Friday, February 25, 2011

Take a walk in my boots

I just can't get enough of these boots from Deco, and imagine how excited I was when these white ones appeared on my screen as a fifty linden friday item?! yes I really did squeal! and immediately shot down there to pick my pair up!. Whilst I was there I picked up a TVDH item, which reminded me of other hunt items I had not got around to wearing, so here are a couple of my favourites.

Hair: Free MMR122 hair - black > Boon
Hair bow: Free TVDH item > Mons
Necklace: L$25 gacha item > !1mm
Top: Free TVDH item > Hollipocket
Trousers: L$150 Baggy pants - black > JEM
Boots: 50l friday item > Deco

Gems in the hair

She waits for the show to start. Of course she was freezing. She always was freezing. Sometimes she supposed that the owner of the club, where she danced, took care that it would be cold in the backroom. So that the dancers would be more eager on dancing in the club where it was much warmer. But she was not sure about this.
free corset and free shoulderplaid
Not willing to get a cold she had made herself a cape for the shoulders. It kept her warm. After she had finished the cape she used the rest of the cloth to make herself two armwarmers. She was good in her job. The controll she had over her body was amazing. And she loved to dance on the pole. It was not the job with the best reputation but she never cared about what others thought of her.
free corset
Dancing made her smile. And it payed her bills. It even payed her bills very well. So she was able to buy all the things she loved. Only sometimes she was a bit disappointed that she had left the ballet school and followed the path of money.
free hair with gems

Fauna told me that i would love this corset and indeed i do so. I like the soft blue which looks great together with the black. The patterns on the corset are very graphical. It also comes with a big bow for the backside and fitting gloves. It is the hunt item from FIN *Relive the fifties* in the PUA-hunt.
The cape is a lucky board item. This is kind of a post i could make because of my fellow bloggers as Ania teleported me to the lucky board when it was on D. I like the colour and the comfy look a lot.
The hair comes from an other lucky board. It has those gems in it, they look very realistic. The haircut is cute with the long streaks at the front.

Hair: W&Y MODEL HAIR 14 GIFT (0$ Lucky board)
Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Japanesque skin01_LB (0$ lucky board)
Plaid: *evergreen*Fur cape&Arm-warmer set[lucky board]
Corset: FIN HUNT GIFT *Burlesque Dancer Corset LIGHT (0$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry DragonEyes_IndigoFrost (50 Linden)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A fine romance [5]

Her work for Auguste was complete, he seemed entirely thrilled with it and took to displaying immediately. He had paid her enough to keep her in Paris for a few more months, but Paris was very expensive and she knew that this money would keep her much longer elsewhere, so now she had the dilemma of whether to stay or move on.

Although she had an overwhelming feeling that she had unfinished business with Paris, still she had to be practical, for it was her art from which she made a living, and there was never any guarantee when the next opportunity would come along. Someone who knew this only too well was Pascal, a struggling artist who worked as a waiter for Auguste. Pascal had an arrangement with Auguste whereby he lived in a room above Cafe Guerbois rent free, and in return Pascal would make artworks for Auguste's collection.

In her time painting at Cafe Guerbois, she and Pascal had got along enormously, for they shared so many common interests. She adored Pascals' sense of humour, adventure and creativity and also how ruggedly handsome he looked in his slackerwear. Although they were both artists their talents could not be more different, whilst she  loved to work with oils, pastels & watercolours, his real passion was silversmithing, a talent which was more a secret than anything, as he never seemed to have time for, what with working at the Cafe and earning his keep in paintings for Auguste.

Pascal had been her first thought when she had received the mysterious bracelet, although that idea evaporated immediately, when she received another gift whilst sat at the cafe chatting with Pascal one afternoon. He looked as surprised as she did , when she opened it to reveal a necklace and earrings that matched the bracelet perfectly, again no note or message.

My outfit                                               

Top: Free group luckyboard item > Y&R
Skirt: Free group luckyboard item > !1MM
Socks: Free group gift > Salire
Shoes: Free group luckboard > Ah Flou

                                                                              Pascal's outfit

Outfit: L$240 Country outfit includes Jeans, Jacket, sweater, tank, cowboy hat ( hat & tank not shown)          >  22769

