Thursday, March 13, 2014

Twisted Spring 2014

Twilight was the time for her magic. The day to plan, dusk to summon, all night for work and fun. Chalk smeared across stone, curls and crosses, the path the spirits would walk. Candles would light their way, alcohol and tobacco would tempt them, urging them from their rest. Shafts of light dappled by tree and stained glass moved across the floor. Behind her, the mirrored surface of the looking glass shifted. As her arms raised in greeting, in welcome to those who may come, so did arms reaching through from the other side, the orb held in their feather light touch began to spin...
3 In the darkness of the hall, magic changed, and so would she. With the turning of the earth, the moon rose, green and pale. Heavy pages of the ancient book curled, sliding across each other with ease as she read the arcane text, eyes shining brighter than candle flames. Arms still outstretched in welcome, what would come was twisted, and dark. It would be brought out into the light. She was not the only one calling. There were many out there searching in the darkness, searching for the darkness. Some would be lucky enough to find it and when they did, it would change them forever. 4 Twisted is here again!!!

Running throughout March - 104 stores to hunt in for the spinning hellish cube, before you reach the mindbending endgame. All prizes are free - provided by the twisted merchants - but you are going to have to work for them. This isn't known as the hardest hunt in Second Life for nothing. My best advice - join the group, it's the only place to get any hints!

Scene 1
Shape : DramaZone - Hasi shape
Skin :  Vivid Avs Twisted Hunt Marley Magick Skin
Hair and hairbase : LaNoir Soleil [LNS HAIR] TWISTED MIRANDA
Horns :  [ bubble ] Ritual Horns
Eyes : -{The Attic}- Mesh Eyes v3.2
Circlet : ~*Souzou Eien*~  ~*S.E.*~ Celestial Sorcery Circlet
Tattoo :   .:CoLLisions:. Scribe
Dress :  :::Sn@tch Spellcraft Gown

Mirror : ~v~ ImmateriA~v~ Orb of Endor
Voodoo : Paper Moon  *pm* Papa Legba Veve
Building : Lilith's Den  - Uraia Temple Hall
Poses : Elephante Poses - Under Your Spell

Scene 2
Skin :  DramaZone - Hasi skin
Eyes and Tattoo :  ~SongBird~ Arcane Consecration
Makeup :  [ bubble ] Ritual Make-Up
Necklace :  .::Distorted Dreams::. Fantasia Necklace
Corset and Skirt : !TLB - Oracle

Building : Lilith's Den  - Uraia Temple Hall
Table and pose : (Rook) Poses - Calling of the spirits