Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scooter gang

Amelia hated her name. Everytime somebody adressed her with it she wished that her parents would have choosen a cooler one. She was rather angry on her parents because of that. So she started to dislike the life of her parents very much.
posing at the scooter
Her parents were both lawyers and her father started a career as politician too. But disliking her parents and all the attitudes they stood for in her opinion Amelia founded a scooter gang.
Waiting on the scooter
All the members shared the same likes for tattoos, piercings and jewlery. And of course they made some secret deals. They could have dealt with drugs but none of them was into that. So they started to deal with something all of them had, education. If somebody had forgotten to do his homework he only had to call the gang and they normal were able to do it rather quickly.
waiting even more
They did not earn as much as they would have earned if they would have sold drugs but they did not get in trouble because of their business. Of course Amelia's parents supposed secretly that she would deal with drugs and she did her best to let them belive that this would be the truth. It was a small revenge but it was a revenge.
Driving away again
Sometimes there are items which are simply made to fall in love with them, this outfit and the scooter belong to those items. I blogged the hair from wasabi pills now quite often and I still love it. It looks great and turns a good look into a unique look. And its pretty easy to adjust too because it has a resize script. The houndstood sweater from arnadi is one of those pieces of clothing which could look great when being worn in an elegant combination or sophisticated when being combined with tattoos and sneakers. Beside that it is very well designed and the shading is great. Its rather impressive how real all the folds on the sweater look. The trousers are some of my favourite ones and come from Ibizarre. They look very comfy and I bought them because I liked the rolled up sleeves so much. The textures of the trousers are also very well made. Always when seeing somebody with primnails I swore to myself that I would never wear primnails. I had to break this promise because of the asia nails from Virtual/Insanity. They come with rings attached onto them and look simply stunning. I suppose that they look also great to red asian dresses and massive makeup. The nails and rings are included in three sizes in the set (10,20, and 30) and it is also possible to wear only the rings, as there are versions of the rings without the nails included as well. The cute bag comes also from Virtual/Insanity and has been created for project fur where it is also sold. It has a nice looking cat on the backside and is available in much more colours.
I fell for the scooter when seeing it at Social ANGtz. The idea is great and the item is well made. The scooter comes in four colours (red, purple, grey and blue) and is included in versions with and without light and it is on sale at the moment. The scooter has 6 inbuilt poses and it is possible to test it in the store. When being there it is worth to listen to the stream as they play dub and reggae there all the time.
Comfy scooter outfit
Sweater: [arnadi] - Sweater Checker Houndstooth (50$ exclusive at The Fashion Garret till 25th April)
Trousers: * Ibizarre Maeva Pants (black) (140 Linden)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (20 L$)
Nails and Rings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ASIA NAILS&RINGS (wear me) (62 L$ on sale at the moment)
Bag: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] MANEKI Shoulder Bag BLACK (100 L$ 100% for project fur)
Hair: Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair (200 L$ per colourpack)

Scooter: Social ANGtz : Jackie Stone Scooter Series (150 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Lost Vegas South.

Peanutbutter adventures

XZ-2311 was bored. She had been constructed to please but being outdated nobody was intrested in her anymore. Somehow also her singing program was defect so she sang like a bird which was caught in a tinbox and nobody wanted to hear her because of that. It was the same with her cooking modul. All she was able to make was bread with peanutbutter. As she was outdated nobody wanted to repair her. Having no task XZ2311 dreamed of a better life. She wanted to adventure. But she was a bit coy until she found out that some of her parts should be recycled in a newer android.
Robot in latex
The robot sneaked out of the city and hid herself on a spaceship with the destination to a planet named Arania. Arania had only a very weak sun so the plants on that planet had started to produce light. They supposed that XZ-2311 would be one of them. When the android realised what was going on she started to communicate with the plants and surprising enough she managed to make them produce peanuts. The inhabitants of Arania were fascinated by the new fruits and when XZ-2311 used the peanuts to make peanutbutter they were simply impressed. They rewarded her with the allowance to explore their planet. Nobody else had been allowed to do so before all visitors had to stay in the capital. XZ2311 loved Arania and exploring kept her busy and content. But she had enough time to write about her journeys so she became the first android travel guide bestseller author. Unfortunatly nobody else but her was ever allowed to explore Arania so nobody knew if she wrote the truth or not.
Robot in dark mirage
Ezura is creative and she loves sexy clothing, so she created some more sexy cyber latex outfits. They go well with the ezura digi boots. The outfits come in a sheer and a non sheer version and could be worn in many ways. The glow colour of the metal parts is chooseable with a hud. When wearing the hud of the new set also the colour of the bootsglow get changed.
Ezura acha white and purple
The sets are available in the four colours of the digi boots: white, purple, red and black. There is also a version available which is called "mesh" this is a very sheer version of the outfit. Its supersexy and worth to have a look at it in the store. The Acha sets could be worn either with non sheer long pants or panties and include also non sheer gloves and stocking. Beside this all the sets contain a sheer version of the top, the panties and the stockings and gloves, and of course also the metal parts with the glow.
Ezura acha red and black