Black and white patterns

Sometimes its nice to wear a hat. Normaly hair with hat does not suit my avatar at all. But this one which belongs to an outfit from KWZ is great. The set comes with the hair in blond and in black. I prefer it in black as i normaly always use black hair. For the combination i used this very colourful and special skin from the Dimbula Rose Lucky board. It makes the look even more special in my opinion. And as the outfit is just black and white it could use some colour and also bear the colour. A combination of a red dress and this skin would not work for example.
bonnet hair
The outfit itself is completly black and white. It was sold on the clothing fair last year and is now available in the new KWZ store on the blue bird sim. It is an oriental version of the Juliana dresses. I blogged the other versions ages ago.
black and white dress top
In my opinion its always tricky to find fitting shoes to outfits like this. The outfit itself is so frilly and stunning that it should be combined with shoes which are more classical. The Pursay Boots in black and grey from Perse fit quite well into this. They are classical and modern as the rest of the outfit. And the outfit is classical in some parts. The collar is just like the collar of a shirt somebody could wear at work. The hat seems to be a modern version of a hat a shepherdess might have worn. And i would also not call the used patterns modern. But because of the used combinations its a more modern outfit.
Dress with big skirt
This set contains, different than the other Juliana Dresses, also a long skirt. It it has similar patterns at the top on the bottom. But the mix of playfull flowers and strict geometrical patterns has also been used in it. The rat on the upper arm does not belong to the dress. It is from the a friend like ben poses from No Strings attached (i only used poses from this store for this blog entry). I really like this dress a lot. KWZ has also some freebies in the store which are great as well so its worth to spend some time on visiting the store.
black and white dress long skirt

Dress: KWZ Orient Juliana (450 $)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Black/Grey (149 $)
Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Japanesque skin01_LB (0$ lucky board)
Poses: No Strings Attached

Franckly Fashion

I was just taking pictures when a friend of mine, Franck, came around, with his lovely partner Jill, to show me his latest outfit. In my opinion the combination is quite stunning. The combination of elegant materials with heavy boots and leather pants fits quite well. The long scarf makes the look more arty without letting it look female - the boots and the trousers prevent that. The coat with the scarf and the sweater is sold as combination. There are more versions than the one Franck picked available.
Franck wears:
Skin : LaVie , Mark Soul Patch (2000 $)
Hair : [NSD] , Cullen Hair/Black (225$)
Eyes : ::UH::GemStone eye G04 (110$)
Glasses : .:*December*:. old group gift (0$)
Top : ::Mr.Poet::,CapeCoat Turtleneck and KnitScarf set_Glen (300$)
Pants : theabyss, M_Chaos_Leather_Pants[Black] (300)
Boots : *COCO*, _EngineerBoots_Black (400 $)

Leaping into spring?

 Spring is my favourite season of the year without any doubt. The sun starts to appear after a long winter snooze HURRAH shouts I , because I swear that I am solar powered, but also I get excited about the clothes that designers will put in store to reflect spring. I found a few at the moment that I feel encapsulates that mood and today I wear this marvelous skirt & t.shirt which is a TVDH ( hunt )  item from Y&R a current favourite store of mine so watch out for more!

Hair: Free group gift > Liriope
Scarf: L$25 > The fashion Garret
Outfit: Free TVDH ( hunt item) >Y&R
Leg warmers: Free group gift > Jane
Shoes: Free group gift > Tram
Bag: Free group gift ( please note that whilst the store has closed  Esora still gives free group gifts) > Esora

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No outfit for the farm

She hated to take care of the hay, her family was desperate about that. They had planed that she would take care of the farm one day but she only wanted pretty and unique dresses. Later she became a very famous designer and was able to pay some people to take care of the farm. Everytime she visited the place where she grew up she walked around perfectly dressed and of course in high heels.

This dress is a new release form Ibizarre. The designer let the top look like having seems. It is a great idea to make a skirt wich has a fold at the top. So it looks like the dress would have been made of several layers. The primpart at the top of the dress kind of repeats the idea of the folds but it is well choosen not to use the same colours as for the skirt and the other part of the top. With that ornamental pattern it looks more intresting and elegant.
Ibizzare dress
Dress: Ibizarre Melua Dress (Dark Burgundy) (150$)

I took the pictures for this post and the posts yesterday at a sim named: Risk City. As seeable at the pictures this sim has a lot of very different looking spots and it is worth to take a look at it. Either for just exploring or for taking pictures. For finding sims which are worth a visit i read the Avatars in Motion blog. Storm recommended it once to me.

