Monday, April 30, 2012

Holidays in the Sand

The sand was nearly glowing while the wind blew it through the valley. It was like it should be. The air was hot and cured sorrows and lung problems. Sina would spend two more days in the dessert. It was her holiday. One week without any people just surrounded by sand. The food was delivered by a robot at five times a day and it also brought drinks. It was what she needed. At least that was what the computers said and Sina didn't care. They sent her anyways always where they wanted her to be. And a dessert was better than the holidays she had to spend in a galaxy entertainment the desert II The fantasy faire will end today. So this day is the last chance to do the wonderful Faireland Saga hunt to win items like this wonderful Skybox made by Garden of Dreams. It has around 240 prims and a wonderful desert inside. Those skyboxes are like little worlds made to enjoy. There are even several poses inbuilt into the tent.
The clothes worn on the picture are released in the latest Zombiepopcorn Brand round. They come from Blah. Both, the top and the shorts come on all layers which even includes the tattoo layer. The bands of the pants are made of prims. 
in the desert Top: Blah. (My Relaxing Spring Top) (100 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn Brand)
 Shorts: Blah. (My Relaxing Spring Shorts) (100 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn Brand)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh  Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack sold at the Fantasy Faire)  
Skybox: ~*Garden Of Dreams*~ Dream Scene - The Desert- (100 L$ in Fairelands Saga Hunt) Pose: Pose: Purple Poses

be U-Neek at the Fantasy Faire

Thora relaxed, shifting her weight onto one hip as she soaked up the last rays of the desert sunset. She had worked long and hard, and deserved this little break. Her work was a thankless task, thankless depending on how you looked at it. From the perspective of most of the big people, her work was unnecessary, dangerous even. To most of the insects and small creatures, she was a villain, someone out to make their frantic lives harder. To the plants, she was a saviour, and she did her work well.


Thora's job you see, was to place the thorns on the stems of plants, the spines on pads of cacti. She did this all day, and worked long into the night, protecting the new shoots and leaves that worked their way up through the dry dusty earth of the deserts. Running her hands over form, her palms would prickle with new shards, little daggers she would press into the green limbs of the plants, providing them with their armour. Longer, twisting hair she plucked from her head, weaving it into some cacti to give the fluffy looking, yet dangerously tipped coating. The big people, the 'Walkers' would curse her, their skin snagged and bleeding from her work, the creatures would do likewise, as she made it more difficult for them to reach their goals. But all day, and all night, the plants would sing her praises, blooming into flower with more safety, the wafts of their scent hailing Thora, the keeper of desert roses.

It's the last day of the Fantasy Faire, and I'm late with this post -I blame work - but the items are well worth seeking out in the hours you have left!

Outfit : The U-Neek Thorn Bodysuits, 2 packs available, 5 colours in each. Donation item 100L
Hair : The U-Neek MANIC hair (Slate - from Mono colour pack) includes tintable shaved hairbase, also worn here. Donation item 100L
The U-Neek Spyro eyes
Nails : [Virtual/Insanity] : Kitty Galore Sharp Claws (Twisted Hunt item Spring 2012)
Skin : Group gift April 12 (r)M ~ (5rB) R A W ~ coldSKIN

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Be Purple... And Relay

Be Purple And Relay

There’s no story to this picture... because the organisers, the creators and the visitors of the 2012 Fantasy Faire have said and done so much that I can hardly add anything.

It’s the last day of the Faire, yet it’s still not too late to participate in the Fairelands Saga Hunt. You need to purchase a HUD (it costs 100 L$ and what you pay goes to the RFL fund, of course), then you must find eight shards of the broken Faireland Mirror (one piece is hidden in each sim)... then, when you’ve found the shards you may visit the sims again and pick up the gifts hidden in books that you can find in the participating stores. Once you have collected at least one gift book from each sim, so that your mirror is clean, bright and whole in the HUD, you can go to the Faireland Library and collect the endgame prizes, also hidden in books.
The prizes are fabulous indeed... however, if you pay attention to the people hunting with you or just visiting the sims or hanging around, you may find even bigger treasures. There are creators with limitless imagination, who are also smart and nice to talk to, so don’t hesitate to say hello and thank for the gifts they’ve prepared for you... they’re also human beings, and your appreciation makes them truly happy. There are people among the visitors who are cancer survivors and may tell you amazingly painful yet optimistic stories, and there are people still in therapy who, despite all the physical suffering, are bright and funny. Your SL inventory will certainly grow after you’ve completed the hunt... but so may your friends’ list, and that’s even more valuable than the fabulous pixel goodies. Happy hunting, people... and walk with your ears and hearts open, will you? :)

