Friday, April 28, 2023

Fallen Star - Fantasy Faire 2023

 Something... something was missing.

People had noticed of course, though not too many just yet. There were always those more observant, those whose eyes turned most often to the firmament; seeking guidance, tracing patterns, wishing... Now there were whispers among the wishes, murmurs from the mapmakers and something not quite grumbling from those who used the stars as their guide. Something was definitely missing, a patch of darkness above where a speck of brilliance had long gleamed.

Something was missing from the darkness of the night sky, because something had become someone. Someone had looked down for as long as eyes had looked up, someone had seen, and wanted a closer look. Taking form as something so comparatively small had been a challenge, she was taking very careful steps with her new feet, lest she sink through the surface of this enticing world.

Her choice of form was inspired entirely by the new sights which dazzled her eyes, as she in her turn had inspired others for aeons gone by. Travelling through the lands opening up before her, tones, light and shade never experienced threatened to overwhelm her senses. Everywhere flowers burst into bloom, their petals unfathomably smooth and cool against the nascent touch of her fingertips. Music and voices lilted and rose, a wave of welcome to ears accustomed to the fury of fire and storm.

She could barely wait to explore the beautiful world, able to linger only so long in each place, desperate to take it all in. Voices and fellowship called her forward, drawing her into a strange dance of warmth she'd thought left far behind. Before too long, she would return to the her place, a light in the darkness; for now, she would revel in the lights she found right here.

Aaaaannnd we're back! The Fantasy Faire is here once again! Thousands of souls coming together in rememberance and hope, making the world more beautiful while doing the most beautiful thing - helping others. Raising money to contribute to the fight against all cancers. Items blogged are donation items, with proceeds going to Relay for Life - The American Cancer Society. So come and explore, shop and enjoy some time in the beautiful worlds created for you, to make our world better.

Hair: Raven Bell - Magnolia Hair F ~Shimmer~
Szystrum Synod
Skin: Moth&Moon - Maitreya - HAZE - Cleavage 2
Earrings: *KD* Soul earrings


Necklace: [DB] Drunken Brokkr - Fithril Chest Jewelry - FF special

Gown: Belle Epoque - Athena Dress RFL (Maitreya)

Staff: Simply Shelby - Moon Staff - Purple/Pink

These pictures taken in the Fantasy Faire Sim : Glimmering Meadows