Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Which Sian Demonstrates How to Improve on Latex

Sian occasionally like a bit of the shiny, but often finds that shiny clothes in SL are either so subtle that you can't see they're shiny, or frankly not subtle at all, so you get these latex suits with huge white splotches on them.

But try this: take a fairly standard solid "splotchy" catsuit, and stick a more subtle transparent one of the same colour on top... Sian really likes what you get. You might too.


Sian wears:
Catsuits: [Elixir] Latex Bodysuit 2 in black, white and violet over [Hybridz - CAUTION, it's an adult store and REALLY not for the weak of stomach of refined of taste] Basic Catsuits, also in black, white and violet
Boots: [Abyss] Stompers in ice and black (the purple ones are actually recoloured Ice)

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