Skin: - Favourite Genes “Ethereal” Scaled - Fairelands Saga Hunt gift (0 L$).
Modesty layer: Fallen Gods “Purple Fairy” PG cover, included in the "Crystal" skin packs (0 L$).
Hair: Wasabi Pills “Hawk2” mesh hair – 250 L$ for a colourpack that contains a “normal” and a “boobs” version of four various shades, the matching hairbases and a HUD to change the hairband colour.
Eyes: MacMoragh and Muse “Bird Eyes” Hawk – Fantasy Faire 2012 gift (0 L$). Aine, thank you for the home delivery! :)
Wings: Forest Feast “Fairy Wings” - Fairelands Saga Hunt gift (0 L$).
Candle with pose: *elymode* “Contemplation” – Pose Fair 2012 gift (0 L$). The Pose Fair ends on April 30th so you still have some time to visit.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honey magician

If it would have been only about the sweetness honey wouldn't have been important for the fairies. They knew how to get sugar and some of them were amazing cooks. But honey was not only tasty it also could help with wounds. For a human it wouldn't have been a problem to get a swarm of bees but its a difference if an animal is as big as your fingernail or nearly as big as your head. It took a while until they found a way to tame bees. It was a brave fairy who found a hurt beequeen one day. She spent some time to heal the insect and they became friends. This was the first time when the fairies got honey without any danger. Later there were fairies which only cared about the bees. All the bee caretakers had a little wand which allowed them to communicate with the bees. They brushed their wings and helped them cleaning their legs. It was a great solution and at some day they even got the bees to carry them around. petite honey lover
Elvenbreath is a well known creator for fantasy clothes. With the petites they also started to create outfits for those. The Little Jeannie is one of those. Its a cute otufit coming with two kinds of trousers and a pretty scarf which is being worn around the hips. The set includes also wristlets.
The antlers from europa are made of unrigged mesh so its possible to make them a lot smaller. They are originally made for normal sized avatars. So when stretching down the horns make sure that the "stretch textures" box is checked in the build menu.
The staff belongs to a jewelry set from AZE, which has been created for Petites. The set includes also a pretty crown.
The wonderful furniture for petites in the background has been created by The Looking Glass. It includes a beehouse, furniture and decorations all in a sunflower style. The set is currently available at the fantasy faire. The Faire will end at Midnight SLT at monday so do not miss the chance to take a look at the sims before it closes.

Outfit: ~Elvenbreath~ Little Jeannie for petites Avas (350 L$ RFL donation item at the Fantasy Faire)
Horns: [europa] cernos antlers (150 L$ sold as Donation item for Relay for life at the Fantasy Faire
Staff: AZE *Petite* RFL Stargazer Lily Gold Amethyst Crown & Wand Set  (150 L$ RFL donation item at the Fantasy Faire)
Avatar: PETITES Royale + Fallen Gods Inc. (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)
House and Decorations: The Looking Glass - Petite Bee Hive House (400 L$ sold at the Fantasy Faire)

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Sun In The Cellar

What could she do, to fight the shadows? A Daughter of Flames, captured and locked away in the deep dark cellars under the Temple of the Black Dog? She could light some fire, of course... but how? Embers started rubbing her fingers together with anxiety. Now and then, she also scratched her scalp... anything was good, in order to reduce the stress and the feeling of shame. Captured she was, like a helpless baby, while her people had been fooling the Black Dogs for centuries.
Embers was still angrily rubbing her fingers together, when she suddenly noticed something was changing. Was the cellar becoming a bit lighter? Oh yes, she could see better now, but what was the source of the light? Embers touched her scalp again... then she stared at her hand in amazement. Her fingers were aflame and, as she discovered instantly, her hair was burning, too. “Well, I’m a true Daughter of Flames, after all...” – Embers thought and started looking for the tunnel that would lead her back to the surface.
Girl on Fire
A Medieval/Gorean fashion hunt led me to the shop of Pia Uladstron, “Dream Things”, for the first time. My initial thought was, “Ummmm, just another shop selling kirtles and silks”... then this idea swiftly changed when I started looking around. Pia has some dresses that only seem to be simple, and you soon discover how elaborate they actually are. The “Fabia” gown is an excellent example of all this, with the soft tumbling texture, the light bordure that reminds you of ancient mosaics, and the sash with two beautiful leaf-shaped pins. You find the “Dream Things” kiosk in the “Shifting Sands” sim, so please go and pay a visit before May 1st!
While taking the pictures for the wonderful Spyralle dress I congratulated the builder of Da Vinci Gardens, Felixx Shepherd, on the smashingly surreal environment he had created. He took the compliments with true modesty and he also gave me a LM to a nook of his realm that I hadn’t known before, The Royal Sands. It’s an apparently quiet Ancient Egyptian build, as long as you stay away from the temples! I won’t tell you any more, you go and investigate... and trust me, you’ll really need the torch offered at the entrance!