Problems with magic

Its often needed to think for a while after having read a book. Especially when its a book about magic. It could even happen that your hands suddenly glide through your legs when having read in a magicbook. But luckily the right page of the book was opened so it was possible to know what to do against this effect.
sitting between bubbles
This top is an other item from the Djinn and tonic moveing together sale. It has a pretty unique colour i would say and the print on it is also cool with that duck. It comes with a bow for the hair.
The trousers from Ibizarre belong to my favourite trousers. I like the comfy look and just love the cuffs.
ducktop with favourite trousers
Top: Djinn & Tonic - Halt-e-rama (Ugly Duckling) (50$)
Trousers: * Ibizarre Maeva Pants (black) (140 Linden)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fighting the Chaos

She really hated the evenings. It would have been more correct to say she hated what she had to do in the evening not the evenings. But she always thought of it as the annoying evenings. So she hated the evenings.
fighting the chaos 4
But the work needed to be done and she had agreed to do it when starting to study the pathes of magic. Every evening she went into the cellar of her house to fight the chaos. Not to tidy up. She would have prefered it if she would have had to tidy her cellar. Her task was way more tricky.
fighting the chaos 2
She somehow cleaned after working. With every spell she used to manipulate something like she wanted, she allowed the powers of chaos to float into the plane she lived in. So after having done her work she needed to take care that those powers would not manage to break free.
fighting the chaos 3
While she was rushing through her cellar strange hands tried to catch her. But she was fast and she knew what to do. She did it now for nearly 300 years. Sometimes when people tried to sell her stuff, which she absolutly did not want, she sent them to her cellar. Normaly they became insane. Some disappeared completly. She supposed that they were not able to deal with the missing upper side of the cellar. But she was not sure about that. It also did not intrest her that much. She only wanted to do her work and nobody missed the glazed glass sales men.
fighting the chaos 1
The black mage set from Ezura is hot. Somehow clothing which is not very warming often seems to be hot. This outfit is extremly hot even when wearing with the leggins with the cloth under the leather bands. It looks like being completly made of leather and it is possible to wear it in many ways. For example just with a leather thong or the thong and the leather bands. The bra is also made of leather. In the set are also pasties. The primparts come all with a resizescript. I like the idea of the coat which is open in the middle. It looks nice in that way. And of course its an outfit for a mage its not needed to be clothed warm when being able to use magic to keep yourself warm. The staff from the upper pictures is also a part of the set. The gem in the middle of it changes the colour and it glows. Its a very sexy set for roleplayers.

Outfit: + ezura + Black Mage Set (588$)

[the creepy kids of innsmouth]

No one remembers when it all started, when the sun's light slowly began to fade and made room for a neverending night whose twinkling stars shimmered like fat, white maggots on a black shroud the city had been woven into. Some people wondered and asked question... and they started to disappear; first the curious ones, then the grown-ups, one after another, whilst their houses began to rot and their civilisation was in decline, while creatures with tentacles and foaming mouths rose from the swamp and otherworldly chants could be heard from the partially burned church. The only things that never changed were the sparkling stars above, the intense smell of salt water wavering through the forsaken streets and the city's kids piercing stares from within the shadows, lurking and patient, magic sigils on their skin and a ghostly light flaring in their empty eyes...

[the creepy kids of innsmouth]

It's the 16th week of Luna's blogger challenge - that makes four whole months! - and the shade this week is teal. While searching for a fitting inworld photo site, I once again ended up in one of my favourite sims, Innsmouth. This place keeps fascinating me with its Lovecraft-inspired, spooky atmosphere and provides a great background for roleplay or gloomy pictures - play around with windlight and water settings some - and don't forget to switch on sounds!

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Hair: +BM+ - GIZ - Teal-Dark (free)
Eyes: [Plastik] - JadedCollection - Bahama-Blue

Armwarmers: .:A&M:. - Knitted Arm Warmer - Teal
Eyeshadow: Exile - Vertigo (previous freebie)
Piercings: - .HoD. - Fallen - Razor
Collar: *Cobrahive* Nemi Collar
Tattoo: Super Possessed - Arkanist Tattoo
Pants: *BOOM* - Seaman Pants - Teal

Suiting white

Being caught in a dream. Fragments of the idea of fish swimming around while a giant tower arises.
The white body is the gift on the Diapop Luckyboard. Somehow the name of the outfit "come discover me" reminds me very much on the title of the first Moloko LP "Do You Like My Tight Sweater". Which fits as Dianne and Soma the owners of Somapop and Diapop normaly are dancing and djing when i meet them. But i have to admit i have no clue if they like Moloko.

Body Suit front

Not only at the backside it is very well seeable how well Dianne could deal with the normal clothing layers. Just because of the texture it looks like there would be a band between the both sides of the body. On the frontside it looks like there would be lace inserted between cloth which looks a bit like cotton. The body comes on all layers so it is possible to wear for example leggins under it. It also should work as a sportoutfit. The necklace comes from Alchemy Immortalis. Ages ago i blogged it here. And it still seems to be on sale for 99$ on the marketplace. Its a wonderful piece of jewelery and worth every linden.

