Sunday, February 20, 2011

Red Secrets

When people saw her hat the day they were always very impressed by the strict elegance of her outfits. Even when she did not wear much she still managed to look like she could stop an army with one word. But in the night things were a bit different ....

.44 Caliber have a moving sale that means that there are many things marked down. Its a very romantic sale as the owners need money to move together. In my opinion its a good reason for uncontrolled shopping. The upper outfit does not look like the one who wears it would have a lack in selfcontrol. Its a black body with a shirt under it. The collar comes in a version and one without tie. I liked the one with the tie better as it is even more strict. The red lingerie might also work as outfit for dancers in a pretty club. It comes with fitting gloves and earrings. The outfit itself is strapless top combined with a thong. The set is available in more colours but i liked red best. By the way the pose which fits so well to walking downstairs comes from just a pose.

Upper outfit: -->F&C<-- Super Trouper Bodysuit Outfit - Monochrome (125$)
Lower outfit: Djinn & Tonic [Lingerie] Hot Ticket, Red (75$)
Pose on the stairs: Pose: {Just A Pose} Simply Hippy (One pose 25$)

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