Monday, July 25, 2011

Two suns

They danced again. It was that day when the leaves and the flowers were covered with a golden glow. The one day in the year they were close.
The faces of the golden ones
Iaor and Iasha the twin suns. Nobody ever had expected that there would be twin suns again. There had been twin suns before but all of them created chaos. They tried to be more beautiful than the other one and started try to shine brighter than their sibling. Because of their silly competitions they devasted planets and uncountable beings were killed. But all of those twins had the same gender. So Iaor and Iasha were different. They managed to work together. And once a year they met to dance a whole day together. The twinsuns needed this day to make desicions together. While the beings on their planets stared up to the now visible stars.
Dancing golden onesLink
The temple of Fallen Gods Inc. has been rebuild and reopened. To celebrate this the fortune teller returned so that it is possible to find your soulmate at Fallen Gods Inc. again. When finding that person you also win the wonderful Aureum skin. The skin is golden and well shaded. The pack contains a male and a female version of it and even fitting clothing. Storm and I picked both white hair to combine it with the skins. He choosed Lust which is currently in the sale at Magika and I used the from Wasabi Pills. The silks he is wearing are the special edition silks for July from Al Jamal. They come with a resize script and are very detailed. The rainbowsilks are available on the Deviance lucky chair.
Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ - AUREUM (Fortune Teller prize 0 L$)
Hair: Magika - Lust (currently on sale in the discount section 49 L$ for one colour pack 99 L$ for fatpack)
Eyes: [Plastik] - Bloodless - Gold (previous gift)

Outfit: Al Jamal - Tsiatsan silks (special edition silks for July 180 L$)

Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ - AUREUM (Fortune Teller prize 0 L$)
Crown: Aureum female oufit crown +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (Fortune Teller prize 0 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Outfit: Deviance - Elementalist - Rainbow (0 L$ Lucky chair)

Pose: !bang - too close (250 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Ode by Storm.