Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Hunt for Purple Broccolini

In Severina it rained all the time. Dark clouds were a constant presence, scudding across the sky with the briefest glimpses of moonlight piercing their depths to illuminate the ground below. In this unique ecosystem, in the dark and the dank, strange beings flourished. It was one of these strange beings that Calle was hunting now...
There were rules to the hunt of course, rules were more imporant than even in the dark. You had to close your eyes, turn on the spot three times before counting to ten. Recite Pi to eight places, then spin back the other way again. With all the rain, surfaces were slippery, even with guardians of stone watching overhead, it was a dangerous game to play...
"Ready or not..." she murmured softly, spinning to a halt, her eyes flying open as her voice rose, loud enough to carry through the lands. "HERE I COME!"
Down by the docks in Severina there was always a bounty on the table. Ships brought goods from all over the world, maintaining the feast was part payment for use of the port. A necessity, as in the darklands, under the stormy skies, only one thing grew. The purple broccolino was a contrary beastie, which flourished, watered constantly as it was with crystalline violet drops from on high. More often than not, the mature broccolino could be found at the feast, until the hunting cry was heard...
Little feet, run run running, scampering across the planks of the docks. Through the rain the sound carried, and directed her gaze. The Broccolino's squeak and scurry directed her gaze. The chase was on.
The Broccolino could do more than scamper of course, where would the sport be in that? Under the eye of the guardians the giggling Broccolino could run so fast that the falling drops of rain became an ever moving treadmill, tiny purple feet pressing on each drop for a fleeting moment, giving the beastie the run of the sky. But the sky wasn't always a good place to hide from Calle, sometimes it was better to head to the hidey holes underground...
"Gotcha!" Calle, laughing herself, scooped up the giggling Broccolino, wriggling as she tickled its florets."I win today. Let's get back to the feast."

Pictures taken in Severina. All items are 100% donation to Relay for Life

Crown: Belle Epoque { FF18 Crown }    L$ 199
Super pretty, super regal crown - live your royal life!
Pools of Ethuil
Hair: Wasabi // Mayra Windblown Mesh Hair  L$ 250
Two versions included Mayra, and Mayra Windblown as shown here (Included are also options A for small heads and B for large heads of both). 20 HUD driven regular colours and 15 colours with emphasis on the roots.
Skin: Sinful Needs - Reverie F Amethyst - Waxed - Jet Brows L$ 1875
This skinpack includes a system skin, ideal for those like me who keep their system head! 3 brow colours and a no brow option. Omega Applier for the skin for all manner of mesh bodies. Other tones of this fantastic skin are also available at the Faire, with 25% of their purchase price going to RFL. Severina
Necklace: *~*Illusions*~* Niobium Silumira Necklace  L$ 250  
Pretty colours reminiscent of swirls in petrol. 12 colour options for centre stone on click.
Pools of Ethuil
Wings: []Trap[]&Asphalt  Concrete Riven Wings FF  L$ 150 
Gorgeous galaxy textured wings are animated, flapping gently.
Dress: .Arcadia. Severina RFL Special Ombre   L$ 297
Options for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, Venus, this lovely dark teal shade is exclusively available for RFL at the Fantasy Faire.
Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails -  Mal-Fire  L$ 150
HUD driven for Maitreya, Omega and Slink, six colour options for fingers and toes on one HUD. Reminds me of Malificent!
Boots: The Dark Fae's - DraciChic Boots Leather  L$ 199
Options included to fit Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya and Slink mesh. Three HUD driven metal colours, and six leather colours included.
Belle Epoque { RFL Broccoli } L$ 199
Be your own Broccolini! This set includes the the Broccoli mesh avatar, and a broccoli wearable. Beware - this vegetable is known to run in circles gigglefarting.
Pools of Ethuil

