Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Dragon's Christmas - POE5, MFH VII, TRH II Hunts

Oneiria felt awkward without her usual wings and teeth. She always felt awkward in her human form, that tiny two-legged shape was more a burden than a pleasure, so slow, so weak. Yet… Prince Talias, her fiancé, had never seen her in her real form, a magnificent red-and-gold dragon. Dearest Talias, he wanted to marry her, and he intended to break the news with his family at Christmas Eve... and what could Oneiria do? She would play along, she indeed liked Talias quite much, he was handsome, patient and generous.
Dragon Xmas-1 Christmas Eve... Oneiria remembered those evenings with her own family, the feast, the fun, the laughter. Her folk was gone by now, but she still could hear the chatter and the music, her little brothers howling and giggling, and she still could smell the delicious roast her mother used to prepare. Mmmmm... the roast. Maybe she could have that this Christmas. Talias and his family were well fed, nice people, she recalled. Oneiria softly cackled and her golden eyes twinkled ominously. Christmas time wasn’t that ugly, after all.
Dragon Xmas-2 December is THE hunting season in SL, so many generous and talented designers shower you with gifts at Christmas time, and what can you do? You’re forced to pick what you like most, which doesn’t mean that the other gifts are worthless or ugly... only that you, one little blogger, do indeed have limited time to show the world one small slice of SL creativity. So, where to begin?

Gown: Mystic Hope "Splendor" Outfit – The Medieval Fantasy Hunt VII gift (0 L$). It’s an absolute knockout, so role players, damselles and ladies, pay a visit to Kira Lavendel’s shoppe, it’s worth it!
Hair: ChiChickie “Serafina” – POE5 Hunt gift (0 L$). It’s a very pretty updo, a perfect match with many festive SL gowns, so don’t hesitate to go for it.
Skin: Style by Kira “Amber” – POE5 Hunt gift (0 L$). The fat pack contains 10 skin tones and makeup versions, so feel free to pick your favourite, as Kira Paderborn is really generous with her gifts.
Necklace: Elemental Jewellery “Renaissance medallion”– The Renaissance Hunt II gift (0 L$). Wear this lovely gift and you may feel like any of Henry the Eighth’s wives.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Feral Eyes “Brandy” - camping prize (0 L$). It looks like Silverr Andel is back to SL after months and months of absence, which is wonderful news! You can pick up the monthly gifts and a big box of lovely Christmas surprises at his good olde shoppe at Porcupine.
Poses: Exposeur - Advent Gift No. 7 (0 L$). I hope it’s still available; and if not, there will be another package of lovely poses for tomorrow in RubyStarlight Writer's shop.