Outfit: + ezura + Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit *Black Set (488 L$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Black (388 L$)
Outfit: + ezura + Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit *Purple Set (488 L$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Purple (388 L$)
Outfit: + ezura + Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit *Red Set (488 L$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Red (388 L$)
Outfit: + ezura + Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit *White Set (488 L$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Silver (388 L$)

Getting in the mood for some Easter glam!

Isn't this gown & glove set from Vero Modero divine! the market for gowns is huge, and it's no surprise when we're all such amazing dancers. I love nothing more than to get glammed and watch myself elegantly gliding around a dance floor. But of course a lady wouldn't want to be seen wearing the same dress as someone else while elegantly gliding no no! 

What I love about this one is the textures, which give the gown such definition and the effect of a boned couture gown. The colour is simply beautiful ( comes in 4 other colours) & would suit any shade of skin and hair, but perfect for Easter I'd say. The lace trimmed choker is a separate item from Lassitude & ennui,. As it comes with a colour changed hud  I've taken a close up image with a different colour below.

This jewelry set is exquisitely detailed and comes with a colour change hud, so you have 7 colour options for the choker, but can also choose to have the necklace with or without the lace trim plus there are options for the metal, roses and pearl, to make it an altogether versatile piece of jewelry, not to mention great value for your linden dollars.

Dress & gloves: L$600 Cage gown - gold > Vero Modero
Choker necklace: L$290 - Ophelia > Lassitude & ennui
Earrings: L$90 -  Ophelia > Lassitude & ennui

Friday, April 15, 2011


Mark and Erin had big plans. Both wanted to become famous ballet dancers. But both of them were not the best dancers. They were good of course but never really good. Nobody ever found out what their problem actually was. All their teachers said they would be very talented and both trained much. But at the end others were always more successful. Desperate they accepted to dance in a musical. They had to wear streetclothing and suddenly happend nobody did expect anymore. Being not forced in ballet outfits and shoes anymore they became able to use their talent. The musical about the elf in disguise became a huge success. Mark and Erin were very glad. Nobody ever found out that Mark's elf ears were his real ones.
ballet training
22769 just released their monthly groupgift. Its a shirt with a rorschach print. The sleeves and the body of the shirt are sculpted. The capri trousers also belong to the outfit. The cuffs of the trousers are also sculpted. The guy on the picture is Paco Pooley from 22769 himself. We actually played around with poses searching for one which shows of the outfit decently. This one was one which was a bit funny and a contrast to the outfit so I decided to use it. Paco is wearing the Tonka boots from Juice. The boots are available in a copy and in a trans version so they work very well as gift. The black sneaker boots come from Duh! they are available with alphalayer now and are great simply great for streetstyle outfits.

Outfits: 22769 april 2011 rorschach (0 L$ groupgift)
Boots: Paco : Juice Tonka Boots (300 L$)
Dagmar: ::Duh!:: Women's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (20 L$)

Time for poppys

She was so glad that it was finally spring. The grass felt so good under her bare feet and she also had managed to get a bit tan allready. Well she had been in the sunstudio once or twice but this did not really matter.
22769 poppy dress
She loved the wind in her hair and the dress she had picked for the day was perfect for the weather and the surrounding. Tonight she would be the star of the party. So it was good to have a relaxing walk before having to wear high heels the whole night.
Adam n eve posy skin
This wonderful asymetric dress with the poppy pattern belongs to the 22769 spring collection. It is mod so its possible to make it fit smaller avatars. Over the shoulder it is worn with a prim part. This lets it look more elegant. Around the waist the dress is worn with a leather belt. As most dresses from 22769 three prim parts have been used for the skirt. One normal skirt and two parts which are worn at the legs. So its not possible that the bare legs are seeable when moving.
posy skin tan adam n eve
The lovely skin with the freckles comes from Adam n Eve. It is available in several versions. The skin is available in four tones and comes with dark and light eyebrows and pubic hair on the tattoo layer - without the eyebrows are red. There are 12 makeup versions available. I like the girl next door look a lot. The shadeing of the skin is very well made. On the upper picture are some makeups of the skin in tan and on the lower some of the pale version of the skin. All sets include a version with normal and one with enhanced cleavage. A nice little extra are the included tattoo layers for the fingernails.
The hair with the two pony tails comes from Emo-tions. It floats very nicely and is cute. The hair on the lower picture comes from Wasabi Pills.
posy skin pale adam n eve
Dress: 22769 corn poppy dress (140 L$)
Skin: Adam n Eve - Skins and Shapes : Posy (1000 L$ one make up or 6000 L$ for the fatpack in one tone)
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * JOANNE * /naturals (245 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair -Wild honey (200 L$ belongs to the brown pack)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeling lucky?

