Saturday, September 25, 2010


Edita was a magician extraordinaire. That meant either she was brilliant or her experiments went wrong. So one day she wanted to tint all her clothes teal. But at the end not only her clothes became teal it also happend to her hair. So she had to wait till dusk the time her familiar awakes. Nobody ever was able to find out why she choosed such an uncommon familiar. It was a swarm of fireflys.So with the help of her familiar she was able to get the normal colour of her hair back. But the whole process was rather exhausting for her so she fell asleep in the meadow and had to stretch herself in the morning.
Deviance has a minihunt going on in the store at the moment. You have to search for three witch hats. All contain a part of the teal Elementalist outfit. The staff is also part of the outfit. The whole outfit is made of prims. So its sometimes kind unveiling but there is always the possibility to wear pasties under it to hide the bits. For the pictures i used the prim feet from chained. They come with pretty jewlery. The skintone, the colour of the nails and the colour of the stones are changeable with a colour hud.
Feet: Chained : Indira silver (499 Linden)

Wasabi pills has two new puzzle boards. On both you could win ocean coloured hair. Both come with a resize script.
Left: /Wasabi Pills/ Emmaline Hair - Deep Ocean (0 Linden just lots of puzzling)
Right: /Wasabi Pills/ Kyler Hair - Deep Ocean (0 Linden just lots of puzzling)

Outfit on the first pictures: Deviance : Elementalist Teal (0 Linden hunt gift)

P.S.: im sorry that i didn t write anything the last days but i moved because im going to start my masterstudies in an other town.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

[fashionably late]

As usual, he was fashionably late with his posts, staring at the laptop like it was the well of his lack of creativity. While others already blogged their last pictures, he was still trying to come up with a fitting title - and the overwhelming drowsiness didn't really help in this case either...

[fashionably late]

...possibly, another cup of steaming hot coffee and some relaxation exercises would help. He'd simply have to wait and hope for the best that his muse would kiss him soon.

[fashionable late]

Skin: CStar - Mr. September (huntprice in store)
Hair: booN - BON000 hair black
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES_LIGHT ~ copper (part of the MHO-price)

Jacket: sf design - Denim Jacket (MHO)
Shirt: BalAni - Black Knit Turtleneck (part of the MHO-outfit)
Pants: Gentleman Store - Harlow Jeans (part of the MHO-outfit)
Sunglasses: Gentleman Store - Mirage Sunglasses (part of the MHO-outfit)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In black

Standing at home and training to look cool in imaginary dispute. But because of always forgetting the cigar starting to bark each time when bringing up an argument.

Make him over 4 just started. And the gentleman store has a great outfit as gift. Its a black striped shirt with fitting jeans. Included into the outfit is also a belt.
Outfit: MHO4_Outfit {Gentleman} (0 Linden Hunt gift)


Here I am, back as promised with yet another sequel of 22769's "German Reunification Day"-event. If you already drooled over the freebie-tees you can grab at their mainstore, you will surely love this nifty collection of 5L$-shirts you can also find on the aforementioned wallpaper. Most of them have been exclusively made for this event, so make sure you'll grab them before they're gone forever. I seriously like the retro-feeling of those.

(from left to right: 22769 - Soviet tee 1 - 3, Schwalbe tee)

In case you're wondering about the prints, here's some little bits and pieces of information, taken from the notecards coming with the shirts. This is your chance to wear a true piece of history on your body!

"After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the German reunification that followed a year later, many of the symbols of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) were swept away. Almost all DDR brands of products disappeared from the stores and were replaced by Western products. However, with the passing of time some Eastern Germans began to feel nostalgia for certain aspects of their lives in Eastern Germany. “Ostalgie” particularly refers to the nostalgia for aspects of regular daily life and culture in the former DDR, which disappeared after reunification.

“Ostalgie” is a German artifical name for above described feelings. It is a portmanteau of the German words “Ost” (East) and “Nostalgie” (nostalgia).

Among many others the well known symbols of the Ostalgie are the “Trabant-Car” – or short Trabbi, the Ampelmaennchen (the “stand” and “walk”-pictograms on pedestrian traffic lights), the “Schwalbe” (a DDR-moped) and brands like the “Spreewald-Gurken” (special kind of pickles) and “Klub-Cola” (East German Lemonade)."

(from left to right: 22769 - Trabbi & Trabant Tee, Ampelmaennchen rot & gruen)

Monday, September 20, 2010


I haven't had a chance to be in-world much but I really miss everyone so I thought I'd login this morning. Some of my friends in the East Coast (U.S.) are already experiencing the lovely change in weather. It's my favorite time of year but where I live, there's not even a cloud or drop of rain. It's a shame because I much prefer overcast days much like I prefer Fall and Winter fashion; the colors and some of the more streamlined shapes and patterns. Houndstooth is a classic textile pattern for Fall and Winter and here we have 22769's Houndstooth Outfit from their Casual Couture line. It comes with 2 variations on the top (half and long) and 2 variations of the skirt (mini and regular). Mix + Match + Enjoy!
Houndstooth Outfit

22769 Casual Couture Houndstooth Outfit L$80


22769 are having a great event going on, the "Tag der Deutschen Einheit (German reuinification day")-event, which runs from today, September 20th, until October 3rd. It's the German bank holiday that celebrates the day when the seperation of West- and Eastern-Germany was finally reversed on 3 October 1990.

The guys from 22769 have rebuild several historical landmarks, such as the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charly, and of course, you can also find a wall with several freebies and cheapies in their mainstore. Unfortunately, my computer is acting up a bit right now, so I didn't really manage to take further pics of the event, but I'll return later to give you a more detailed look and info what it's all about.

For now, here's the cool freebie-tees you can grab at the wallpaper that can be found righthandside IN the shop after you walked through the wall - the 'Ossi' and 'Wessi'-shirts.


Tees: 22769 - 'Ossi' & 'Wessi'-tee (freebie)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seppi and i

Wandering around with Seppi. I always need to hold his hoof because else he only does mischief. He is still grinning because having managed to nibble at the hair of a storeowner. Before he quickly ate a pair of flats he saw standing in front of a house. But now i hope i could manage to keep him close and from eating things he shouldn t eat. Seppi comes from the A.M.K.R. lucky board. Its a nice but very naughty sheep so you have to take care that it walks at your hand all the time.
Seppi: A.M.K.R. : Osanpo Machiko DX (Lucky letter)

The black sheep outfit comes from the HAL-Kaze lucky board. At that store is also a white sheep outfit for 30 Lindens available. Both outfits are made for child avis. They both look like a sheep which is wearing headphones. The blond hair is from the trico lucky board. Its resizeable with a menu.
Left: HAL-Kaze : black Sheep v2.1_Dogtothviolet (0 Linden Lucky board)
Right: HAL-Kaze : headphone_Sheep (30 Linden)
Blonde Hair: :::{{trico}}:::MARYLIN (auburn) LB BOXED (0 Linden Lucky board)