Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No outfit for the farm

She hated to take care of the hay, her family was desperate about that. They had planed that she would take care of the farm one day but she only wanted pretty and unique dresses. Later she became a very famous designer and was able to pay some people to take care of the farm. Everytime she visited the place where she grew up she walked around perfectly dressed and of course in high heels.

This dress is a new release form Ibizarre. The designer let the top look like having seems. It is a great idea to make a skirt wich has a fold at the top. So it looks like the dress would have been made of several layers. The primpart at the top of the dress kind of repeats the idea of the folds but it is well choosen not to use the same colours as for the skirt and the other part of the top. With that ornamental pattern it looks more intresting and elegant.
Ibizzare dress
Dress: Ibizarre Melua Dress (Dark Burgundy) (150$)

I took the pictures for this post and the posts yesterday at a sim named: Risk City. As seeable at the pictures this sim has a lot of very different looking spots and it is worth to take a look at it. Either for just exploring or for taking pictures. For finding sims which are worth a visit i read the Avatars in Motion blog. Storm recommended it once to me.

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