Friday, April 23, 2010

Dressing Aphrodite Earth Day Gift and more

Dressing Aphrodite gave away this pretty outfit as Earth Day Gift. The skirt and the flower belt are very well resizeable as they come with a resize script.
Dress: Dressing Aphrodite Earth Day Gift (0 Linden Subscriber gift)

I also had to make a picture of this nice top. It was today in the fabfree group notices.
Top: Willow~ Fab Free Gift (0 Linden in the Fab Free groupnotices)
Trousers: 22769 Honolulu Playboy Club (240 Linden during the make him over hunt)

Pink and short

OoEas! has a great dress on its midnight mania board. Its rather short and rather pink but i like it. The ears and the tail are an other great donation item from the fantasy faire. Dress: OoEas! : "Framboeasa" (Midnight mania else 199 Linden)
Ears and Tail: *Dreams* Vices Candy Pink Snow (Fantasy faire donation item 250 Linden)

Here an other piture of the ears. They are cute as they come with those cigarettes.

Pay less - get more

I have to admit i like jazz i have no clue about it but i like it. So i was quite pleased when reading that Ganymede Ceriaptrix is going to djane at the 24th of April between 3 and 5 Pm at the Rooftop Cafe at Grettony Mall. I listend once to that Djane and was quite surprised about the music she played. So i hope that i will manage tomorrow to visit the Cafe. I also heared that there will be Champagne and fondue served. I wonder how the fondue will look.

When recognizing where Ganymede will play i had a look at the sim and went to the gallery there. Sometime ago i found a great lamp in the great art hunt there. Now there is a new exhibition at the gallery. It shows "Dots". Dots on pictures and dots on sculptures and is definitly worth to have a look at. As there are also sculptues spreaded over the sim i kept exploring and saw that Saber Tooth Designs has released two neko avis. They are rather unexpensive. The whole avi costs only 350 Linden - and comes with skin, shape, hair and eyes. And it has some great specials. As i nearly never buy hair i was quite surprised when i recognized that the hair comes with a colourchange menu. But not only the hair comes with such a hud also the ears and paws come with it.
There are two versions of the avi. This is the dark version.
Here a picture of both avis. I played on the nondark one with the colour hud. I think i read on the sign that there are 69 colours possible.
Left: Saber Tooth Neko complete Avatar (350 Linden)
Right: Saber Tooth Neko complete Avatar Dark (350 Linden)

More donation items from spellbound

Spellbound does not only sell the great red dress i allready blogged at the fantasy fair to help Relay for Life.
This is a really nice dress with a unique pattern. I think its possible to use it for lots of different things.
So not only for fantasy roleplay it also fits to steampunk sims or like here for exploring a tropical area.
Dress: [SB] Heidi - Cream (RLF Donation Item 500 Linden)

Even better to the tropical weather fits this outfit from Spellbound.
Its also a donation item. So if you buy it you don t look only good you also help to cure cancer.
Dress: [SB] Summer - Purple (FF) (RLF Donation Item 450 Linden)
Pose: *NLimbo* Gaia (Celebrating Gaia Hunt 0 Linden)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lil Verse at the fantasy faire

When i saw the Lil Verse store i was very glad that i could blog the donation items of that store for tiny needs. Tabitha Diesel the owner of the store told me that all sales she makes on the faire are going to Relay for Life not only the sales of her donation items. Tabitha is a great builder. The furniture she makes is amazing. The chair comes with four different sits, the sofa with even more (its a multiseater). And on the sofa a lot of tinies could take place. The table rezzes - when touched - a teatray which disappears after a while to save prims. When touching the teatray the person who touched it gets a cup of tea for tinies.
The pixie dress is just cute and fits all normal tinys. I was surprised when i recognized that the wings flap while flying. The dress comes with shoes, hair and a headdress. As the hair didn t fit the elephant avi i ll show a picture of a wynx avi wearing it at the end of the blog.

