Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surprising Results of helping

Machines are not always something a woman likes to deal with. But what do you do if you inherited a giant steam-engine? The inheritance is not the problem but when it breaks you might be in trouble. You need to find a steam-engineer. So ask every Sir you meet for help and if you are lucky,
a engineer might arive the next day on his TMS Electro Induction Flyer.
But how to prevent that he leaves again? If you don't want to pay him you have to convince him with your personality to stay.
So here the outfits we used:
Outfit: 22769 : Vincent (330 Linden - during the steampunk hunt 264 Linden)
Left: 22769 : Tony (450 Linden - during the steampunk hunt 360 Linden)
Right: 22769 : Laurin (450 Linden - during the steampunk hunt 360 Linden)
Dress: SR Leatherwerkx : Marian-Belle Epoque Afternoon Ensemble(box) (600 Linden at the moment on the Midnight mania board yay)
Outfit: LNL BOX OUTFIT O-55 --SH (Steampunk hunt) (blogged before)
Dress: Dressed By Lexi : Boxed Steamhunt Prize #126 (0 Linden)
Pencil: *BOOM* Stationary Set : *BOOM* Boobie Pencil (0 Linden)

For this blog we used Eyes from Sterling Artistry as always.
The TMS Electro Induction Flyer was on the lucky chair at Twisted Metal SteamWorks & Mysical Forces and is now for sale for 50 Linden.
The couple pose is a huntgift from the shamrocked hunt at wisent animations.

Trouser gift from Tomoto

Tomoto is one of my favourite stores in second life. Today they are giving away a gift at the THE NEW FACES OF JAPAN II show. The gift is only available today (20th March 2010).

Trousers: tomoto, comme un garcon - gift pants
Top: LIKKA*HOUSE Shaula-gaNeza-: Clothing Fair 2010 Gift

Mer elf at the Clothing fair

Mer Elf has this gorgeous dress as dollarbie on the clothing fair. It comes with a shape, which i also used to make this picture. Very pretty are all the little decorations. Mer Elf has also some more specials at the clothing fair so if you like roleplaying and have some space in your closet visit mer elf at the clothing fair.
Dress and shape: *Mer-Elf Creations: Aurelina Dress (1 Linden)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Magic Stickey

Once upon a time a little dragon went into a big forest. Suddenly she found a shiney stickey on the ground. She admired the stickey and wiggled her tail excited.
Unable to control herself she grabbed the stickey with her teeth not knowing that it was a wand.
She looked rather confused when she was suddenly turned into a glittering fae. And even more when she saw her feet. What, she thought, those things are feet?
She met a magi who was able to help her to get at least decent feet again. But she still wonders if she will be a dragon again one day.
How will the story end? Will she be released from the curse of the wand she did pick up in dragonish greed?

Here a picture of this wonderful dress. Its from Ruru@pino. A very sweet japanese shop. I got there through a hunt and always loved the items which are sold there. The dress is named Malmelo like the fruits. It comes with the crown and the fitting shoes. I love how shiny it is and also the feathery details at the legs and the skirt. In the store is also a lucky board with a fitting wristlet to the dress. To get to the dress you have to choose the teleport named Outfit in the store.

Outfit: Ruru@Tear [Malmelo] (250 Linden)
Ward: Ruru@Tear [Marmelo&Karin-WAND] (Groupgift)
Paws: Ruru@Tear [Snow Strawberry]-Boots (20 minutes camping)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kimono love

I have to admit i like Kimonos. I do not really know how many i got but this one is my favourite. The textures are brilliant. The whole Kimono looks like made of shiny silk. It comes with a shape and a skin, which fit to the kimono and also fitting hair and eyes. But i prefer my own shape and eyes and hair.
This is the front of the kimono. The train is sculpted.
I love all the little details at the top. I even always have to smile after having put off the top layer of the kimono and seeing the white undershirt.
Here a picture of the back.
The opening unveils a bit of the neck.
The Kimono comes with fitting geta and zouri.

The Hair jewlery is also very pretty. The colour fits perfectly to the kimono.

