Saturday, October 30, 2010

[brothers of horror]

[brothers of horror]

In case you're still missing a last minute Halloween costume, I can only recommend to visit CheerNo and grab these two spooky skins for free. One of the make-up's also comes on the tattoo layer, and you get a pumpkin-shaped treat bucket in addition.

Skins: CheerNo - Halloween Gift (free in store)

Indyra for Halloween

Indyra Originals released some Outfit which will be only available for a limited time around halloween. All of them are cute and sexy costumes. And they are far away from the orange and black colour combinations which are mainly used for halloween outfits.

The combination of teal, black and white of this short dress looks just great. And the hat gives a nice extra.Outfit: Indyra Originals Costume-Mary-Annette (600 Linden)

This very modern version of a flapper dress also somehow reminds me on indians. Maybe because of the feathers at the headdresss. It comes with a short skirt which is open at the sides, a black white corset and bows.
Outfit: Indyra Originals Costume-Hotsy-Totsy (400 Linden)

The mate outfit is sheer, but rather cute. It comes with fitting red stockings and a hat. The top comes on the shirtlayer so you could wear pasties under it if you d like to wear it in public on a pg sim. Its also possible to wear the outfit just with a string without the skirt.
Outfit: Indyra Originals Costume-First Mate (350 Linden)

I like this outfit best. Its black, white and red which is normaly a great combination. And it reminds me on the uniform of a musketeer. The hat is just amazing. I also like the gloves a lot. Indyra originals often adds great gloves to their outfits. The ones which belong to this outfit are one of those.
Outfit: Indyra Originals Costume-Bastille (750 Linden)


Spending the morning with some training. First warming up with some moves. And of course stretching. After that some balancing training and of course the arms need to become stronger too.
Then the first fight moves. Unfortunatly this is the time normaly the guy with the food uses to come around. This time he felt threatened and run away. So the training also contained some running today.
The outfit will be the gift from 22769 for women in the silkroad hunt. Its an asian looking suit. As the male version it has some pretty patterns on it and i like it a lot. On the front is a flower.

Outfit: 22769 silkroad hunt gift : 22769 vintage bibac (f) (0 Linden Huntgift)

Friday, October 29, 2010


x62ppq worked since the moment she had been activated in section BB2QR. That means she was busy to control that no natural life made its way in the forbidden sector. But one day she was inspecting some old cellars, which looked like having been build by the extincted race of the creators, and fell into something green and slimy. When waking again she felt strange and she was shocked about seeing herself mirrored in the dirty water. Her face didn t consist of shiny metal anymore somehow she turned green. When realising that she felt shocked she was even more shocked. At least her parser was still working so she was able to communicate with the strange little furry android she met. Its logic was so ineffective. But she supposed that it was a real old model.
x62ppq hoped that the rat might be able to help her. At least it would be logical that it was in those cellars to repair and controll them so it also should be able to repair her. But the rat only spoke about mutation and a distant cousin with the name Algernon. It also recommented to controll how far the mutation went.
So x62ppq took off the upper part of her uniform to take a look at herself. When realizing that going back would mean deactivation she decided to flee.
Fallen Gods have skins again on the fortune teller. This time its a green skin fitting to halloween. They also got a lucky dip where you could win tattoos which look like being made of a very different skin than your own. Of course the items are very well made - they are from fallen gods - and are great for roleplay. The uniform will be the male gift from 22769 in the silkroad hunt. I love the patterns. Of course the clothing is made more with having asia in mind but me it also reminded on a futuristic uniform so i used it in this blog entry. The gifts from fallen goods will be available until halloween is over and the silkroad hunt will start at 1. November. The poses with the rat are all from No Strings Attached. They are sold at the moment at the gatcha party at for the love of halloween.
Skin: IRRADIATE xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fortunes Skin (lucky Fortune 0 Linden)
Outfit: 22769 silkroad hunt gift : 22769 vintage bibac (m) (0 Linden Huntgift)
FALLENSTEIN female Legs +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Technologic (lucky dip 0 Linden)
FALLENSTEIN female Chest +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Technologic (lucky dip 0 Linden)
FALLENSTEIN female Arms +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Technologic (lucky dip 0 Linden)
FALLENSTEIN female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Technologic (lucky dip 0 Linden)
Poses: No Strings Attached : A friend like Ben (it costs 35 Linden to play with the NSA Gatcha)

