Thursday, April 30, 2020

Strange seas - Fantasy Faire 2020

"Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me..."

Signing on to sail the seven seas had had no such siren's call. Neither had it been the Queen's shilling slipped into her flagon of ale, nor the cosh, bind and drag of the press-gang. It had been stranger than that. Twelve moons past, she frowned at the memory, had it been twelve moons, or twenty four? Elora span the novelty globe slowly, not wanting to disturb the bottles hidden within. There had been trading calls at so many markets since that she had begun to lose track, despite their incredible differences. One had flown aloft, higher than the crow's nest of any vessel, powered by some strange crackling blue aurora. Another had been deep, deep within the earth, caverns and caves lit sparsely by flaming torches and in places by an unearthly glow from banks of twisting toadstools. It had been in one, both, or more of these that she had met The Mooshki, and heard their tales of lands more distant than any she had visited to date.

The search had begun following those meetings. Strange seas, with stranger tides. Exploration had taken the ship to lands more bizarre than those on the ship's novelty globe. New charts were plotted, those areas which had once held nought but dragons were sketched, mapped and defined. There was a sadness to this, the loss of mystery. There was excitement, the discovery of the new. They had found so much, and shared their treasures with the world. They hadn't found what they were searching for yet, but with each journey they were getting closer. It was time again to set sail.

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Hair : AnalogDog - Sinai - Variety
Skin :  Ab.Fab skins&Fantasy - Eir Amethyst Skin-Cleavage-BOM
Eyes :  !TLB - Lyric Eyes/Green
Tattoo : Stardust - Elora - Purple Tattoo 100%
Outfit : Belle Epoque - Anne - FF20 (Maitreya)
Sirens Lore
Boots : lassitude & ennui  - Reverie boots - purple (Maitreya)

Monday, April 27, 2020

A Quiet Time - Fantasy Faire 2020

The streets were quiet.
They had been quiet for days...
Days? No, Cerys' foot nudged the drift of detritus forming a strange high tide line along the cracked pavement. It had been a good while longer than that.

The people had receded, retreating back into their places of sanctuary.
Alarms had sounded, voices had blared, some speaking sense, others quite the opposite.
Some had learned what others had already known, they were not the masters of their own universe.
Some would never learn. Others held onto hope that even this wouldn't matter.
Cerys gazed out into the fenced off remainder of wilderness in the midst of the city and wondered what it had been like, when such things happened in the past. Were they better off now? Better able to cope?

There were comforts to be found even in the links of that chain of thought. Particularly among the trees, with the soft sounds of nature awakening all around. Each day there was this escape, normalcy rebranded as freedom for one precious hour. Technology, crtiticised for so long, by so many, for isolating and desensitizing, was bringing people together. People were reaching out to those they had not sought for years. New ways of communicating were bringing people together, even while they were apart. Individuals and groups undervalued and marginalised in the day to day, were in this day, today, showing their inexpressible worth by keeping the true neccessities of life going.

By keeping apart, while reaching out; focusing on what we have, and those we love, we can get through this. 

The Fantasy Faire is a wonderful escape from reality. The reason we do it, the heart of it all, is so embedded in reality as to make it inescapable. We do this to raise money to further cancer research. We do this because in this virtual world, this second life where we are free to do anything and be anything we want, we still want to help make things better here in the real world. So please. While you are indoors, if you are feeling trapped, or isolated, double click that icon. Step into another world. Buy something beautiful that makes you smile. Think of the difference you are making, to the world. 

Items shown are 100% donation to Relay for Life

Hair : Wasabi // Anaia Mesh Hair
Skin : ND/MD Boo Eye+ LIGHT-NO brows-
          ND/MD Boo eyebrows- rose
Face tattoo and dermal piercing : !TLB - Aelia Tattoo and Dermal
Eyes : !TLB - Lyric Eyes/Green
Necklace : [ riseDesign ] RFL Rock On Necklace
Melusina’s Depths
Tattoo : GERMINAL - Cracked Reality Tattoo
Auxentios’ Pass
Dragonfly : =EagleDesigns= Dragonfly Friend - Orange Red
Top : Grumble - Summer Heat Cami
Agra Adara
Pants :  Trinity Clothing - Cane's Grunge Overalls
Melusina’s Depths