Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blown away

Waving a Dandelion to help all the little seeds at their parachutes to start their journey.
blown away
The Albero Kawaii hunt started today. In this hunt you search for 16 tree stumps. At the startpoint you get a hud and with every tree you find you could see more of a picture. When having found all trees you could teleport to the participating stores and grab the hunt gifts. There are not only japanese stores on Albero. For example No Strings Attached has a shop there and also Duh! sells shoes at this place. The prices are pretty cute. The cuphat comes from Ingenue. The dress is the gift from mocha and the shoes are the gift from Duh. The pale skin comes in a version with and one without freckles.
in soft colours
Dress: +mocha+ - Highland Holiday [Mint] (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Skin: HUNT ALBERO *LpD* Skins - *Pink Flower Special Edition* (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Floral Linen Flats Albero (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Necklace: (Caroline's Jewelry) Pink Cupcake Necklace (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Hat: Ingenue :: Teetering Teacups Chapeau :: Albero Kawaii Hunt (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Dandalion: 'NSA' - Dandy (for Albero Kawaii hunt) (0$ Albero Huntgift)
cloverleaf: 'NSA' - Lucky Brolly (don't know yet how much it will cost)

Dressed for Holi

Mashooka is a store for awesome indian and western clothing. The quality of the items is stunning as the textures are always well made and mainly very colourful. This weekend Holi takes place in india. A spring festival for which colours are very important. Because of that at mashooka a dollarbie dress is sold today and tomorrow. It comes with a top, a skirt and a scarf. This scarf is called dupatta and essential for many womens outfits in south asia. It could be worn in many ways. In this outfit it is worn over a shoulder. All prim parts come with resizescripts and the dress should fit every avatar. Its a great dollarbie and mashooka is always worth a visit.
dollarbie sari
Dress: :Mashooka: Special Holi dress (1$)

Look of the day

It's been a while since I posted my last look of the day, but then it's been a while since I have wandered around SL in an outfit that I wasn't about to blog. Laughs at the irony in that statement since I didn't intent to blog it and now I have! So as usual my outfit consists of some fantastic freebies, cheapies  and  non freebies. I want to get all gushy about my new boots for the simple fact that I think they are amazing and so integral to this look! I spent so long in Lassitude & ennui trying to decide if I would have the boots with heels or the flats , and then what colour! as there are so many options oooh dilemma! Anyway I'm thrilled with my choice & might have to go back for some more.

Hair: Free group gift > Boon
Jacket: L$1 Navy stripe jacket > Awram viie
Scarf: L$185 My vintage scarf - heart . Milk Motion
Vest: Free intrinsic vest - melon > Jane
Jeans: Free group gift > Airflow
Belt L$1 gacha item > Chuculet
Boots: L$300 Highland boots - white > Lassitude & ennui

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fins and Scales

Some myths say that the merpeople are cold and wet and that the life they live in the deepths of the seas is boring and without beauty. Those myth are wrong. The culture of the merpeople is impressing. They grow special flowers in their garden and they know how to make wonderful dresses out of fish which is only raised for that. The merpeople keep most of those dresses for themself but some make it on the surface.
Ocean born
LeeZu takes part at Fashion for Life and they have wonderful dresses as donation item. The dress on the first picture reminds me on a betta with all the colourful fins. Although i m not sure if black betta exist as the scales of the dress are black. The shades of black and dark magenta fit well together. The idea to mix flowers, fins and scales is unique in my opinion and i have to admit that i love the dress and enjoy walking around in it. It is also a great item for roleplay as you always could say it has been made of giant fish you hunted or is something your family owns for centuries. I only had to adjust the top and the gloves a bit to make the dress fit my avatar. So maybe it takes about 15 minutes on a posestand to adjust the dress but its definitly worth to take the time for that.

