Friday, July 29, 2011

More than Virtual Insanity

Virtual/Insanity always had very nicely build stores. Some weeks ago their sim got rebuilt and their store is lovely but they added a little mall which is of course also lovely. The whole sim looks very peaceful and is a good place to take pictures too.
at bada bing 3LinkThe stores on the sim all create unique items. There is of course Virtual/Insanity with their mix of items which either cute or alternative or both. They have alot jewlery, great primnails, bags and much more. It is possible to create nearly a whole avatar at the bada bing sim. Sweet'n'Tart sell skins and clothing. For example this skin. It is called under the sea and fits to mermaids as well as to people who simply enjoy a massive makeup. The skin comes with a tattoo for the body which has similar patterns as the make-up in the face and of course the same colours. The piercing in the face comes from Virtual/Insanity and the ears from Shitz n Gigglessss. The gems on the ears are tintable and the ears themself are tintable as well of course.
at bada bing 2
The black top is available at Loulou & Co. It is also sold in other colours. Of course it comes on all layers. The bag is also from Virtual/Insanity.
at bada bing 1
This picture has been taken on the roof of Virtual/Insanity. The jacket, which comes with a resizescript is an other item from Shitz n Gigglessss. The facetattoo comes from Hysteria. This one looks like there would be black colour in the veins. The set also includes a red version of it. Hysteria is a great store for scars and similar items. Its perfect for roleplayers who got hurt in a battle because there they will find what they need to let their avatar look wounded.
at Bada bing 4

Pics 1-3:
Top: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Top :: URBAN :: (125 L$)
Ears: ~S.N.G~ Punk Lop Ears (150 L$)
Skin: !*[]Sweet'n'Tart[]*! Under the Sea : Moon (249 L$)
Piercing: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] LISTERIA Piercings Set #2 (100 L$)
Pic 4:LinkJacket: ~S.N.G~ Flowered Jacket Black (150 L$)
Tattoo-Makeup: ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Running through my veins (75 L$)

Not from the Virtual/Insanity sim:
Pics 1-3:
Trousers: +++BB+++ Elvira Tights (150 L$)
Hair: Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair (250 L$ one colour pack)
Pic 4:
Trousers: 22769 Denims [Ulitmate Jeans] (70L$)

All pictures have been taken at Bada Bing. The Virtual/Insanity Sim.

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  1. awesome ty for the info about my store you did a great job on the sim.. im sure lovie will love it