Saturday, July 30, 2011

In Which Sian Waits for Her Lover's Return

Frills and Thrills 2
I've loved you for as long as I've known you.

Frills and Thrills 9
I think of your smile, your eyes, and it makes me want to dance.

Frills and Thrills 6
I know you're far away now, but I know you're thinking of me.

Frills and Thrills 8
I pirouette and twirl, and use the horizon that one day soon shall bring you back as my focus.

Frills and Thrills 4
The thought of your touch, your kiss, makes me shudder with joy, makes my eyelids flicker.

Frills and Thrills 7
I think of you every moment of every day. I love you. Come back, my darling.

Frills and Thrills 3
(Sian is aware that this is a teeny bit dramatic. Columbine's only on holiday a couple weeks.)

Sian Wears:
Shoes: [Miamai] Deco Rumba Black
Trousers: [Leezu!] Britpants Black
Skin: [PXL] Gaia Dark
Piercings and fingernails: Model's own
Head Tattoo: [Miss Shippe's Studio] Potatoes Grow Out of Your Ears, Love (not yet available)

(first, third, fifth and seventh pictures)
Blouse: [Leezu!] Van Elisabeta Jacket
Necklace: [Leezu!] LaPerla freebie
Eye makeup: [A:S:S] Drama Shadow aqua and [Nuuna's Skins] Tattoo makeups freebie
Lipstick: [PXL] Gaia dark/Darklips

(second, fourth and sixth pictures)
Blouse: [Leezu!] Izabelle Blouse

Black Veins

Ellina was stunned by the butterflies around her. The battle had been massive and it was clear that her army would not win at the end. The spell the wizzard in the purple robe had casted had been too massive. She had seen her knights fall off their horses. And she had been hit by the spell too. She was able to feel the movements of it under her skin. It was crawling through her veins. Her blood slowly turned black and she knew it. Luckily her magician also knew what was happening to her and had opened a portal to push her to a place where she could heal and would be not in danger at the same time. Ellina had no clue what would happen to her army and her lands while she was not around.
Bright Helmet
But the butterflies were so nice. And the lands looked so peaceful. She started to explore the island. The grass was so thick that her armored feet did not sink into the ground. Soon she started to love the place. It was just pretty. She drank water from waterfalls, spend time laying in the sun and swam. The black lines in her face started to disappear. After a while she started to wonder. Did her magician survive the battle? How would she get back?
Dancing warrior
The new Helmets from Wasabi Pills are just gorgeous. They come in a set which contains a dark and a light version of them. Both of those versions are contained in a version wich hair and one without hair - so that you could either wear them with your hair or on a bald head or with hair which looks perfect with them. The included hair has a colourscript so its possible just to pick the colour you like best or fits best to your outfit. Of course the helmets have a resizescript as well. The armor comes also from Wasabi Pills. Its the female version of the Khalon Armor. It could be worn either with the full body covered or in a way which leaves the stomach uncovered. The primparts all have a resize script too. The creator of the helmets and the armor sculpted all the prims herself. I love how fantastic they look. The face-tattoo is from Hysteria and a great roleplay item.
Helmet and plans

Helmets: /Wasabi Pills/ Kronos Helmet (350 L$)
Armor: /Wasabi Pills/ Khalon Armour female (800 L$)
Tattoo-Makeup: ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Running through my veins (75 L$)

Friday, July 29, 2011

More than Virtual Insanity

Virtual/Insanity always had very nicely build stores. Some weeks ago their sim got rebuilt and their store is lovely but they added a little mall which is of course also lovely. The whole sim looks very peaceful and is a good place to take pictures too.
at bada bing 3LinkThe stores on the sim all create unique items. There is of course Virtual/Insanity with their mix of items which either cute or alternative or both. They have alot jewlery, great primnails, bags and much more. It is possible to create nearly a whole avatar at the bada bing sim. Sweet'n'Tart sell skins and clothing. For example this skin. It is called under the sea and fits to mermaids as well as to people who simply enjoy a massive makeup. The skin comes with a tattoo for the body which has similar patterns as the make-up in the face and of course the same colours. The piercing in the face comes from Virtual/Insanity and the ears from Shitz n Gigglessss. The gems on the ears are tintable and the ears themself are tintable as well of course.
at bada bing 2
The black top is available at Loulou & Co. It is also sold in other colours. Of course it comes on all layers. The bag is also from Virtual/Insanity.
at bada bing 1
This picture has been taken on the roof of Virtual/Insanity. The jacket, which comes with a resizescript is an other item from Shitz n Gigglessss. The facetattoo comes from Hysteria. This one looks like there would be black colour in the veins. The set also includes a red version of it. Hysteria is a great store for scars and similar items. Its perfect for roleplayers who got hurt in a battle because there they will find what they need to let their avatar look wounded.
at Bada bing 4

