Monday, September 20, 2010


I haven't had a chance to be in-world much but I really miss everyone so I thought I'd login this morning. Some of my friends in the East Coast (U.S.) are already experiencing the lovely change in weather. It's my favorite time of year but where I live, there's not even a cloud or drop of rain. It's a shame because I much prefer overcast days much like I prefer Fall and Winter fashion; the colors and some of the more streamlined shapes and patterns. Houndstooth is a classic textile pattern for Fall and Winter and here we have 22769's Houndstooth Outfit from their Casual Couture line. It comes with 2 variations on the top (half and long) and 2 variations of the skirt (mini and regular). Mix + Match + Enjoy!
Houndstooth Outfit

22769 Casual Couture Houndstooth Outfit L$80

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