Outfit: Dream Things „Fabia” in Brown – RFL donation item (150 L$).
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer „Boho Bangles” in Mahogany and Silver – previous group gift currently available for sale (49 L$), and it’s free to join the group.
Hair: Frou-Frou „Mumm” in Auburn – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th so you have a few hours more to grab the gifts.
Skin: Skinthesis “Mindi” Bronzed Goddess – the skin is not available any more but I recommend you consider the equally lovely and very similar “Dryad” skin in Orange (200 L$).
Tattoo: White WidowThe Runway Perfect Hunt 2 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th so you have a few hours more to grab the gifts.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry “Diversity Eyes” Heterogeneity – it’s a previous hunt gift now available for 65 L$, and the 6-pair pack is 260 L$.
Poses: Sterling Artistry “Emoting Hands” in the first picture (30 L$ for a single pose and 250 L$ for the 10-pose pack), Poseur „Seduction” in the second one (50 L$ for a single pose and 400 L$ for the 10-pose pack).
Wearable torch: you automatically receive it when you enter one of the Royal Sands Egyptian temples in the Da Vinci Gardens sim (0 L$).


The only left of mankind was a rumor. But now and then archaeologists found runs which only could have been left by humans. It was normaly always a sensation when this happened. Although the buildings were way too big they were useful to grow dreammushrooms in them.  In their own houses the mushrooms never grew as big as they did in the ruins. There were different explantations for this. But the most common was that humans absorbed all the ideas around them so that the places were free of influence.mushroomgardener I  Most of the winged ones lived in high towers at the sea. And so did A'dhora de Falkenflügel. She was brave and pride like all the winged ones and beside this she was one of their future Queens. When flying home after hunting it happened to her that she got into a storm which blew her far into the land. Way further than anybody of her kin had ever went. The wind was so strong that she lost all her hunting equipment but the jewellry she always wore. It was the only sign of  noblesse she always kept and so she was quite happy that it was still with her. Not only because of its worth or its meaning but because of the dreammushroom seeds which had been used to build it. They would save her. Even more after she had found the ruin. mushroomgardener II After the storm had calmed down she started her work. Seed after seed was planted in the building. Then she went to sleep. It wasn't important that the storm had taken all her clothes. She was a winged one and the feathers on her body would keep her warm. The floor only lacked a bit of comfyness. But she knew that her moulting time would come soon so she could then use the old feathers as bed. Before the moulting she took care to collect enough berries and also to have enough water for the next time. It was her first moulting alone, the feeling of not being able to fly and at the same time the itching of the now growing feathers was quite unpleasant but at the same time she saw that the mushrooms grew very well. They were her hope and what would bring her back to her people at the end.  A'dhora didn't doubt at all. When the mushrooms would be ripe she would eat from one of the dreams which had grown inside of them and call her people. It was their way to communicate through distances. They would not let one of them without help and come to guide her back to the towers at the sea.
mushroomgardener III
The feathers are the Fallen Gods Inc. Fantasy Faire relase. Those skins are perfect for all kind of beings with feathers if it is a raven or a dove. As special for the Fantasy Faire there has been released a Petite version of the Dove Feathers in Translucent. Those will be only available at the fantasy faire, which ends at Monday. So its time to hurry and to get one of those wonderful avatars. They come with two versions of the head a royal one and a elves one. The body is included in a pg and a normal version - for the pictures the pg one has been used. And of course there are also versions of those bodies included with hooves cut which allows to wear them with birdlegs, hooves or other kind of things to walk on.
The mushrooms are an other donation item from the faire. They come from Cerridwen's Cauldron. This store is one of the most wonderful stores for landscaping items in second life. They sell plants and more for many different kinds of surroundings and all of them are very well made and beautiful. Its amazing how many versions are included in the pack. The mushrooms come in four sizes and each of them in six colours.  All of them pulse which makes them look more fantastic and the  object in their head looks like they would give birth to a star soon.
The jewellery comes from Frippery. Its a special version of the Petite Faerie Queene Jewellery. The set includes a circlet, a necklace and a bracelet. Its amazing how small the Frippery designer can build. The set is just pretty.
The wings belong to a set from Angelwing. They go so well with the dove petites and are just beautiful.

Avatar: PETITES female + Fallen Gods Inc. + DOVE Translucent (1000 L$ Relay for Life Donation Item only available at the Fantasy Faire)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)
Jewelry:  Frippery~ The Petite Faerie Queene - gold (350 L$ Relay for Life Donation Item only available at the Fantasy Faire)
Mushrooms: [Cerridwen's Cauldron] Beat Jelly Set (350 L$ Relay for Life Donation item Available at the Fantasy Faire)
Wings: **Angelwing** Petite Timeless Light (sold at the Petite Avatar Kingdom)
Pose: Miamai (Sold at the Pose Fair)
Background: Spessart - Skybox XII (149 L$ sold on the marketplace)