Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Combat training

She spend ages of training at home. Jumping through the room one knife at her leg the other one caught between her lips. Walking on her hands, jumping around. Her body was covered with bruises and scars from all the training. After she had managed to destroy all her clothes she finally found a solution. So she wrapped herself into duct tape which was the first material which survived her training.
yay boots
I love the new boots from Perse. As everything from that store they are elegant and sophisticated. At the moment they are available in ten colours here a picture of five of them. The boots look like being perfect for long walks, shopping and also for spending some time in the barn. They look great to short dresses as well as combined with tight trousers. The boots come with a resize script. The duct tape comes from League and the knives are both available at Virtual/Insanity. The short grey dress is one of my favourites from 22769. It is a knitdress which could also be worn as top combined with jeans.
I so love my new boots from Perse
Boots: -Perse- Ascot Boots Smalt Blue (249$ or 1799$ for the fatpack with 10 colours)
Tapes: *League* Duct Tape Set -Black (225$)
Dress: 22769 casual couture Knitdress (210 Linden)
Knife for the mouth: [V/INSANITY] THE KNIFE Munchie (50$)
Legband: [V/INSANITY] THE KNIFE Legband (150$)

Pose on the first picture: Arthur's Animation Circus
Poses on the second picture: Glitterati
Skybox for the first picture: A:S:S - The Squat, skybox

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