Pics 1-3:
Top: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Top :: URBAN :: (125 L$)
Ears: ~S.N.G~ Punk Lop Ears (150 L$)
Skin: !*[]Sweet'n'Tart[]*! Under the Sea : Moon (249 L$)
Piercing: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] LISTERIA Piercings Set #2 (100 L$)
Pic 4:LinkJacket: ~S.N.G~ Flowered Jacket Black (150 L$)
Tattoo-Makeup: ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Running through my veins (75 L$)

Not from the Virtual/Insanity sim:
Pics 1-3:
Trousers: +++BB+++ Elvira Tights (150 L$)
Hair: Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair (250 L$ one colour pack)
Pic 4:
Trousers: 22769 Denims [Ulitmate Jeans] (70L$)

All pictures have been taken at Bada Bing. The Virtual/Insanity Sim.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yes Aviation and how ironic that I chose to stand by a train to pose you may well think? if I told you that aviation made it's greatest early progress in the 1920"s yes yes i'm in Berlin 1920's here....where is this going? I don't know let's get back to the fashion!

So the outfit  is named aviation - Oh wow and do I love it! it's a cleverly thought out design i'd say It has all that 1920's feel to it I could really see Harriet Quimby wearing this one!  and also my fellow blogger Sian, I think this is right up her street! there are 4 colours to choose from including a really nice citrusy one.  The boots fit perfectly too and match the belts and trim (from one of my favourite stores Les Petits details) they look like they were designed to go together don't they?

Oh gotta run i'm getting distracted by shiny things and FLF!

Skin: 0L - luckyboard item > The obscene
Shape: 595L Emina shape > CS shapes
Outfit: 350L - aviator - grey > Vero Modero
Boots: 200L -  City boots - red > Les petits details
Pose: 49L individual pose 149L for 5 pack - model poses > Magnifique

In Which Sian is Jinxed (Paradoxically)

Sian loves the new latex sets from Graves, particularly because it can mix and match in all sorts of satisfying and sexy ways. The recent sets maintain Graves' high standards once more...

paradoxically jinxed 3
Graves Jinx 3
Graves Jinx 1
Graves Paradox 1
Graves Paradox 2
paradoxically jinxed 1
paradoxically jinxed 2
Sian Wears:
(top, bottom, second from bottom)
[Graves] Pieces from G324 Paradox Black 2, G239 Paradox White 3, G331 Jinx, G210 Defence White
[Rublik] Galactic Stomp Adders Shoes

(second, third)
[Graves] G331 Jinx
[Abyss] Stompers Black

(fourth, fifth)
[Graves] G329 Paradox White 3, shoulders from G210 Defence White
[Abyss] Stompers Silver

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Favorites from the hunts


I wanted to share some of my very favorite items from all those splendid hunts going on at the moment.  Hunts are such great fun and what I love most about taking part is the discovery along the way. Sometimes I visit sims that I never knew existed & get to find great stores from little known designers as well as re-discovering the greats that I had forgotten about. I've also picked up a few friends along the way too, so a great thanks to all the effort from designers and the people that organize the hunts you're all contributing to  bringing a nice little community together!

Hair: 225L - babelicious brunettes > Sugarsmack
Skin: 0L - group gift >  Al Vulo
Cardigan: 0L - Poupee hunt item > LaViere
Vest: 0L - intrinsic vest - Melon > Jane
Skirt: 0L - Seasons hunt item > Tokidoki
Socks: 0L - Poupee hunt item > Loveme
shoes: 0L - Seasons hunt item > Epoque
Bracelet: 0L - group gift - chum bracelet > Miel
Tent: 0L - Princess house - poupee hunt item > Mudhoney

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Which Sian Demonstrates How to Improve on Latex

Sian occasionally like a bit of the shiny, but often finds that shiny clothes in SL are either so subtle that you can't see they're shiny, or frankly not subtle at all, so you get these latex suits with huge white splotches on them.

But try this: take a fairly standard solid "splotchy" catsuit, and stick a more subtle transparent one of the same colour on top... Sian really likes what you get. You might too.


