two versions of the jacket which is worn around the hips. One with opensleeves and one with the sleeves knoted in front like on the picture.
The hair comes from Wasabi Pills. Its really surprising how different the hair can look depending on the clothes combined with it.
The picture has been taken on one of the Wasteland sims. Those are amazing post apocalyptic sims. The pose on it comes from Purple Poses. They have a lot of men poses there and sell them for the same price as their female ones.

Shirt and Jacket: :::Breath::: : mesh tee+Unique shirt dress no3 (0 L$ Luckyboard)
Facemask: Hooligan (Sanity Falls Ending Prize)
Trousers: - CHANDELLE - Pants C. black - Unisex (Sanity Falls Ending Prize)
Boots: death row designs sanity falls boots hunt gift (Sanity Falls Prize)

Location: The Wastelands

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gentleman explorer

Sometimes the flying islands were still a shock for him. And this although Lord Demian III of Sepiana was expected not to be shocked by anything. But solid ground flying in the air was nothing he had been trained to deal with. Of course sooner or later it would be normal for him like everything he had seen on his travels. It was now the 18st year of his journeys. Like all nobles of the house of Sepiana he had started to travel in the age of 23. And as all Sepiana he never said the truth about his age so the truth was he was nearly 30 when he left the grounds where he grew up. He never had tought that he would like traveling and exploring so he had always prefered to celebrate an other 22st birthday instead of going on a trip. There was no real rule how long the journey should last but most of the ones before him came back after a year. Demian didn't do so. He wanted to see as much as possible. Of course he was always perfectly dressed. There was no reason not to look like a gentleman even in the deepest jungle.
The explorer
This Friday A:S:S opened a new subbrand although it would be more fitting to call it an old subbrand as the items being sold there are clothes for the 18st century gentleman. The name of the brand is A:S:S Decades. The clothes are perfect for roleplaying or for just being dressed elegant. The vest, socks and the breeches on the picturs belong to the Louis set in blue. The shirt is the worn with the sleeves which belong to the shirt which is originally included in the Louis set. All parts are mod and copy. And they are rather easy to adjust.
The hair comes from Wasabi Pills. Its the dragon mesh hair for men in iceberg. Its possible to colour the hairband which holds the upper part of the hair together with the help of a hud.
The explorer II
The pictures have been taken on a wonderful sim, Cerridwen's Cauldron. There are many spots to explore there. And its a great spot for pictures. All the plants seeable on the pictures are sold there in a shop in the sky. Even the store is worth a visit as there are towers and a pretty garden.

Vest, Breeches, Socks: A:S:S Decades - Louis in blue (179 L$)
Shirt: A:S:S Decades - Gerard shirt (75 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dragon Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Shoes: ::Gabriel::Male Dress shoes(Brown) (0 L$ Groupgift)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~Noctis Group Gift (0 L$)

Poses: 22769

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

… what I forgot to tell you earlier, though, was that Adira started her hunting trip on Ostara day, when all living creatures feel Spring in their blood and celebrate the rebirth of the world. Our huntress sniffed out her prey, but instead of jumping on it and savaging it with her razor sharp knives, she found herself sitting in the very middle of an apparently enchanted field that she had never known existed, and fluffy bunnies were frolicking around her in the fresh green grass. All Adira ate that day was carrots, generously offered by her hosts, the rabbits... yet she felt she was wined and dined by the mightiest kings and queens of the world. 

Happy Easter to you, too! :D

Bunny avatar: Risusipo. The bunny avie in the green dress is a former hunt gift, but if you’re equally happy with a bunch of extreme cuteness wearing a pink or yellow outfit, it’s available in the Risusipo shop – 220 L$. 
Easter basket: the basket with the eggs and the slightly psychotic white bunny is a former group gift from Grim Bros. ... who else? ;-)

The picture was taken at Greenhouse.

Hey Disco diva

disco diva

I'm often found singing this way, yes at the top of my voice out of key in an almost shouty manner! My disco diva is wearing a lovely sheer top and skirt combo that is currently on the group luckyboards at Crystal line, as are the shoes. What she doesn't realise is when the disco lights flash on full she looks like she is wearing only her undercrackers,  but we won't tell her no! she's having far too much fun.

Hair: 99L -   Nettie - Blonde (it's new and stays at 99L for a week then goes to full price) > Tameless
Skin: 0L - group gift > Al vulo
Outfit: 0L- luckyboard item > ((Crystal line))
Shoes: 0L - Luckyboard item > ((Crystal line))
Bracelets: 0L - Tibetan jewelry > Yak & yeti