Body Suit back
Body: * [DIAPOP] * come discover me - body suit (0$ Lucky board)
Necklace: ! * )AI ( Ami amet deli pencet Ivy Choker (99 Linden)

Midnight mania for the night

Blue blood always uses great colours and black. At the moment they have a nice set of lingerie on their midnight mania board. And set means its really a set as it contains many versions. Its a corset with panties which have straps for suspenders on them. Included are also sweaters which were worn either under the corset or a sweater which comes with a prim part. I think this one could also be combined with trousers.Outfits: +++BB+++ Kaoru Set FATPACK (0$ Midnight mania board)

A splash of colour

Today i'm feeling full of the joys of spring,  and so to indicate that I decided I could do with a splash of colour! and what could be nicer than a grass green top which just so happens to be on the lucky chair at Ingenue, I do so adore the clothes there the quality and layering is achieves a great effect. So then I  go and mix it with a purple skirt? " purple & green should never be seen only on the back of a fool" that's according to my Gran , hmm or was it red & green? ...could been pink & green. Anyway I like it! and  go with what makes you feel good despite what others say
 :  Please not the Esora store has closed but gifts are available in group notices.

Ear mufflers: Free group gift > Esora
Top: Free lucky chair item > Ingenue
Skirt: L$110 - Stary earth> Ah Flou
Tights: Free group gift > Latte
Shoes: L$180 Bow strap shoes - Kate > G Field

Monday, February 21, 2011

Golden Brown

Half in winter stepping into spring I decided to go for gold and why not? always aim high I say! so whilst out shopping I stumble across a few little beauty bargains that I wasn't expecting....don't you just love those! These freebie boots that I came across weeks ago whilst doing a hunt have been itching to get out of my inventory! they also come in black for both men & women!

Hair with hat: L$295 browns > Maitreya
Scarf: L$200 ( but there is a L$5 same design different shades) > Zeery's
Dress: L$1 knit sexy one > Cherish
Jacket: L$20 open crush knit jacket > M*G*S
Boots: Free wesco harley boots > Okey designs
Bag: Free group gift > Esora

Coin Hunting

She was a samurai. Not only by birht also by attitude. Normaly nothing confused her. But this morning she was confused. She had found a black rose next to her bed when she woke. Maybe it was a warning. But known for her black red armour and her beauty she supposed that it was a compliment. And she was right about that. Confusion about rosesIt was not the gift which confused her. It was more the fact that somebody seemed to have managed to sneak into her bedroom while she was sleeping. Avoiding all the traps which guarded her house and that the secret admirer had managed not to wake her was even a bit annoying. She spend a while on the balcony of her treehouse looking around for any trace.
Hunting for the rosegiver 2Then she decided that she was anyways not old enough to care about men but the ability of the man who had brought her the rose impressed her much. She spend some time on building more traps around her house and spend night for night awake until he came again. This time he wasn t able to trick her. She fought him down and was really disappointed. The weeks of preparing to catch him had increased her abilities so much that his were not intresting for her any more. Unfortunatly things like that happend rather often to her so that she never married but instead of that she became one of the best samurais. And this was much more intresting than being married and having children.
Hunting for the rosegiver
This armour is one of the hunt gifts in the Setsubun Hunt, which will take place from Feb 23-25. The hunt is a part of the bean throwing festival at the Aosagi Nanbu and Aosagi Nanto sims. In this hunt you have to search for coins. I did it last year too and it was great. This year there will be even more hunt gifts than the armour and of course there is also a version for men of the armour which will also be a hunt gift. The armour itself comes normaly with shoes but i prefered wearing it with my old DragansVarg ones as those are simply very comfy after having them for nearly two years. All the primparts of the armour come with a resize script. Which makes it easy to adjust it. The black rose also belongs to the set. For more informations take a look at the Ookuma Han blog.
The armour finally answers the question what samurai wear under their armour - cute undies.
Samurai undies
Armour: Kotora Ookuma Samurai Armor 2.B (700 $ on the Marketplace or 0 $ in the Setsubun Hunt )

When everything is too much

Then its just the right moment for a bit silence.

