Saturday, April 30, 2011

At home


I've got so many great things for my home recently that I really want to share them. I was having palpations about the 10L items at Lisp, well if you haven't already bought them all I'm sure you'll want to , isn't this chair gorgeous! I've never used curtains in a home before but when I saw these from comfy within, I fell in love them what out for more furnishings from the same set on my next posts..yep there's more, they're so clever these designers! There is a promotion on with this set at the moment for only 99L from the marketplace so be quick as it goes up to 499L after 2 weeks!

Hair: 0L St Ann hair- topaz > Unceweb
Top: 0L luckyboard item > Awram Viie
Scarf: 0L hunt item, also has a shirt ( look for the strawberry) > Mr Poet
Jeans: 0L Luckyboard item > Villena
Shoes: 400L tassle prim toe sandal - beige > J's
Chair: 10L, 60's Tweedle chair > Lisp
Table & candles: 0L seasons hunt item > Lisp
Curtains: 99L Part of Silver bedrrom set > Comfy within

Training to become a writer

Edwina was content. She had managed what no other woman before had done. She was the first female trucker in town. The problem of becoming a trucker was not that she would need to drive a truck. That was pretty easy. But she needed to be able to do much more. The artificial intelligence in the trucks was constructed like a child and needed to be entertained all the time to make the truck willing to roll somewhere. The desicion to construct the AI in that way sounded first a bit strange but children were normaly willing to do a lot to make their parents happy so it it was rational to give the trucks a childlike mind. Edwina was now one of those parents.
Asian Latex
In her job she also had to shoot onto the trucks of rivals. So she needed to tell her truck constantly nice stories to entertain it and at the same time she needed to make it think that she would never attack it. So that it would not start to fear her and become a unwilling child. It was a tricky task. Edwina supposed that no other women had been willing to manipulate the AI all the time but she somehow liked it. And she secretly wanted to become a famous author and most of those had been truckers before starting to write. Having to invent constantly stories for a childlike truck was a good training.
dreaming in latex
Ezura Xue mixed for those wonderful latex outfit elements of typical asian dresses with latex. She kept the patterns but instead of using silk she used latex. The dresses could be worn as body suit of or with one of the four included skirts. The primparts all have a resizescript. Three of the skirts have bows on the side and one of the long skirts has a line of flowers formed of latex on the top of the skirt. It is also possible only to wear this line of latex flowers. The system layer parts come on the undies, undershirt, pants and shirt layer and also on the tattoo layer. I like the combination of the top and the collar, which is made of prims very much.
asian latex in colours
Black: + eX + Cheongsam Latex *Black Set (588L$)
Blue: + eX + Cheongsam Latex *Blue Set (588L$)
Red: + eX + Cheongsam Latex *Red Set (588L$)
White: + ezura + The Crown Lace Ankle Boots *White Set (358 L$)
Black: + ezura + The Crown Lace Ankle Boots *Black Set (358 L$)

With love from A:S:S

In the morning she always trained alone in a empty hall. Jumping running and looking good while doing so. The floor was normaly very cold so she managed to jump much higher than she normaly would as sleepy as she was at this time in the morning.
Love top and shorts
A:S:S takes part at a foundraiser for To write love on her arms. To write love on her arms is a nonprofit movement which the aim to help people who struggle with addiction, depression, self-injury and suicide. A:S:S designed the shorts and the top as 100% donation item for the fundraiser. The shorts come on the pants and the undies layer. The legs are sculpted. The shirt comes on all layers and works for both genders. Virtual/Insanity really changed my opinion about prim nails. For the pictures I used their new Ladybug nails. Its such a sweet idea to make nails with that look. The pack contains 8 colours and all nails come in 3 sizes.
Love top and shorts back
Top: A:S:S - Love tank for TWLOHA (50 L$)
Shorts: A:S:S - Shipwrecked shorts for TWLOHA (75 L$)
Pose: 'NSA' - Dagmar Elegante (150L$ 5 ballet poses)
Nails: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] LADYBUG NAILS (150 L$ 8 colours)

The pictures have been taken at The Next Day. Its a ccs roleplay sim but if you do not wear a ccs meter the roleplayers will ignore you.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Vero Modero & much more

ribbon LB

I'm having a Vero Modero day Oh this store has some lovely items. I must start by saying that in my first 2 pictures, I have split what is actually one outfit, so the trousers on the first pic come in the same package as the top & bolero in the second pic. Hair! you know I have a penchant for it, well this particular one is a luckyboard item , however the hairs in store are a steal at only 80L so get down there and grabs wigs folks!