Boredom in a spaceship

Even if its a fast one traveling in a spaceship could take ages. So when all the films on the harddrive have been watched three times, all the cookies are eaten and the AI of the spaceship knows all the jokes you could tell her, boredom takes place.So you could spend time with dressing and undressing yourself, taking off skirts, flirting with the AI.
But flirting with a spaceship is not such a smart idea. It normaly causes that the temperature in the ship starts to rise, and the passengers have the choice to take off their clothes or to sweat.
The Burlesque Victorian Vampiress is the latest release from Ezura. Its a burlesque dress with a lot of cute details for example the cuffs of the gloves look like having batwings. Also the collar looks like having those. The outfit comes with stockings, suspenders, a ruffle skirt and a red corset. You could wear it with or without the skirt.

Outfit: + ezura + Burlesque Victorian Vampiress *Red + Black Set (498 Linden or 249 Linden for group members)

[facing the spider]

I am a fan of all kind of tattoo-layers and collect them with an almost scary passion, so it was a 'must go' for me when I heard about Aitui's Halloween special: one of their hairbases with a shaved in spiderweb motive - for only 50 L$! You can find it in their hair department right next to the other hairbases, and the pack consists of 5 different versions, including one for the girls.

[facing the spider]

The unisex necklace I am wearing can be found on Tekeli-li's dollarbie wall and is part of a set that also includes earrings. It goes well with fantasy- and casual outfits and has been made out of a mixture of regular prims and sculpties. As usual with Tekeli-li jewels you can change gem-, metal- and leather-colours and switch glow on and off.

Hairbase: Aitui - Halloween Special (50 L$)
Necklace: Tekeli-li - Piscene Necklace (dollarbie)

Eyes: [T.P] - Frozen Soul

THH part 2 of 2: outfits and accessories

Okay I'm on a roll, look-out! Probably making-up for lost time no doubt. Here are a couple of super-cute dresses and accessories I found at the Tea House Hunt which will be over on October 30th so head on over there when you have a chance. Each hunt box is L$1.
*dg* Bunkadoll Doll Dress (full)
*dg* Bunkadoll Dress (detail)
Dress ~ *dg* Bunkadoll from the Tea House Hunt

:: fore :: Dress 01
complete with Cherry Blossom petals stuck to your lips <3
:: fore :: Dress 02
Hair ~ ++AY.LinE++ Darjeeling
Hair Accessories ~ duboo. cherryblossom headband
Dress ~ :: fore :: - tunkOP
Shoes ~ +mocha+ - Trad Style of Japan [Temari]
Skin ~ Mother Goose
AO ~ Gee_maigasa 2_7 Hunt (parasol) | ZHAO-II MB2.0.16[MAIGASA]2_1
All items above are found at the hunt location inside the tea house.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

THH part 1 of 2: shews..."let's get some!"

Haloo everyone! I had a chance to do a really quick dollarbie hunt today so I want to share some of the footwear I found at the Tea House Hunt that Ania mentioned in an earlier post:

Does he sing all your music while you dance to 'Purple Rain'? Because I certainly did when I wore these boots by R2 Fashion. I felt like busting out with a James Brown dance move.
Purple Boots (front)

And a gratuitous back shot because it's dee-licious.
Purple Boots (back)

Then these two pairs of lovely-comfy-cute things which came in one box even! The "Hunminjungum" and the "Cherry Blossom" by loveme.
Cherry Blossom

And last but not least, these adorable (limited edition red) legwarmers by tram in my favorite color:
Leg Warmers
The red boots are *NOT* part of the hunt. Only the red legwarmers in this pict. The red boots were from a lucky chair at Bukka months ago. The Tea House Hunt boxes are within the tea house itself and there are 22 boxes to find and only 1 1/2 SL days left to do it.

