Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitsune Ghost

Her feet made now sound while she sneaked over the cold black floor. It was her time. The hour of the kitsune ghost. She was not sure what she would do in this night. Normaly she sat down in front of the statue. Her calves on the ground while her empty face stared up to the empty face of the statue. In other nights she walked throught the building. A shadow for all who were not able to see beings like her. But in this night the hall was filled by a new scent. She raised her nose to follow it. If she would have had a face she would have smiled. There was a fox in the building. And he was alive. She started to run. Maybe they could stare up to the statue together.
The Kitsune ghost
The faceless fox outfit from Soleil is lovely. It comes with many feathery prim attachments which are mod. The head is sculpted and it is also possible to mod it. I made it a bit smaller for my avatar but left the other prim parts as they were. The set contains also a system shirt on the jacketlayer so that the bits are covered.

[S]oleil - Faceless Fox (150 L$)
Pose: Glitterati

The picture has been taken in Insilico.

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