Hair: 0L group luckyboard item > SyDS
Top: 0L luckyboard > Ribbon
Trousers & Belt: 350L part of the shine set > Vero Modero
Shoes: 0L group luckyboard item > Ah Flou
Table: 0L seasons hunt item > Lisp


Hair & hat: 0L  gift > KMH
Vest & Bolero: 350L part of the shine set > Vero Modero
Shorts: 59L - lace pant - white > Awram Viie
Le warmers: 0L group gift > Salire
Shoes: 0L pink sneakers > Maschienenwerk


OMG I love this outfit! detailing of the top is great and the colours I love too, there is a green one too which is an unusual shade..HAIR! 30L and is one of my favourites to date! oh but the shoes oh how I love shoes, and if you love them as much as I do then J's has got to be one of your top priorities, they are simply amazing. This pair is divine they just look so great n your feet , particularly with the little prim toes, a serious amount of detailing has gone into these, and I love the fact that I can remove the prims that go round the leg for another different style shoe. Oh better just mention too , that these gorgeous shorts come with a prim  red cuff, but i chose not to wear then on this occasion.

Hair: 30L - unbirthday redux - kit kat  > Lamb
Shoes: 400L  - Real toe tassle wedge sandal - Beige > J's
Top:  New vega top > Vero Modero
Shorts: 1L Baggy shorts - denim > Norilicious
Earrings: 0L camping item > U&R dogs
Bracelets: 1L - Breeze - red > Phoenix rising


This hair I've been stalking for days on the luckyboard at kmh, and so I've roped in so many people to help me that just about everyone in SL must now have It  (thank you lovelies xx) but I knew I wanted It to go with this dress. I can't help but adore this dress look at the detail!! oh and the colour! oh which brings me onto the shoes! again. Now I know I've blogged these shoes so many times but I can't stress enough that they're going to be one of the best things you'll ever buy in SL, seriously they go with everything, with the colour change script with 112 options you're never going to be stuck with an outfit with no shoes to match, plus group members get a 50% discount every Friday so in effect you're getting 112 pairs of shoes for 75L ....crazy!

Hair: 0L  luckyboard > KMH
Dress: 600L -  Rome - Vero Modero
Shoes: 149L -  Andromeda heels > Skifija
Jewelry: 0L - Bunnies revenge ( box on the sofa) > Ganked

Many in one

Its spring nearly summer so its time to wear sneakers again. But sometimes its boring just to have only black ones which go with every kind of outfit. So with the technology of second life it is possible to have many sneakers in different designs and just to have of pair in the closet. The shoes come with a script which offers many options. It is possible to choose between 12 patterns for the side and to tint the parts of the choose in any way which is wished. The hud includes of course also a resize script for the shoes. It is great how many options those shoes have. It is possible to make them fit to nearly every outfit (maybe not to an elgant gown) because of the uncountable options the hud offers. Here a pictures of four possible looks of the shoes.
bedlam sneaker
Sneaker: [BedlaM] OZSTARZ Retro B2 (L$349)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Electro bunny

She was the ultimate weapon. Trained, deathly and supercute. Everybody who saw her supposed she would be one of those strange anime fans. They supposed she would be a cosplayers. Often people asked her where her ears would come from. She always pretended that it would be a secret she would not want to share so that her outfit would stay unique. And it was the truth her ears were a secret. They allowed her to recognize much more of the world than a normal human. The technique was new and even she had no clue how it worked but the ones who had transformed her into a killerbunny all knew that she behaved so well because of the implanted controll in the ears.
electro bunny
Blue blood made this cute dollie dress. It is available in several colours and could be worn also as lingerie. It comes with cute stockings. The skirt has an intresting cut. The top could also be worn without the bra and the sleves are sculpted and mod so its possible to make them smaller. The white gloves let the outfit look more elegant. The ears and headphones are from sian's future shop. The ones on the picture are the supercharged ones which are also included in the normal set.
Blue blood tahiti dress

+++BB+++ Tahiti WG BLUE (300 L$)
+++BB+++ Tahiti WG B&W (300 L$)
Fatpack with 5 Colours 750 L$ for members of the blue blood group - joining fee is 50 L$
Earphones: sian's retro sci-fi earphones set (150 L$)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Les Petits details

 I absolutely adore Les petits details, there is simply not one thing in that store that I don't love, anyway I've kinda put together an eclectic mix of items from that store.  In this picture i'm actually wearing a skirt and a dress for an extra boofy petticoat look. I love the shape & texture of the dress. The boots & eyelashes are also form Les Petits details, again totally amazing items! take a closer look at these lashes! 

Aren't they amazing?! ohhh and this skin! I was only saying to Dagmar yesterday how I struggle to find skins that I really adore, then hey presto Iren comes up trumps for the fashion garret with this beautiful natural looking skin, which without the lashes has a kind of Asian feel about it around the eyes.

