Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life in Atlantis, part 1

Live out your dreams and raide money to confront a nightmare all at the Fantasy Faire with Relay For Life!

Theta Marseille, owner and designer of Mermaid Treasure & Boutique has brought out some amazing new and special editions for the Fantasy Faire. I'll happily admit I've taken too many pictures to fit these into one blog post, so for now, I'll focus on one of her donation items.
Jaimie lived, as so many of her kind did, in Atlantis, the city long ago sunk beneath the waves, not by accident or catastrophe as those who dwelt above were fond of saying. It had been a conscious choice, all those centuries ago, to separate themselves from the rest of the walking world. A dangerous choice, not all had survived the transition; but their society had. It had endured beneath the waves, and she played an important role in it. A vital role indeed, though one that let her spend long days in the warm shallows, where rays of sunlight through the water still dappled the sands, helping the lush plantlife she tended there blossom and grow.
She cared for these underwater gardens, making sure there was food and hiding places enough for all the aquatic creatures. Each noon, with the sun high overhead, giving light to her way even in the shadows of the kelp forests; she patrolled the thick wall of greenery which guarded the city from fishermen and other prying eyes.
As the sun began to set, the twilight rays pierced the water, showing her scales and fins at their most beautiful. Tones of shimmering purples and pinks filled her world, dazzling glimmers shone, reflecting from each fin as she swam. The tide was high, it would be a full moon tonight. Even as the sun drowned itself in the horizon, moonlight filled the darkening sky. Ripples high above scattered the light like a discoball for all of Atlantis as the time came for work to end, and for the dance to begin...

Mermaid Treasure & Boutique : FF Donation Item : Sparkly Jaimie Mermaid *NEW*
Special Price for FF 2013 Donation L$300

Main Fantasy Faire TP

Fantasy Faire 2013 - Dragons Never Give Up!

The attack came so quickly that Dracoylea and her people didn’t notice the invaders until it was too late. The humano-dracoids were peaceful beings who lived in harmony with Nature and one another. There were some brawls in Spring, when certain young males were way too eager to mate, and it was dangerous to approach a dedicated mother during the hatching season… but, apart from that, Dracoylea and her fellow villagers enjoyed a happy life.
Fight Back
The attackers came from outer space. Their spaceships were huge metal creations, they stank of overheated engine oil, their voices creaked like a sword on a grindstone... and they wore armours of heavy, battered metal. Dracoylea and her people were frightened, but the terror lasted for a few minutes only. The mothers promptly herded together the hatchlings and they run into the woods. The men and the unmarried women picked up their swords, maces and lancets. They were to defend their home. Dragons never give up, after all.
Dragons Never Give Up
The 2013 Fantasy Faire is up and running on eight breathtaking sims! Just that you get an impression of what it is like, I’m showing you a few splendid items that you can purchase there… and when you buy a FF donation item from any of the special vendors it also means that the sum you pay will finance cancer research IRL. Do you need more prodding, folks…?

When I received the blogger package from Kouse Singh I just stood there with my mouth open and I immediately knew I had to do justice to the splendid ethereal gowns so characteristic of Kouse’s Sanctum. I needed a unique skin for these lovelies, and when I started nagging Charlie Destiny, the owner of De La Soul, that he should give me something worthy, he not only listened to my pleas but promptly dumped a big box on me (ouch, my head still hurts…). :) Together with the marvellous Ceredil Candace skin I was also given a pair of pointy ears that I adore maybe even more that the skin itself. The eyes are from another generous and fantastic creator, Silverr Andel, Lord of the Thousand Peepers; I’ve been wearing his feline and dragon eyes in SL for ages and now I almost feel naked without them. The elaborate staff comes from a Magician’s secret shop… Talevin Whelan looks like an adult Harry Potter and indeed, his staves, wands and portals aren’t less magical than any Hogwarts stuff. I didn't know Filomena Quinnell before, so it was a surprise when I found a giftie bag from her in my inventory; she graciously offered poses, makeup and props to all FF bloggers... the pretty eyeshadow and the pose are her FF donation items.

Please forgive me if I don't give you exact prices and landmarks right now. The first hours of the Faire are a bit hiccupy, so please consult the official blog for any information.
Gown: "Ophelia" in Lavendar by Kouse's Sanctum - FF2013 donation item
Skin: "Candace Ceredil" in Dark Gold by De La Soul - FF2013 donation item
Eyes: "Dragon Eyes" Regal Gaze by Sterling Artistry - FF2013 donation item
Makeup: "Eyelashes 5" in Elegant Gradation by !Musa! - FF2013 donation item
Staff: "Staff of Arcane Rites" by Talevin's Designs - FF2013 donation item
Pose: "Fantasy Pose No. 33" by !Musa! - FF2013 donation item
Necklace: "Apala" by Finesmith - a former hunt gift not available any more
Hair: Tokyo Girl - not available any more

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 Is Around The Corner!

FF2013 Poster [Fairies]

... just reminding you, good people, whether you be imaginable or unimaginable critters, fluttering, swimming, walking or galloping in whichever life, First, Second or Umpteenth... the Faire is coming!
... actually, it's just around the corner. Be ready, miracles can happen, you only need a wee pinch of pure faith. You have that somewhere in a half-forgotten drawer, in an old chocolate box, or in your hearts, don't you...? Just look for it and you'll find it, I'm sure.
... Oh my, now let me don my butterfly wings, dragon eyes and magic wand as I've just been summoned to Fantasy Land, and promptly. Meet you there, all of you! Just do as I do, close your eyes, and... see?
    *smiles and waves*

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do not disturb...

      Leave passion to rest in the peace it may find.
Do not disturb...         

Pose : Del May - Do Not Disturb - Group Gift

Skin : :[P]:- Astrali Skin[LolasBlend]:// Calypso  L$ 799
Hair : .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ ERIN ~ Black IV  (five tones pack) L$ 300
Hairbase : MADesigns-Hairbase-braIniac
Eyes :  REPULSE - Nocturnal Eyes (Green)  L$ 99
Breasts : Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)  L$ 1750
Breast chain :  .:ellabella:. Chained-Diffuse Black (Pack also includes silver and gold) L$ 249
Further pictures - perhaps not suited to this blog - available on my Flickr
Skirt :   *Tentacio* Kay Skirt black L$ 70
Nails :  Rozoregalia : *Gemma*Ring&Nail/3*(F):Ring&Nail  L$ 400
Boots :  TEN"10 Megas boots  L$ 350

Altar : Stone Misery - Elven Altar  L$ 325

Skin : [rQ] - Dark@TYPE.oS-hairBASE-Soul Patch.S.o4(Make-up)
Hair : .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ LOGAN ~ Silver Tones VIII 
Jeans : +REDRUM+ - Grandpa's Jeans Grey
Boots :  ::GB::  work boots

My Apologies - I don't have all the costings for the males items to hand - some are old - some current. SLurls provided for anyone interested in tracking something down.