Saturday, April 30, 2011

At home


I've got so many great things for my home recently that I really want to share them. I was having palpations about the 10L items at Lisp, well if you haven't already bought them all I'm sure you'll want to , isn't this chair gorgeous! I've never used curtains in a home before but when I saw these from comfy within, I fell in love them what out for more furnishings from the same set on my next posts..yep there's more, they're so clever these designers! There is a promotion on with this set at the moment for only 99L from the marketplace so be quick as it goes up to 499L after 2 weeks!

Hair: 0L St Ann hair- topaz > Unceweb
Top: 0L luckyboard item > Awram Viie
Scarf: 0L hunt item, also has a shirt ( look for the strawberry) > Mr Poet
Jeans: 0L Luckyboard item > Villena
Shoes: 400L tassle prim toe sandal - beige > J's
Chair: 10L, 60's Tweedle chair > Lisp
Table & candles: 0L seasons hunt item > Lisp
Curtains: 99L Part of Silver bedrrom set > Comfy within

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