Skin: L$60 Anna skin by Iren @ > The fashion garret
Hair: L$0 group 6000 members gift - Rock blonde > Heart softens
Dress:L$180  Dalia dress - blue tones >  Les Petits details
Skirt: L$160 - Pretty Patty skirt - Ivory > Les Petits details
Boots: L$250 boho boots grey & light brown > Les petits details
Ring: L$0 group  gift matching necklace available  L$70 > Villena
Tattoos: L$0 gift > Yulicie

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


He had already crossed many mountains but he would need to walk much more miles. Sometimes he was annoyed about the strange tradition he followed. But on the other hand he had seen many intresting places because of it. It was said that his family were direct descendants of Atlas. The titan who was holding up the sky. So they developed the tradition to carry spheres through the mountains when becoming 23 years old. With the years the spheres changed and finally they started to uses ones which looked like globes.
He holds the world in his hands
Studio Sidhe makes awesome pose props. This sphere is one of them. It is textured like a globe and has three inbuilt poses. Its not worn and has to be rezzed. Because of this it could be very well used in a photostudio. The outfit on the picture comes from Trap. It contains long wide trousers which look partly wrapped. The set contains also badges for the chest for both genders and also badges for the arms and feet.

Globe: :+:SS:+: Atlas - Pose Prop (300 $)
Outfit: [][]Trap[][] Hakama Black (250$)

Combat training

She spend ages of training at home. Jumping through the room one knife at her leg the other one caught between her lips. Walking on her hands, jumping around. Her body was covered with bruises and scars from all the training. After she had managed to destroy all her clothes she finally found a solution. So she wrapped herself into duct tape which was the first material which survived her training.
yay boots
I love the new boots from Perse. As everything from that store they are elegant and sophisticated. At the moment they are available in ten colours here a picture of five of them. The boots look like being perfect for long walks, shopping and also for spending some time in the barn. They look great to short dresses as well as combined with tight trousers. The boots come with a resize script. The duct tape comes from League and the knives are both available at Virtual/Insanity. The short grey dress is one of my favourites from 22769. It is a knitdress which could also be worn as top combined with jeans.
I so love my new boots from Perse
Boots: -Perse- Ascot Boots Smalt Blue (249$ or 1799$ for the fatpack with 10 colours)
Tapes: *League* Duct Tape Set -Black (225$)
Dress: 22769 casual couture Knitdress (210 Linden)
Knife for the mouth: [V/INSANITY] THE KNIFE Munchie (50$)
Legband: [V/INSANITY] THE KNIFE Legband (150$)

Pose on the first picture: Arthur's Animation Circus
Poses on the second picture: Glitterati
Skybox for the first picture: A:S:S - The Squat, skybox


I trust all of you that participate in the Easter festivities had a lovely time...I certainly did although father in his pre-op condition did not do any morris dancing, or wear anything  ridiculous on his head, but instead burnt  his navel on the bbq, which was entertainment enough for us!

I came back to my second life only to be overwhelmed with fabulous things to blog, how ever will I get up to date? well first things first! you simply must go out and stalk this luckyboard, how pretty is this dress? which to my mind has a little influence from the eighties in it. The glasses are pretty cool too as they have 8 colour choices & tintable lenses, you know how I love these changeable colour items! they're such great value for linden.

Which brings me on to this bench. I still haven't got around to finishing the seasons hunt but I was so thrilled when  i picked up this bench which is currently a hunt item. Ohh my how much do I  adore this pretty little bench ? it's so clever too! with it's changeable options and would suit any surroundings. So go grab all these while I'm preparing to blog some more splendid things! x

Hair: L$1 by W&Y @ > Mimi's choice
Dress & hairbow: L$0 luckyboard item > Y&R
Sunglasses:L$0 luckyboard item  >Munspain
Bench: L$0 the seasons hunt item > Lisp

Walking up a hill

She was proud when she finally reached the top of the hill. She had been wandering for ages but her boots were very comfy so it was ok. Only her knife looked like she would loose it soon. But she did not know that yet.
Violet short dress
Acid & Mala sell a cute violet dress for a reduced price for members of their group. The set does not only include the dress it also contains a top. The dress is worn with straps on the system layer, for the top there are cute sculpted sleeves included in the set. It is cute how the dress looks like having several layers and also that it looks like there would be lace in the same colour over it. Weapons always look good as accessory so this knife legband from Virtual/Insanity is just great. The texture of the band is changeable and it has a resizescript too.
Perse released a lot of new boots. The ones on the picture belong to the ones in spring colours. They have a resize script as well and look like being made of leather.

Dress: .:A&M:. Multi-layered Top&Dress - Periwinkle - Special offer (50$ for members of the Acid & Mala group)
Legband: [V/INSANITY] THE KNIFE Legband (150$)
Boots: -Perse- Ascot Boots Smalt Blue (249$ or 1799$ for the fatpack with 10 colours)