Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick!!! Quick!!!

No story this time from me, I apologise. Not too much, as the reason there's no story is because I don't want you to miss out on some great stuff, at great prices, with that element of Gatcha fun!

gatcha4 Depraved Nation is holding it's Summer Gacha Fair from June 1 - 15!  Participating designers will place their items in Gacha machines lining the sidewalks around the Sim center.

Gacha items are generally no copy/transfer so people playing the Gacha machines can swap items with each other when they purchase duplicates.  Fun times! gatcha 3

Items shown and listed here are all from these Gatchas, all of which are set to different prices as desired by the store owner.
 =RazorbladeJacket= Ribbed 3 Star Loose Tank / Purple MESH 35L
[SaKrO] Cats Body Paint #2  40L
=Razorblade Jacket=[Knee Socks] Punky Skull 13L
::Fe Style:: Bedtime Blue Glasses  20L
: S u g a r : Clutch This - Alice [Small] MESH 49L (Rare.. wooot!)
[bubble] Pink Velvet Flats 15L
[SP] Kitty Claw Tights (Lime) 25L
[ bubble ] Lace Thong - Green10L
Go! Go! Go!

Monday, June 11, 2012

[vanimle sila tiri]

[vanimle sila tiri]

"Your beauty shines bright...",the dark-maned elf had whispered into Amaryth's pointy ear, and the tall-grown creature had no doubt that its mate's words were true, those softly uttered syllables in a tongue of ethereal beauty, like the sing-song of a butterfly's wings when it flew towards a golden summer sun. Praising his flesh, flawless and light like polished ivory, the keen curve of his blonde brows that reminded of the most precise elven bow, and his hair... straight, long tresses of silk spun under a pregnant moon's silvery light. His pink lips curled into a soft and affectionate smile as he placed one, slender hand on the other's chest, right above the heart, and the other over the subtly shimmering sun pendant that was dangling from his neck, held by a thin necklace of sumptuous gold - the gift he'd just received. Its reflections painted sparks of gold onto his immaculate skin and into the deep pools of his stunning, blue eyes when Amaryth leaned in and rubbed his cheek tenderly to the dark-haired's, his voice not more than an faint breath against a sensitive ear shell. "Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin, melamin... I shall treasure your gift in my heart, my love."

The CHIC² Birthday Event is still running, and this time I'm introducing a piece of really breathtaking jewellery to you - the Lost Eden Sun Pendant from Maxi Gossamer Accessories. I'd often seen her stunning work at the Marketplace, but never dared to purchase it since I wasn't sure if it would fit a male neck as well, but this exquisite piece convinced me to have a try, and I wasn't disappointed. It's scripted to change size and - in this case - to swap between gold and silver textures, both of which are very detailed and a true feast for the eyes. It also comes in three different variants, a short one that you can see in the picture, a long one, reaching down to the middle of your torso, and a likewise long one that carries a slightly different pendant called Mini Orbit. No matter if you're in need to add a mystic touch to your roleplay adornments or want an eye catcher for your everyday-wardrobe, this versatile necklace has it all!

Hair: Maitreya - Evi II (platinum)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Ryan skin (blonde)
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Classic - Glacier Bay
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* - Sprite Ears

Jewellery: MG - Necklace - Lost Eden Sun Pendant (at the CHIC² Birthday Event)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

For the night

Her skin was bright in the streetlight. Later in the club not only men would turn their head to her. But this wasn't the kind of attention she cared for. After 300 years it was rare that she was feeling anything else but boredom. The only reason for still visiting clubs was that there was nobody else who could do her task. Sometimes she tried to train people but they were all too weak. It was not easy to be a demonhunter and all of her apprentices failed when they were asked to kill a demon for the first time. Maybe they knew that they would become a half demon through it. There seemed to be something in humans which protected them.
ready for the night
The items being sold at the 2nd birthday of Chic are lovely. For example  the jacket and the dress come from CIA Designs. The Bolero jacket is even a gift. The prims of the sleeves are adjustable.  The dress comes on the shirt and the trousers layer. The skirt is mod and there is an alpha layer included which helps to make sure that the legs do not stick through the upper part of the skirt.
The hair is one of the latest releases from Wasabi Pills. It is made of non rigged mesh. This means it is possible to move it and to adjust it like prim hair. The cut is lovely and goes great for an elegant or a business look.
22769 are mainly known for their great clothes. But they also sell some nice accessories. For example this clutch bag. It is also made of nonrigged mesh and available in many colours so that there is enough variety which allows to find the fitting one to every outfit.
The wonderful jewellery is available at frippery. The set contains a necklace, a wristlet and earrings. All in the flower design. They are made of a huge amout of prims which creates many details.
The shoes can either be worn in a version with meshfeet or in a version in which only the toes are made of mesh. The design is cute and still elegant. They come with a hud which allows to tint the skin as well as the toenails. 

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/  Claire Mesh Hair (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack sold at FaMeshed )
Jacket: [CIA Designs] Black bolero jacket (GIFT at CHIC 2)
Dress: [CIA Designs] Dotted Party Dress (150 L$ at CHIC 2)
Skin: {.essences.} Rowena - new ~ pale (800 L$ sold at Chic2)
Clutch: 22769 ~ [femme] clutch bag zebra [mesh] (80 L$)
Jewellry:  Frippery~Happiness Shared in Blueberry & Sky (450 L$)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui - (Rigged mesh) Boudoir  mules red (350 L$)