To be honest i got this attachment as gift. And which might be a bit more embarrassing, JohnnyD, the owner of Juice where this item is sold, had to explain me its meaning, and was quite surprised that i didn't know it - at least i had this impression. But i guess its a sign everybody could use now and then. The item gets attached and has a inbuild pointing pose. The sign itself is silver with shiny light builbs on it. Because of its colour it is still elegant and fits well to a pretty dress like this from Lika Ruby. STFU
Sign: Juice .:. STFU Attachment (150$)
Dress: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(black) (350$)

Hot pants! sssssss

Trying to walk down a glass staircase is never easy at the best of times, especially when teetering around in heels and being aware that you're wearing the the shortest of shorts! ok ok they're hot pants and aren't they just the most amazing hot pants you've ever seen! I felt super glam in this outfit today that I just fancied walking around the most populated areas jiggling my little bottom ...well that was the plan but lag made me walk into a river instead! no so glam pfft! Anyway pick up a pair of these hoty hoty hot pants by joining LeeZu group or in fact try joining Vain inc group there a few more little gifties in the notices too!

Hair: Free gift > Yuna's hair
Glasses: Free lucky board item >Kumaki glasses style
Jacket: Free group gift > Latte
Necklace: L$20 imitation black pearl > Izm
Vest : Free intrinsic tank - pinks > Jane
Hot pants: Free group gift > LeeZu
Stockings: Free group gift - purple .> Modd.G
Socks: Were from Izm but have vanished from display..sorry.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dressed fine

She had been looking forward for the birthday for a while. It was an rather important one for her so she was wondering for a while what to wear. Standing around in lingerie it took a while then she decided to wear two outfits at that special day. They all went on a tour to a lost town. She felt a bit like a vagabond when exploring the empty buildings. But it was intresting. It had been a good desicion to wear trousers. Falling down while wearing trousers is simply not as embarrassing as when doing so and wearing a skirt. With the lightly sheer top with the frills she still looked elegant and the jacket kept her warm.
At the evening she picked a more elegant dress. Of course it was mainly black. The cut was rather open but everything was covered well so why not. She even had a fitting necklace for the dress.
Its SD wears 4th birthday. This is a long time for a store in second life. So its of course a reason to celebrate (its always possible to find reasons for a celebration but 4th anniversary is a good reason). The red jacket for example is a birhtday gift and the black dress is sold for only 25$. The quality of the items is great and its possible to take advantage of the birthday sale until 27th Feb. Until then everything is sold for 50%. Its also worth to listen to the music in the store. I liked the french reggea they played there when i visited the store.

Lingerie: SD Wears Luverly Lingerie (White) (78$)
Shirt with frills: SD Wears Mimo Blouse (Milan) (37$)
Jacket: SD Wears 4th Bday Present (0$)
Pants: SD Wears Mimo Pants Black (37$)
Blackdress: SD Wears 4 Year Birthday Special Dress (25$)

Red Secrets

When people saw her hat the day they were always very impressed by the strict elegance of her outfits. Even when she did not wear much she still managed to look like she could stop an army with one word. But in the night things were a bit different ....

.44 Caliber have a moving sale that means that there are many things marked down. Its a very romantic sale as the owners need money to move together. In my opinion its a good reason for uncontrolled shopping. The upper outfit does not look like the one who wears it would have a lack in selfcontrol. Its a black body with a shirt under it. The collar comes in a version and one without tie. I liked the one with the tie better as it is even more strict. The red lingerie might also work as outfit for dancers in a pretty club. It comes with fitting gloves and earrings. The outfit itself is strapless top combined with a thong. The set is available in more colours but i liked red best. By the way the pose which fits so well to walking downstairs comes from just a pose.

Upper outfit: -->F&C<-- Super Trouper Bodysuit Outfit - Monochrome (125$)
Lower outfit: Djinn & Tonic [Lingerie] Hot Ticket, Red (75$)
Pose on the stairs: Pose: {Just A Pose} Simply Hippy (One pose 25$)

Candy love

Having a picnick with some close friends. Close friends with chocolate or sugar on them. Just a pose takes part in the Taste of SL this weekend. For that they made a picknick blanket. On the blanket is enough space for three friends and as many donuts as primlimits allow. The donut prop on the picture belongs to the set. Its kind of mean how realistic the donuts look. Poses and props: {Just A Pose} Breakfast Blanket (60$ this weekend)

Dolly dresses fit so well to sugar. The orange one comes from the blue blood lucky board. The colour would of course fit well to halloween but there are other versions on the lucky board as well. The pinkish one was a freebie on a japanese sim. Both used skins come also from a lucky board. I won them when being at Mother Goose. The tights used with the right dress come from a brand new store. Its named Shania's sock shop and sells sock and tights (which is not really surprising because of the name). The socks come on the tattoo, the sock and the undieslayer.
Dress: +++BB+++ Marly ORANGE (0$ Lucky board)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Choi_LB (0$ Lucky board)
Dress: rina307-free-box (0$)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Judith_LB (0$ Lucky board)
Tights: *(3xS)* Cutie stripes Candy_OO (40$)