 I was feeling lucky today, on my hunt for the under 50L items I dropped on some great luckyboards that all just fit together so lucky is that? I adore the Somapop store and so was thrilled to pick up these great printed leggings there, with 2 other boards bearing great gifts (one is a shirt for men).

Top: Free luckyboard item > izm
Leggings: Free luckyboard item > somapop
Shoes & bag: Free group gift > Duh

More Clematis

As promised more stuff from that lovely little store Clematis. The plant & cardigan are both group gifts from Clematis, and still sticking to my 50L challenge this week the boots  are  a 30L gacha item also from Clematis. Can you believe boots this amazing are 30L, well I nearly did hyperventilate  when I saw that. The jeans are 30L (previously blogged in a different texture)...may my 50L search continue.....

Cardigan: Free group gift > Clematis
Jeans: L$30 yurayura pants > Pesca
Boots: L$30 gacha item > Clematis
Plant: Free group gift > Clematis

[shoe sale for the masses]

[shoe-sale for the masses]

Now aren't these shoes gorgeous? I got all excited when receiving *Deco*s group notice about all of their shoes being on sale for a mere 50 Lindens a pair from April, 13th to April, 17th and immediately hopped over to ramp up my collection. What can I say? They're simply on top of my list of most beloved footwear on SL - not primmy at all, but with ultra-realistic textures and easy to resize since they are mod, and I love the fact that the 'foot'-part can be worn alone and doesn't force you to go without your pant-leg attachments, like some of the higher reaching shoes do. Shown in the picture above is a selection of my favourite "Test Boots", reminding pretty much of Doc Martens with a comfortably worn and rather grungy feel.

[shoe-sale for the masses]

Shown in the second picture are the "Lumbermine-", "Trail-", "Rain-" and "Roughneck-Boots" (from left to right). As you can see, *Deco* shoes not necessarily stand for boots that look like you've been wearing them for ages, but also go well with more casual and "clean" outfits. Both "Trail-" and "Rainboots" come in a great selection of colours, and as for the "Trail-Boots", you can also choose between smooth and suede leather and bi-coloured options. Go and grab yourself a pair of new unisex stompers while the sale lasts!

All shoes shown: *Deco* - 50 Linden Sale!


I love this little gem of a store! you simply must check it out, it's small & bijoux with a lot to offer. Group gifts/luckyboard & hunt items are a fabulous try before you buy, and the group gifts that are available in this store will definitely have you wanting to buy. I just adore these desert boots, which come in green as the group gift, but an amazing range of colours available to buy. The store has mostly unisex items and  the cutest selection of boots, more of which I shall watch out for it!

Cardigan : Free group gift > Clematis
Shorts: Free luckyboard item - camel > Kloka
Legwarmers: Free group gift > Clematis
Boots: Free Group gift > Clematis

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strange wolfs

Bluebelle had to facepalm when the wolf adressed her. It was just embarrassing since the old wolf had been bullied by the seven young kids and left the forest. The new wolf was colourblind and a bit stupid too. He approached every female who went into the forest and spoke about the nice flowers they could pick. After that he normaly tried to gain informations about grandmothers. This time it was Bluebelle's turn to be pestered by the wolf and he did not even recognize that she allready had picked some flowers. It was just embarrassing. Bluebelle planed to teach the seven young kids a lesson hopeing that the old wolf would come back if the bullies would behave.
Deviance has moved some weeks ago but they kept the lucky dip. So its still possible to win this great blue belle outfit. It comes with several primparts for example two kinds of skirts, a short and a long one, which also come in two versions with blue or white frills. The stockings come in blue or white as well and so do the frills around the shoulders. I love the textures of the dress and how fairytale like it looks.
bluebelle long
Dress: * Deviance * Blue Belle (Rose Red revisited) (0$ Lucky dip)

50L challenge

This week I set myself a goal of finding cute & quality items for less than 50L, Ok yeah I'm poor until payday already, but I love to pick up a bargain at the best of times, so in this post everything is free or less than 50L yahoo! I can't stop wearing these shoes from Urban warehouse in the mix & match hunt, it's not often I wear things more than once, as much as I say i'm going to , but I can't take these off! Also don't miss the sale at Pesca where I picked up these loooovely trousers........see you later i'm off to hunt for more bargains!

