Sunday, January 6, 2013

Room 326

Discover the mystery of the Silent Peacock Hotel...

What happened to the fifteen people who vanished after spending a night in the hotels room 326?

326 Hotel Sure the Hotel is a bit down at heel, a little shabby around the edges. You can't expect a place with a reputation like this to get so many guests as to warrant everything being kept like new. 
Times were hard in this part of town, but even here, the management had decided that it just would not be reasonable to charge room costs to the accounts of those never seen again after visiting room 326...
 326 hallway
Welcome to another marvellous MadPeas Event! This is a grid wide novella, letting you into a dark world of long corridors, thickly carpeted to deaden any screams. Fifteen missing people, fifteen locations for you to search for an envelope, something you will hear each received shortly before their disappearance at the hotel.
Just make your way to the Silent Peacock Hotel, and buy a newspaper (50L$ for your game HUD) from one of the dispensers by the front doors.
Along the way you will visit some amazing stores, so be sure to take a look around while you are hunting, join groups, hit subscribos, buy the odd thing (or eleven if you are anything like me!). Help keep these wonderful merchants in business! Below you can find a few of the fantastic gifts you get if you manage to complete the hunt. Buildings, furniture, clothing, Mesh and non-mesh, jewellery, bodyparts and tattoos!

Stores include: Just Because, Lilith's Den, +REDRUM+, Distorted Dreams, CoLLisions, Never Totally Dead, Carrie's Lingerie, Boudoir, Mad', Mesh Depot, Patron, The Cube - Art Gallery, Death Row Designs, Image Essentials and of course MadPeas!

326 desk 326 Doorway 326 TV Room 326 outfit 326 close Part of the beautiful endgame... 326 tree