Sian wears:
Catsuits: [Elixir] Latex Bodysuit 2 in black, white and violet over [Hybridz - CAUTION, it's an adult store and REALLY not for the weak of stomach of refined of taste] Basic Catsuits, also in black, white and violet
Boots: [Abyss] Stompers in ice and black (the purple ones are actually recoloured Ice)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Two suns

They danced again. It was that day when the leaves and the flowers were covered with a golden glow. The one day in the year they were close.
The faces of the golden ones
Iaor and Iasha the twin suns. Nobody ever had expected that there would be twin suns again. There had been twin suns before but all of them created chaos. They tried to be more beautiful than the other one and started try to shine brighter than their sibling. Because of their silly competitions they devasted planets and uncountable beings were killed. But all of those twins had the same gender. So Iaor and Iasha were different. They managed to work together. And once a year they met to dance a whole day together. The twinsuns needed this day to make desicions together. While the beings on their planets stared up to the now visible stars.
Dancing golden onesLink
The temple of Fallen Gods Inc. has been rebuild and reopened. To celebrate this the fortune teller returned so that it is possible to find your soulmate at Fallen Gods Inc. again. When finding that person you also win the wonderful Aureum skin. The skin is golden and well shaded. The pack contains a male and a female version of it and even fitting clothing. Storm and I picked both white hair to combine it with the skins. He choosed Lust which is currently in the sale at Magika and I used the from Wasabi Pills. The silks he is wearing are the special edition silks for July from Al Jamal. They come with a resize script and are very detailed. The rainbowsilks are available on the Deviance lucky chair.
Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ - AUREUM (Fortune Teller prize 0 L$)
Hair: Magika - Lust (currently on sale in the discount section 49 L$ for one colour pack 99 L$ for fatpack)
Eyes: [Plastik] - Bloodless - Gold (previous gift)

Outfit: Al Jamal - Tsiatsan silks (special edition silks for July 180 L$)

Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ - AUREUM (Fortune Teller prize 0 L$)
Crown: Aureum female oufit crown +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (Fortune Teller prize 0 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Outfit: Deviance - Elementalist - Rainbow (0 L$ Lucky chair)

Pose: !bang - too close (250 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Ode by Storm.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitsune Ghost

Her feet made now sound while she sneaked over the cold black floor. It was her time. The hour of the kitsune ghost. She was not sure what she would do in this night. Normaly she sat down in front of the statue. Her calves on the ground while her empty face stared up to the empty face of the statue. In other nights she walked throught the building. A shadow for all who were not able to see beings like her. But in this night the hall was filled by a new scent. She raised her nose to follow it. If she would have had a face she would have smiled. There was a fox in the building. And he was alive. She started to run. Maybe they could stare up to the statue together.
The Kitsune ghost
The faceless fox outfit from Soleil is lovely. It comes with many feathery prim attachments which are mod. The head is sculpted and it is also possible to mod it. I made it a bit smaller for my avatar but left the other prim parts as they were. The set contains also a system shirt on the jacketlayer so that the bits are covered.

[S]oleil - Faceless Fox (150 L$)
Pose: Glitterati

The picture has been taken in Insilico.

Black Coats

She was a smoker since her last boyfriend had left her. This was about twelve years ago and sometimes when laying alone in her bed she was wondering how it could have been if they would have stayed together.
Sometimes you are only dressed well with a cigaretteholder
In those nights she normaly she had horrible nightmares. But when she woke and smoked the first cigarette she always felt better. Of course she could have stayed with him. He was the most stubborn man she had met in centuries. Maybe this was the reason why she fell for him. Of course his blood was also tasty. But he got so angry when she drank the blood of others. After he had been five years with her she offerd him to make him to one of her kin. But he did not want that. They started to argue everyday. He wanted to adopt children, she did not want to get attached to beings which would be most likely even more tasty than him. She was not glad when seeing him ageing. In her opinion it was just silly of him secretly she supposed that he only did not want to become one of her kin to anger her. But then he left. She never really understood why he did not stay with her. She had been willing to stay with him until he would die but he did not want her to do so. Sometimes she supposed that he left because of his job. She never understood why a priest had spend so much time with her.
coated by a:s:s
When seeing the Radu Coats from A:S:S the first time I fell immediately for them. But as they were created for men I was insecure how they would look at my avatar. At the end I was not able to resist and bought the onyx version of the coat. And it fits. Of course it was needed to rotate some of the primparts a bit and to resize them. But this took maybe around 10 minutes. I love the shading of the coat and the patterns on the primpart are very beautiful. The systemparts come on all layers so its possible to wear clothes under the coat. I decided to combine it with the ducttapes from League. The cigarette holder belongs to a set from Icing.

Coat: A:S:S - Radu coat - Onyx (95 L$)
Tapes: *League* Duct Tape Set -Black (225$)
Cigarette Holder: Icing: Little Bit of Midnight - Cigarette Holder (the cigarette holder comes with a dress which costs 195 L$)
Tattoo:::::HORI-MUTO ::::KURIKARA-MONMON (850 Linden)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather (875 L$)

Poses: { Just A Pose }