The elephant pixie is hurrying through the grass.Where is she going ? What is she looking for?
She is searching a tiny tea party.
The fox, the otterpixie and the ferret fae are allready waiting.
But then the mischief bunny appears and they dance riverdance on the sofa.
So the elephant pixie hurries to the main stage of the fantasy fair and has a dance on an elephant instead.
Pixie dress: Lil Verse - Pixie Lilac (RLF donation item 250 Linden)
Furniture: Lil Verse-Velveteen Amethyst (RLF donation item 350 Linden)

Tomoto at the fantasy faire

When i read first, that tomoto is taking part at the fantasy faire i was quite surprised. I never thought of tomoto as a fantasy store. But then i saw that the tomoto stall is at the Wings Wands Wonders Sim and there it fits well as every fae looks good in a dress from tomoto.

So when i wore the donation items from tomoto i got into trouble. Butterflys came and
had a seat on me. They haven t been intrested in the golden apples i wore on a necklace they wanted my nose.
I threw away one of the skirts of the dress but the butterfly still stayed on my nose and tickled me.
So i put it on my finger and had a decent talk with it.
This is a picture of the texture of the top of the dress. I love this pattern The necklace is a groupgift from tomoto.
So here the dresses, the purple one 'ange fascinant' is only sold at the fair. The dresses come both with a feathery headdress and are resizeable.
Left: tomoto : ange fascinant (RLF donation item 400 Linden)
Right: tomoto : ange apaisant (RLF donation item 400 Linden)

Golden apples with feathers: tomoto: pomme d'or de l'ange (RLF donation item 100 Linden)
Golden apple with feather: tomoto: gift pomme de l'ange (groupgift from tomoto 0 Linden)

The golden apples with the feathers are also available in silver on the fantasy fair.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Virtues of sin at D-Design

There is so much to write about the fantasy fair at the moment but i wanted to mention these great outfits from D-Design. They are hunt items from the virtues of sin hunt. I love the skirt of the version for women very much, it comes with a resize script and i like the bow around the waist. Its also amazing how well the different shades of brown fit together. I use those outfits to show an other donation item from the fantasy fair. Neko ears and tails from Dreams. The collar is a gift from Dreams from the fantasy fair.
Dress: D-DESIGN Mrs Kindness For Her' VoS (0 Linden)
Ears: *Dreams* Purrfectly Plain Candy Pink Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE} (200 Linden)
Outfit: D-DESIGN Mr Kindness For Him' VoS (0 Linden)
Collar: *Dreams* Diamond Ribbon Buckle Collar (0 Linden)
Tail and ears:*Dreams* Tied With A Bow Candy Pink Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE} (250 Linden)

Fertility gods

My garden is really a place where a lot of beings hang around. Today i found a satyr there who was searching for a faun.
I told him that i had seen her some days ago standing around at Isle of Wyrms so he left to search there for her.

I always liked fauns and satyrs. So i m quite glad that i got the honor to blog those two great donation items from Satyr Studios. They both come with the legs, horns and ears. The fauna avi comes also with 4 shapes and a cute tail.

As i had no male avi i needed to get me a skin and a shape so i went to the make him over hunt and got me this skin and shape.
Satyr: Satyr Studios : SatyrLord (1000 Linden)
Skin: MHOH3 #83 - ILLNINIA SKIN STORE (0 Linden)
Shape: **Pocket Mirrors** Tony SHAPE NO Mod/NO Transf - MHOH 3 (0 Linden)
Hair: *Pocket Mirrors** Lorien Ponytail (MALE) Saffron MHOH 3 (0 Linden)

Here the front and the back of the fauna avi. I like the flowers on the ear and the tail. I used those pictures to show also the donation hair from Wasabi Pills.
Faun: Satyr Studios : Fauna (1000 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Earleen Hair C.O.C (200 Linden)

Here the look from the side.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ailith Hair C.O.C. (200 Linden)

To make the blog entry complete here the hair the faun wears on the first picture.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Rigel Hair (200 Linden)

Twisted Lemon made some great pictures of the Wasabi Pills donation hair for her blog as they are much better than the pictures i made i ll link them here:
Akin, Earleen, Ailith, and Rigel.

A faun as fae

When making pictures for showing more of the donation items from the fantasy fair. I started having silly ideas - i have mainy silly ideas but those have been more gigglish than normaly. And decided to have a try how a faun fae might look. So i combined the donation items from Simply Fae and Satyr Studios. And was surprised how nice it looks.
Faun: Satyr Studios : Fauna (1000 Lindens which go to relay for life)

As i m a dragon i don`t know much about fae clothing but i have to say i like the textures of the dress very much. They are in earth tones and i would say that the colours are calm colours. I also like the wings. They are playful but not too playful.