[lotn: a touch of pink]

[lotn: the pink touch]

After working a lot with bright colours (yes, that's what kept me away from you, lovelies!) I kinda felt the need to brighten up my wardrobe with a few splatters of pink tonight. Yes, pink. It's always a bit hard to mix the different shades of it together -and- combine it with other colours, but if you go easy on those, nothing can go wrong. Plus, many accessoires come with colourchange-HUDs nowadays, so it's pretty easy to achieve a perfect match.

[lotn: the pink touch]

My favourites are actually two new releases: the absolutely lickable 'Strigen'-belt from Schadenfreude and the 'Animal Sneakers' from HOC. The belt is fully sculpted and has an awesome batwing-buckle and silvery coffin studs. A HUD allows you decide on 12 leather colours, and it comes in male and female and high- and low-sitting versions. Said shoes from House of Curious are also highly customizable - you can change -every- part of the sneakers with one of the two HUDs, either picking from preset colours or pick one yourself with the tinting-HUD. You can even make each shoe look different.

Hair: booN - QQL838 hair
Skin: [Buried] - Fate II
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Bastet

Shirt: [ JP ] shirt // mask // set
Pants: *Muism* - Straight Damage Jeans

Belt: Schadenfreude - Strigen Belt (new)
Shoes: HOC - Animal Sneakers (new)
Tattoo: +radicalism+ - 2nd Explosion

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red Tube

Standing a bit annoyed in a swamp and thinking about how to get to the other side to talk with the spiderelephantbat. The whole 22769 autumn collection for women is cute. I didn t had the time yet to blog this cute red outfit. Its a mini dress which could either worn as dress with short or long sleeves and also comes with fitting jeans so you could wear it as a sweater. The pack also contains a fitting belt but well the rests of my last meal have been put together to the elephantspiderbat so the belt didn't fit me anymore. The boots are from perse. I still love those boots its just amazing how well they fit to nearly everything.
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture Red Tube Dress Outfit (170 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Big Bag (1499 Linden / 149 Linden for one colour)

The pictures have been taken at Mysterious Wave.

Dreamy newness

Womens Dreamy Bodyshop just released the Kimberley Skin and Shape. Its a cute skin available in many different make-ups. The colours used as lipstic and for the mascara fit very well to the skintone.The skin itself is well made in a nice natural tone. So its not very pale. I like that very much. The skin is available in six different makeups and its also possible to buy a fitting shape for it.
Skin: WDB Skin Kimberley (2495 Linden for the Fatpack or 775 Linden for one Makeup)

Womens dreamy bodyshop also takes part in the black and white hunt (you need to search for chessmen). Their gift is a white skin. And you also could get a fitting halloween hat at the store from the Happy Halloween Hunt.
Hat: WDB Halloween Hat (0 Linden Hunt gift)
Skin: WDB Black & White Hunt Skin Lilith (0 Linden Hunt gift)
Outfit: *MLC* Silk Touch : by Mohna Lisa Couture (0 Linden groupgift)

Monday, October 25, 2010

New from Ibizarre

Ibizarre released some really cute sweaters. They are wollen with a fitting collar. The sweater got all a little bag on the front to transport cookies, waffles and other bribes for tinies. I love the names of the colours which have been used for the sweaters. The blue one is called "lagoon" for example. The black trousers are also from Ibizarre.
Left: Ibizarre Mara Jumper (Graphite) (150 Linden)
Middle: Ibizarre Mara Jumper (Woodbine) (150 Linden)
Right: Ibizarre Mara Jumper (Lagoon) (150 Linden)
Trousers: * Ibizarre Maeva Pants (black) (140 Linden)
Shape: {Dead Carrot} Shapes [ Cheeky petite?? moi?! ] (299 Linden)