Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Here I am, back as promised with yet another sequel of 22769's "German Reunification Day"-event. If you already drooled over the freebie-tees you can grab at their mainstore, you will surely love this nifty collection of 5L$-shirts you can also find on the aforementioned wallpaper. Most of them have been exclusively made for this event, so make sure you'll grab them before they're gone forever. I seriously like the retro-feeling of those.

(from left to right: 22769 - Soviet tee 1 - 3, Schwalbe tee)

In case you're wondering about the prints, here's some little bits and pieces of information, taken from the notecards coming with the shirts. This is your chance to wear a true piece of history on your body!

"After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the German reunification that followed a year later, many of the symbols of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) were swept away. Almost all DDR brands of products disappeared from the stores and were replaced by Western products. However, with the passing of time some Eastern Germans began to feel nostalgia for certain aspects of their lives in Eastern Germany. “Ostalgie” particularly refers to the nostalgia for aspects of regular daily life and culture in the former DDR, which disappeared after reunification.

“Ostalgie” is a German artifical name for above described feelings. It is a portmanteau of the German words “Ost” (East) and “Nostalgie” (nostalgia).

Among many others the well known symbols of the Ostalgie are the “Trabant-Car” – or short Trabbi, the Ampelmaennchen (the “stand” and “walk”-pictograms on pedestrian traffic lights), the “Schwalbe” (a DDR-moped) and brands like the “Spreewald-Gurken” (special kind of pickles) and “Klub-Cola” (East German Lemonade)."

(from left to right: 22769 - Trabbi & Trabant Tee, Ampelmaennchen rot & gruen)

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