Monday, April 23, 2018

Why I Relay : Fantasy Faire 2018

Sometimes, it feels like this.
Walking alone on a narrow path,
Through unknown woods with no end in sight.
Surrounded on all sides by predators,
Perfectly designed to rend flesh from bone, spirit from body.
The only lights to guide the way are those you carry with you.
This view is truth, and illusion.
Under the sun, the lion holds sway.
Claws, teeth and mane all strong, ready for the fight.
Scars of battle no source of shame.
Along the path this pride of predators stalk.
Never ahead, nor behind;
This is your strength, by your side at each step.
As night falls, the wolves come.
Through the darkness the pack move as one,
Near silent shadows amongst the trees.
Howls of belonging, not of pain.
Along the path oft untouched by moonlight,
Ever circling, never leaving,
Their piercing eyes guide the way.
This view is truth - at times it may feel as though you walk the path alone,
Fear and pain your only companions, in all hours of the day and night.
This view is illusion - the strength of lions is within you,
The power and will of the pack are working around you, for you, in the darkest of hours. 
In this fight you have us all, even when you feel alone.
This fight we are winning, one day we will have won.
For those we have loved, and lost,
Light a candle.
Illuminate the path.
Together, we fight on. 

This is why I Relay. Money raised to research ways to fight cancer. Money raised to support those facing cancer, to make sure they are not fighting alone. In this, the tenth year of the Fantasy Faire, the money raised is for the first time allocated to a specific project. The Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in Nairobi holds the only public comprehensive cancer treatment center in Kenya. People travel from all over the country to access care, however without somewhere close by to stay, this may mean sleeping rough following treatment, which could put people off seeking treatment at all. The KNH Hope Hostel will provide free temporary housing and integrated hospital services for the cancer patients and their caregivers, house an on-site resource centre with cancer information, offer a place to rest during the day, and serve more than 1,000 cancer patients annually. This is our project this year, we want to raise as much money as we can to make the Hope Hostel a reality as soon as possible. Cancer doesn't care where someone lives, help us fight it wherever we can!
Come and Relay with us! Fairelands Junction

The last image was taken in the Fairelands SIM Astrids Nemeton Here, for L$ 100 you are able to purchase a floating candle, edit to add a memorial message or name to the description field, and have it float with the others in the beautiful SIM for the duration of the Faire. A beautiful tribute, shared love and loss burning bright. All candles will be returned before the Fairelands return to the mists.

All items are 100% Relay For Life donation

Antlers: ::Static:: Andouiller - Vintage Key {Forest} L$ 395
Four different options included, Beaded, Bone, Feather and Vintage Key. HUD controlled colours 9 options for beads, 7 options for feathers, three options for keys and three options for bones.

Hair: !!Firelight!! FH2 - Busty Rigged Mesh Hair - Rainbow - Karya Gen2 L$ 300  
Includes a colourwheel hair tinter HUD and a Rainbow HUD giving options for 24 rich, full effect colour styles, and 24 wispy colour styles.

Skin: [NM] - Mortal - Fairy - Female - N1 -  L$ 300 
Excellent system skins , 6 options (3 different cleavage each with and without brow) 21 different appliers for mesh bodies and heads. Shown here with Maitreya body, and System head.

Necklace : [HarshLands] FF X Necklace - ULTRA RARE - Her High Faireness  L$ 49
This is a GACHA item, one of three Ultra Rares available. Super pretty, this one has a gentle glow.
Willows of Nienna

Dress: Partners in Crime - Clementine Dress {Coral} L$ 249 
Pretty, subtly shaded gown with options for Ebody, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique and Venus mesh bodies. 
Willows of Nienna

Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Sleek & Somber  L$ 290
As shown previously - but a better picture! Ten fantastic colour options - appliers for nails - HUD driven for both finger and toenails.

Wearable Candles: .~DN~. Candle Invocation  L$ 200 
Three options included, a typer, a no script always on version, and a scripted version. The three candles slowly rotate around you at different heights.

Wolves: *UI* 3 Wolves - L$ 199
Includes three howling growling wolves, Black, Grey and White. Scripted sounds, click on and off.
Falls of Hope

Lions: Blue's Honey Do List Shop - Unity Empire Lions Updated L$ 200
Includes Male and Female Lions. Admittedly, this was an impulse purchase - but look! Who could pass up these beautiful lions?