Thursday, May 31, 2012

Psycho Circus

Roll up! Roll up! 

                           The tattered poster declared...

The Psycho Circus is in town!

Come see the Man who ate his own Foot, the Bearded Lady, and of course... the highlight of our show, you've heard about em, you've read about them, now you can see them in the flesh, and tremble under their gaze... it's The Three!

The small town folk may well have heard about them, notorious as they are. They had made headlines, evaded convictions, escaped the gallows.. and ended up here.

Circus 1

Alyssa, the eldest of The Three, had charm and grace. Her skills lay in flexibility of body and mind, she ensnared the weak with a glance, and bent the most steadfast to her will with a smile. Accused, and found miraculously innocent of several high value confidence tricks, none of the millions that had been 'lost' had ever been found. Rumour has it that she keeps the keys to several safety deposit boxes tucked inside her boots. Don't step too close as you watch her bend and flex before you on the balance balls, that glint in her eye will do you no good...

Circus 2

Bella, the second of The Three, stalked the shadows at the edges of the day, and came into her own as night fell. Her skills lay in dexterity and stealth, she could pick a pocket, and lift your wristwatch with ease. In the darkest of nights, it was rumoured that she could blend into any crowd unseen. When her luck did not hold, and the cold metal of handcuffs graced her delicate wrists, as with her elder sister, she evaded the noose by means fair or foul. Come a little closer, watch her spin on the hanging hoop, but mind your valuables are still with you if you leave...

circus 3 Celeste, the youngest of The Three, had the air of innocence and sweetness. Her skills lay in beguiling and insinuating herself into the psyche of her victims. She could break your heart with a single tear, and wrench it out just as easily with cruel fingers. The bloodiest of The Three, her freedom may surprise you, warrants and dark suited agents follow in her wake, each trying, unsuccessfully thus far, to connect her to her crimes. Enjoy her skills as she twists and balances on the chair, should you see her again, beware...

This is the [Virtual Props] Psycho Circus Photography Prop; it costs L$900, and the permissions are COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.. There is no notecard associated with this product, just rez and pose! It has 30 Unique poses in 3 pose sets, adjustable with memory for up to 100 avatars, photographer controlled and can be placed into any photo studio prop rezzer. 42 Prims. 
On another note, it's my favourite sim to TP people to, something about sending a TP with the message "Join me in Endless Death" just makes me smile. 
There is a group you can join, signup cost 500L. For that, you get all the poses pictured on the walls as free group gifts (they are many and varied). When wearing the tag, you get money back from purchases in the store, and the store owner from time to time has amazing half price sales for members not to mention chances to buy new props and poses for a limited time on release at lower prices!

Skin :  Plastik  :[P]:-Aleria://Nightbringer's  Breath://Pale Horse (old hunt gift)
Hair : ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee Roots/Mystic
Eyes : REPULSE - Living Dead Eyes (Dilated)
Outfit : The Sea Hole - Nicosia Sun Suit - Persimmon
Boots : .:L&B:. "Elise" Ankle & Knee Boot Sets:PATENT BL :UPDATE 2012

Skin : *Epic Skins* Dark Elfin Singles {Darkest Moon} [Glo] Cleavage
Hair : ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee/RavenNight
Outfit : DeeTaleZ dresses wraped dress red (colour modded darker)
Pasties : [Plastik]-Bandaids-F-S-Betty

Skin :  : S u g a r : Cry My Heart Out -C- :3:  (store is on depraved nation sim)
Hair :  ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee Roots/Teal
Outfit : [Plastik]-Strapped-Frozen