Hair: Free  Christmas group gift - Lauren  >Maitreya
Scarf:  Free Easter egg hunt item > Zeerys
Cardigan: L$50 puff sleeve cardigan - red > izm
Vest: Free - intrinsic vest - cream > Jane
Trousers: L$30 - yuruyuru pants > Pesca
Shoes: Free at the M&M hunt > Urban warehouse

Beach Flowers

She enjoyed to have a rest before the party would start. So she went for a little walk at the beach. There she found what she needed to make her outfit unique. A nice pretty flower which she put onto her dress. Now she was ready. She only needed to decide which cocktail she would drink.
227669 summer outfit
22769 released a new spring collection for women. This outfit belongs to that collection. It consists of a top and a skirt. Both look like being wrapped together. The flower theme of the texture of the skirt is repeated on the top with a flower in the middle of it. The textures are nice and bright. Its an outfit which works for a day at the beach as well as for a poolparty as it is comfy and elegant at the same time.

Outfit: 22769 : Flowerskirt Dress (220 $)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair (250$ or 1500$ for the fatpack)

Walking through cherryblossoms

It was the time of the cherryblossoms again. Although the area in front of the town had been a landfill for some years but the cherrytrees survived and now they were in bloom in the middle of dead earth.
Spring and Perse
Sometimes rats who missed their home made strange sounds. But it was clear that this place would be wonderful in some years when the gras would have made its way back.
Cherry blossoms and perse
Perse is not only a store for great and unique boots and shoes. There are also lots of dresses available there. Those stripped ones are one of the latest releases from perse. They are available in many colours and look great. I like how the textures look shiny at some parts and how the shadeing is done. The prim part is easy to adjust and it has the same colours as the textures of the dress. The dresses have holders and go well with high heels or lowerboots. I picked my favourite boots from perse which look good with nearly every outfit and colour. The black and white scarf is the project fur item from Zeery. It has an animal print, I picked the Zebra one but there are also other versions available. For example in a snakelook or giraffe style.
New Perse dresses
Dresses: -Perse- Kharen Dress (239$ one colour or the fatpack of 7 colours 1199$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Kingdom Animalia Silk Scarf {Zebra} (185$ for project fur Japan Zeery is in the orange section of the sim)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Beiges (249$ or the fatpack with 13 colours 2399$)

The pictures have been taken at sic 2.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Becoming an Orb

She had spend the days with wandering around. And she had changed from day to day. She had been a fairy, a mermaid and she had been in her true dragon form. But now the time had come to become finally something different.
Donate as much as you like
It was time to become an orb. And so she got finally transformed only floating pure esscence. Flying weightless and sparkling. She had lost all her boundries and was just light and contentedness.
Orb Avatar
Last night the story of Ilear and her crowning ended at the Enchanted Mysts sim of the fantasy faire. The gifts in this quest were great and they are still available. Many stores put items on the platform in the middle of the mysts sim. The white dress from Caverna Obscura is one of those items. They are sold in relay for life donation vendors and you could pay as much as you like to get them. They start with one linden but of course you can donate more to help to find a cure. Alia Baroque, the owner of Fallen Gods Inc. wrote a blogentry on the Fallen Gods Blog to the end of the story which is definitly worth reading. The fantasy faire will end at midnight so take care to visit if you have not done that yet.

Dress: Diamond Webs Gown ~WHITE~ by Caverna Obscura (1$ or as much as you like to donate)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - Powder(250$ also available in tones which are made to fit the crystal fae skins as donation item for 150$)
Skin: CRYSTAL female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ VIOLET (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$. The skins are a donation item)
Staff: Atlantean Mage's Staff by Tekeli-li (0$ gift on the fantasy faire)
Necklace: Piscene Necklace and Earrings by Tekeli-li (0$ gift on the fantasy faire)
Orb: ORB avatar + Fantasy Faire 2011, Fallen Gods Inc. (0$ gift in the Mysts quest)