Fae dress: Simply Fae Fairy Piper RFL version (400 Linden)

## CI ## Animations or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rocket

## CI ## Animations make great animation overriders, i love the idea to combine aos with fitting objects. Like the magic carpet ao.
Carpet: ## CI ## Flying Carpet AO (350 Linden)
Outfit: Prim & Pixel Paradise: PR March 2010 Marrakesh Ensemble (Pick gift)

Or the victorian parasol ao which comes with great umbrellas in many colours.
Umbrella: ## CI ## Victorian Parasol AO (350 Linden)
Dress: SR Leatherwerkx : Marian-Belle Epoque Afternoon Ensemble(box) (600 Linden)

Or my favourite ao from the shop, the victorian cane ao.
Cane: ## CI ## Victorian Cane AO (350 Linden)
Outfit: Nachtmusik: Modern Tux Promo (10 Linden)

For the fantasy fair they built something new. A rocket rider ao for girls. The rocket is attatched at the arm and contains 25 animations with copy and mod rights.

The poses are all very pinup like. So this rocket is fun. I first thought that it might be possible to build an object of a similar size and use it with the ao but i was told that this would be tricky as the rocket is scripted.
Rocket: ## CI ## : Rocket Rider AO (350 Linden)
Underwear: (SELDOM BLUE) VERONIKA (1 Linden)

For men there is a surfer ao. This ao also contains 25 animations and comes with four different looking surfboards.
Surfboard: ## CI ## Surfboard AO (350 Linden)
Avi: Satyr Studios : SatyrLord (1000 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Rigel Hair (200 Linden)

Its also possible for women to use the surfboard. But i doubt that many men would like to use the rocket rider ao.
Swimmsuit: * *ICING* Angel Food Cake (250 Linden)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Become an unique tiny

This morning i went to my garden and had to recognize that the mole was very excited. It seems like a tentaclelish being was in the garden and asked for shells. As i know the mole it was glad about the talk and even more glad about the reason to talk for later.
Just when i wanted to go back to the house i met a small white being. It was searching for its friend. I gave him a cookie. And it left after a short talk with the mole. I suppose when i meet the mole the next time it has a lot to talk about.

This is a blog about avis. I'm very glad that i have the honor to blog the donation items from bughouse from the fantasy fair. Those Avatars are unique and well made. They come with an alternative arm. The avis are a bit cloddier than the one from wynx. But i had a test and for example the alpaca coat from Etharia Parrot fits the avis without any adjustment.

And i also tested if its possible to use the tinymatic hud with those avis and it works like with a tiny from wynx. But its not needed to have the tinymatic hud those avis also work without it as there is a tiny ao included in the avi.

The avis shown in this blog will only be sold at the fantasy fair. But there are also great avis shown in the bughouse stall which are sold all the time. I recommend the bat avatars. They look very cute.

So here a close picture of the tentacle avatar. It comes with a set of tentacles and an arm.
Avatar: Bughouse : *O'Noodle Ollipog Tiny Avatar PURPLE (300 Linden)

The albino avatar comes also with a set of arms and a hook. So you chould choose which arm you like to use.
Avatar: Bughouse: Olli Ollipog : Albino Tiny Avatar (300 Linden)

And for the time after the fantasy fair here is the teleport to the mainstore of Bughouse.

SpellBound at the Fantasy Fair

Wandering to the Fantasy Fair. The dress is the donation item from SpellBound. And its great. Beside the great combination of colours i like all the small details. For example the cuffs. I like the idea of having a possibility to hide the hands when its cold and the gloves are at home because the housedragon was chewing on them. Or the Corset lacing, its simple and that makes the dress more real in my opinion.
The dress comes with two top possiblities. Either with a long top as on the two first pictures or with just a corset/vest. So with buying it you do something good for you as you get a great dress and you also do something good for others because the sale of the dress goes to Relay for Life.
Dress: SpellBound : [SB] Clarissa Skirt - Black/Red (400 Linden)