Kimono: * Sweetaholic: Japanese Princess Style Special Kimono Set *Hime ver 1.5 (1800 Linden)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : StarlightEyes_EthericOrchid (50 Linden)
Skin: Nuuna's Skins Pale Lace Free (0 Linden)

Steampunk in blue

A spaceship isn t the right place for a pretty dress. Especially when you are alone in it so nobody could admire it.
Also its not the right clothing for exploring but you could be sure if you suddenly get an invitation to a local ceremony you will be dressed right.

Harlow Blackadder made this wonderful blue gown. She sells it on xstreet where the dress is also available in red and black. The dress is steampunk, victorian orientated so its wearable in many roleplay sims. Dress: .:Vestiges:. by Harlow Blue Distressed (350 Linden)
Skin: all are hunt items from a mini hunt in 3 stores. You have to search for a golden bag.
left: [ P E R A ] Neon (Fair)
middle: [ P E R A ] Neon (Sunkissed)
right: [ P E R A ] Neon ( Tan )
Monocle: *Sanu Daydreams Monocle Lavender (Lucky chair)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry: StarlightEyes_AstralBlue (50 Linden)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Victory over the moths

I had to fight some evil butterflys. The fight did cost me nearly a wing. Angry because of the pain i cut their wings off and a brilliant seamstress made this dress out of them. My wing still hurts and hangs on my back but im sure it will heal soon.
Dress: Caverna Obscura: Wingzz Gown box (550 Linden)

I still smirk about my victory.
Skin: Nuuna's Skins Pale Eyeliner (0 Linden)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : StarlightEyes_EthericOrchid (50 Linden)

Gangster Style

Being a gangster includes one important thing. The clothing must look good. So while standing in a bar and thinking of how to steal Frankie's car includes also wearing a good looking tux.
Tux: SARTORIA "Positano" Suit Gift Pack (Clothing fair)

Weapons are also important. And cars to smuggle alcohol of course. This wonderful coat comes with a tommy gun (its a real gun and could be fired in mouselock). The creator made a small version for me because i wasn t able to make the normal version smaller. So its possible that girls could wear that coat too.

Coat: StarChild Designs : Dillinger coat (200 Linden)

This tux looks very good under the coat. Its from Nachtmusik a Dandyshop. The texture is very well made. Because of its cut this tux fits women very well.

Tux: Nachtmusik: Modern Tux Promo (10 Linden)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue Monday

I was very excited hearing about the Excalibur hunt. And when reaching shop 6 i was very glad having gone to that hunt. I got this wonderful gown there. I love the colour. The dress is floriated. I was also very glad that it has a resize script because before using the resize possibilty it caused a unwanted pregnancy. The designer told me that this was the first medival dress she created and im looking forward for more from her.
Dress: MiChiGaNs ShAcK - Meridian Excalibur hunt gift (0 Linden)

Clothing fair and more

I didn t want to go to the clothing fair. But i changed my mind and was so glad when i found this great dress for free at the shop of KWZ.

Its an other version of the KWZ corsett. Its very pretty.

Dress: KWZ Orient Corset Dress (0 Linden)

Evie's Closet also gives a gift to the visitors of the fair. This wonderful fairy dress.
Outfit: *Evie's Closet* RFL 2010 - Free Gift

22769 has a satellite store and gives a tank top to the people who visit that store. They also got a march groupgift. The turtle neck top and the trousers on the left. I love the armwarmers which came with the outfit. The red skirt is the clothing fair gift from Honey Kitty.
Outfit: 22769 - groupgift march 2010
Tattoo: Awareness Ribbon by AITUI
Top: 22769 ~ casusal cotoure Freebie from GayWorld
Skirt: *H+K*RFL2010_free skirt

Saffron seems to have a green day today so i also wanted to post a green dress. Its an other gift from the Clothing fair.
Dress: *GF* Gift for ClothigFair2010 visitors

In a german shop i found this gown. I like the cut of the top. Its possible to look through the skirt. Small avis should be careful with that dress as its not possible to resize the skirt.
Dress: Angel Fashion & Cool Fashion : Angel Sonja (50 Linden)