Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn with Diapop

Diapop released some nice sweaters for the autum. They have all teh same cut but are textured in different ways. The brown one looks like being knitted with kind of a box pattern on it.Top: * [DIAPOP] * off shoulder ::wool:: (136 Linden)

The white one has a little bow on the bottom. I suppose it could also be worn to elegant trousers.
Top: * [DIAPOP] * off shoulder ::white linen:: (136 Linden)

I like the one in teal (i hope thats the right name for that colour) best. There are some cute flowers on it.
Top: * [DIAPOP] * off shoulder ::flow pow:: (136 Linden)
Diapop also released a new freebie. Its a baby-doll with ruffles and pumpkins on it.
Dress: * [DIAPOP] * mijn scary halloween baby-doll (1 Linden)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just looking at her portrait could wake his hunger for brains.

I found this really nicely made outfit called 'Zombie Boy' at the Hunt of the Living Dead at *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*. It comes in a clean and dirty version and in multiple layers, the prim parts such as pant-legs, shirt-sleeves and the collar are sculpted.

Miasnow has recently released new skinlines for men and women that play with the popular Dia de los Muertos-topic. You can win the 'plain' version of Muerto Miguel exclusively at her MiniMania Board - which needs only 5 slaps until it delivers the skin to one of the participants.

Skin (left): [Buried] - Fate II
Skin (right): Miasnow - Muerto Miguel (free, MiniMania price)
Hair: [Shag] - High Fidelity
Outfit: [*RD*] - *Hunt of the Living Dead Male Giftie* (free)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New from Indyra

Indyra Originals just released a great set of cocktail dresses with fitting boots. The dresses and boots are of course very well made. The dresses look like being knitted. All of them come with different colours of the bow. The boots are resizeable and have some decorations on their backside. Dress: Indyra Originals Couture: Sienna Crochett Coctail Gown: Ecru
Boots: Indyra Originals: Coquette Noir Boots - Augustine Suede-Ecru

The black version of the dress is great for late parties and really elegant.
Boots:Indyra Originals : Coquette Noir - Augustine Boots-Noir
Dress: Indyra Originals Couture: Sienna Crochett Cocktail Gown: Noir

Mask anger

Spending some time in the bathtube relaxing with a great facemask. And smiling because of the taste of the oranges. The relaxing was so great that testing the green face mask after the bath. But without reading the manual i didn t know that you should never use the green face mask after the white one. So i was really annoyed when finding out that it won t be possible to remove the facemask for a whole week. When reading that i got very very angry. And my laptop suffered.

The facemasks are tattoolayer items from A:S:S they are fun and great for pictures. For example bathing with a facemask or you combine it with the dressing table from No Strings Attached (blogged here) or, or, or.
The A:S:S spa collection contains three facemasks and for the guys and very hairy females also shaving foam and after shave. Also included are fruites and vegetables for the eyes. I liked the oranges best although im not sure if i wouldn t prefer the cucumber slices in real life.
The black silkcoat is also from A:S:S its one of my favourite pieces from that store, its elegant and the pattern on it is rather pretty.

Facemasks: A:S:S - Spa collection - Full set (60 Linden one facemask 20 Linden)
Silkcoat: A:S:S - Oscar - black (95 Linden)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[lotn - monochromes, red, meadows]

[lotn - monochromes, red, meadows]

After a couple of golden October-days, this morning's horizon is just a mixture of different shades of grey. I guess that not only influenced my mood, but also my taste in clothing... fortunately, monochromes aren't unbecoming at all, even less when being paired with a dot of colour.

The 'dot' in this case is 22769's Red Wine Leather Jacket, part of an entire outfit Dagmar has blogged here. It consists of an additional shirt, scarf and capri-jeans. I really like the rich shade of red and the texture's suede look. As usual when it comes to 22769, the jacket is carefully crafted, well-textured and easy to resize and adjust when it comes to the sculpted parts.

The striped sweater is a nice basic I grabbed at Fishy Strawberry and has a sculpted bottom and sleeves you can't see in the picture. Free are the low-cut, salt & pepper textured pants, you can find them at Prodigal with a bunch of other male freebies in a bag sitting on top of their counter. Definately not free, but a little piece of art are the Docs from Gos, the most real looking Doc Martens I found so far. You can change their shape between 'pristine', 'abused' and 'loose' and modify almost every part of the shoe via menu.

Hair: booN - OCI185 hair (group gift in store)
Eyes: Skinthesis - Fathoms - Gravel

Jacket: 22769 - VLFW Wine Leather Jacket
Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* - Charcoal Stripey McGee Sweater
Pants: * Prodigal * - Silk Pants Charcoal (free in store)
Shoes: Gos - [Docs] 8 Hole

Jewels: :Fusion: - Eternal Necklace

Monday, October 11, 2010

[all that glitter...]

[all that glitter...] [all that glitter...]
..isn't gold. Those beautiful sets of jewels are real treasures, though. Go and get them at $GaNKeD$'s booth at the Jewelry Fair - for free.

(left) $GaNKeD$ - Black Sherbet Jewelry Set
(right) $GaNKeD$ - Coveted Jewelry Set

This sim has a central landing point. Turn left and look for a booth with red spheres hanging inside!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time for blood

Little zombie girl standing in the forest after having shot some of those strange ones. Their skin has the wrong colour and they are just strange. They are not even keen on eating brains.

The white dress with the skulls and the blood is currently on sale at ezura. The blue skin is a groupgift from eret!ka. Dress: + ezura + Skull Dress *White Bloody (99 Linden its sold for 50% at the moment)
Skin: Halloween Skin by Eret!ka (0 Linden groupgift)

There is some more Halloween going on at Ezura. The orange heels are on the luckyboard for groupmembers at the moment. They are resizeable. The black ones fit to a bunny costume wich is also on sale at the moment. They are black and have cute ankle strap and a bunny on the toes. At the heel is also a bunnytail.

Left: + ezura + Halloween Heels *VIP
Right: + ezura + Bunny Heels *Black

For Vips there is new dollarbie available. Its a black orange gown. In the middle is a picture of the outfit to the bunny heels. Its a cute bunny costume with fitting ears.

Left: + ezura + Halloween Pumpkin Gown *VIP (1 Linden
Middle: + ezura + Bunny Sets *Black (94 Linden
Right: + ezura + Skull Dress *White Bloody (99 Linden its sold for 50% at the moment)

They call me sand

Wandering in a warm dress through a forest in autumn. Enjoying to see all the colourful leaves.

22769 take part in the london fashion week. And for that released two new outfits. One is for women and as the store was a store for male fashion at the beginning, they also released an outfit for guys.

The knitdress in sand, which could be worn in three ways is the outfit for women. Its either wearable as short dress. Or as a mini dress.
In the outfit is also a jeans included so you could wear it as sweater with jeans. That might be better if the temperature is a bit lower than at the moment.
Outfit: 22769 VLFW knitdress sand (210 Linden)

The outfit for men is a red coat with a skarf, fitting caprijeans and a short shirt. Its for guys so i needed some time to make it fit. I choosed to wear the outfit with high boots so its not possible to see that the jeans are capri ones.
Its also possible to wear the t-shirt without the jacket. The t-shirt is torn and the letters on it say high school drop out. So it looks like you really dropped out the high school.
Outfit: 22769 VLFW Wine Leather Jacket (260 Linden)