Monday, May 28, 2012

Im your dog

It was a beautiful day. Eliza had spend it at the beach. The people there knew her allready. She was that girl with the bone. Thats what they called her. It was wrong. The truth was she was the dog with the bone who looked like a girl. She never talked much the bone was also a good excuse. It was the only which she still had from her first owner. It was in the late 1970ties when they met. Eliza had run away from her mother and the fellow puppies as those always pestered her. And somehow a magician found her. It was the time when people said that they would believe in magic but in truth only believed in powerful drugs. The perfect time for a true magician to live less like an hermit. With her dogmind Eliza wasn't able to understand what really was going on but then her owner transformed her. Maybe because he thought that it would be horrible to see her die so soon as dog years are so much shorter than human years or because of reasons a normal human could not imagine. Changing the shape also changed Eliza. She became smarter but the rites of the humans still were a mystery to her. And some habits she simply couldn't change. She still loved to chew on bones and was as faithful as only a dog could be. Of course it was her master who died first. Some hippies finally found out that the tricks he showed them were real and killed him when he was not willing to abuse his powers. Since then she was alone. With the time she learned to deal with her human body quite well but still she didn't manage not to carry now and then a bone around. 
Im your dog The Gallery Gift Shop is one of the cutest monthly events in second life. Its a mix of a gallery and a shopping event. Kumaki Glasses Style is one of the stores which take part in it for a long time. For this round of the event they made a bone which is worn between the lips. It has a tag on it which says "Im your dog". The bone is made of non rigged mesh. So are the crowns which are worn around the wrists from DownDownDown. The set is available in a metalic version and one which reminds on water. The outfit is the current groupgift from 22769, a store which besides this also takes part in the Gallery Gift shop. The gift is an alternative looking outfit for guys and girls. It includes a top which can be worn with and without primsleeves, trousers and a belt. The boots come from Duh! and are currently available at the Zombie Popcorn Brand event. They have of course a resizescript and include not only an alphalayer but also invisible prims for those who do not use a viewer which can handle alphas.
The design with the tattoos on it is great and they are even unisex.
The pose on the first picture and the scooter on the second picture are available on the same event. The pose comes from Purple Poses and the scooter from !Bang. The scooter includes six poses. Its a loveply poseprop which has to be rezzed which makes it possible to use for photographers. The only problem I had dealing with it was that I didn't understand the notecard with the posesettings inside of it so I was not able to adjust the poses. But it looks very lovely and I guess with a bit testing it should work to adjust the poses. It is possible to test the scooter in the store.
The Hair from Wasabi Pills is called Lola. It is made of rigged mesh. The set includes it in a boobs and a normal version although its rigged for women so its more a bigger and a not so big boobs version. It also comes with a hud which allows to choose between 15 designs for the scarf and 14 for the bands which hold the braids together.
The skin and the shape come both from Adam and Eve. The shape was a gift there sometime ago and isn't available anymore but the skin still is.  It is called Victoria and the used version is the sunkissed one.
Im your dog II Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lola summer Mesh Hair - (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack)
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Victoria Sunkissed (1800 L$)
Outfit:  22769 ~ casual couture Groupgift May 2012 (0 L$)
Bracelet: DownDownDown_Milkcrown bracelet Metal_(90 L$ Sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Bone: kumaki - Bone"I'm your dog" (10 L$ Sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Boots: ::::Duh!:: Tattoo Love Ankle Boots - Unisex (25 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)

Pose 1st pic: Purple Poses ALEXIA (100 L$ for 10 poses sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)
Pose 2nd pic: !bang - mini scooter {black} (250 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)

The pictures have been taken at Lost Beach.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

In a painting

Turning around she had to recognize that she was missing most of her shadow. The world was surreal like it was only held together by a few strokes of a brush. Niamath knew what it meant. She had not secured her mind when going to sleep. For some moments she was shocked. Everybody could make mistakes but not her. The pace of her heart started to become faster at least she thats what she thought she was feeling but being caught in a painting meant that she had no controll over her body. Niamath was not able not to appreciate the style of the artist who caught her. The elegance of the style was impressive. But this was the wrong time to admire art. The war of painters was going on now for months. Many had been killed about questions of light, details and even not managing to agree about how to hold a brush could cause a slaughtering. The most effective was was to catch the oponent in a picture and then to simply let their body starve while the mind was not able to escape. Some had become insane in pictures and had been released or had managed to find a way out. But they were not a big help in developing strategies about how to escape out of a picture. As pretty the picture was she knew that it would make her insane having to see it for longer than a day and if that wouldn t happen her body would die within the next four days. It was hard to fight the urge to cry but now knowing how connected her body was still to her mind she didn't want to loose any liquid.  When her hand moved up to her head in the urgent need to stroke over her forehead to keep herself calm she felt the feathers of the collar of her shirt. One moment she recognized that she was standing in a lake of ink. The feeling of hope started to grow in her chest but she knew that she would need something to paint on.
The marks never disappeared from her skin. But they were what most people wanted to see when they met Niamath for the first time. Especially the door on her arm fascinated people. It was what they called the opening to peace. She was the first one who had managed to paint herself out of a picture. Knowing this people started to carry a pencil some colours and - if they did not want to be marked  -  some paper into their dreams and they were always able to escape.
In a painting The third zombie popcorn brand wave started and Wasabi Pills made a most lovely mesh hair for it. Its a pony tail with some nice braids on the front of the head. The hair fits to many different looks from playful to elegant. The blue top and the pants come from miamai. The pants have been released at Culture Shock which ends today but are also avialable in the Miamai store now. Being made of mesh there are the five standart sizes included in the set as well as an alphalayer. The pants have the typical sophisticated and elegant maimai style. They are available in various colours and prints. The ones in black like on the picture are great to combine them with more colourful clothes as they fit to nearly everything. The top and collar originally belong to the Loue dress in springblue. But they go very well also just as top. On the picture they are worn together with the pants of the dress. The collar is mod. This dress is only available on the marketplace.
The leather belt has been used to give the whole outfit an edge. It comes from bitch, which is a clothing store for mesh items for women by the rustica owner Maxwell Graf. As it is not rigged it is possible to resize the belt.
The poses come from Purple Poses. They belong to the Alexia set which is also only available at the Zombie Popcorn Brand event at the moment.
In a painting III The pictures have been taken at a sim named China. It looks like being in a traditional japanese/chinese painting. Its a stunning sim and worth a visit.

Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Anais Mesh Hair  (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)
Top: Miamai_Loue SpringSky (200 L$ only available on the Marketplace)
Belt:bitch - studded mesh belt Leather/Rusty (I fear the belts are not released yet)
Pants: Miamai_Mahvi Pants Black (420 L$)
Poses: Purple Poses ALEXIA (100 L$ for 10 poses sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)

Location: China