This white black dress also has a very unique cut. Which is mainly created by the collar. The dress could be worn just as top or with one of the three included skirts. On the picture you could see the dress with the sculpted skirt, the other included skirts are a sculpted one with some flexi parts over it which look a bit like a lace and have the same pattern as the rest of the dress and a babydoll skirt. The sleeves are also sculpted. If your avatar is only 1,96m in high heels as mine you will need to resize the dress also. But it is easy with those skirts and the collar. It did not take much time. What i really love is how classic and modern this dress is at the same time. And i was really surprised when i recognized that this dress, although the skirt is longer than a miniskirt, goes pretty well with overknee boots. I really like this combination. Of course it also fits great to high heels.
black white lilly dress
This white dress also comes with three skirts. The top has a very open cut. I liked the skirt with the bows best as it is cute. The other two skirts are one with tealength and one which is short but without the bows. This dress reminds me very much on spring but it might also work well in summer as it is very open and its not very likely to sweat while wearing it.
white dress
This is the black version of the above dress. It has some white squares on the skirt which make it look more intresting. It also comes with three skirts. This one is the tealong one. This dress lets me think of an artist who might wear a sophisticated dress.
Leezu black dress
All those dresses are donation items that means if you buy them the money will go directly to Relay for Life and help to find a cure for cancer or at least make somebody happy while having a horrible time in his or her life.

1st Dress: [LeeZu!] A Mon Insu Gown /black FFL (790$)
2nd Dress: [LeeZu!] Catch Lily Dress /black - FFL (350$)
3rd Dress: [LeeZu!] Lizz Flexi Dress /gray FFL (200)
4th Dress: [LeeZu!] Lizz Flexi Dress /black FFL (200)

The [LeeZu!] mainstore is at "To The Nines". Take a look at it if you like to see more outfits from LeeZu.
I took all the pictures at the waterland sims.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bunny fears

A bunny looking afraid with big eyes knowing that the ferret could wake. But it is not clear if that will ever happen.
This lingerie von Outrage fits perfectly to the bunny year as it comes with bunny ears. The fishnets do not cover the feet that means prim feet won t be a problem with them. The top comes in two versions the peek - a - boo one does not cover everything so that the nipples are visible. The other one hides all bits. Beside the skirt is also a tail included. The set might also work as bikini as there are trousers without the garters are included. The outfit has the right textures to work well at a day at the beach.

I have the ferret sofa for a while and would have loved to blog it. But unfortunatly it isn t sold anymore. Which is a pity as it is a great being to spend times with friends on.
bunny afraid of the ferret
Outfit: OuTRage! - Bunny Hunny (Blue) (92$)

[bleeding ink]

You brought me to life
from sketch,
engraving me in copper and black -
your favourite rockstar bound to hang
above your bed.

But time passed by and your interests changed
your men were of flesh now and jealousy-strained
watching me with narrowed eyes as I stayed in my frame -

But they never touched me and in the end it was you
disowning me with a shattering grip
of your birth-giving fingers' threw
leaving me lifeless and bleeding ink
and laughing at my very last

[bleeding ink]
Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge - Week 19: Umber.

Skin-Overlay: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ - Engraved Male (previous hunt prize)
Hair: [Shag] - Dogs Of Lust
Shirt: *Connors* - L/S SEE-THROUGH MEN CAMO
Pants: Deviance - Leather Pants - brown
Shoes: 7071 - Engineer Demi Boot - Distressed Black (store seems to be gone)
Weapon: *** Black Dragon Weapons *** - Machete Dual

Casual Thursday

Today I see no reason other than to hang around in casual clothes, some people will have it known as 'slacker wear' or lounge wear'. Call it what you will, it's casual , comfy yet still stylish. Its the first time i've been to Pivaaca but i'll be visiting again shortly i'm sure! there were far too many items that I wanted to buy.

Hair:  L$50   > Nodoka
Hair bow: Free gift > Boom
Sweater: Free group gift > Pivaaca
Shorts: Free luckyboard item > MNK
Socks: Free opening gift > LaViere
Shoes: Free gift > Solita

Miss Ireland

She was so proud that she won the beauty pageant. It was kind of tricky to become miss Ireland without being a redhead but she had managed it. So she wore her dress and her sash all the time. Even when chaseing the sheep home.
Today is St. Patricks's Day so this gown from Fierce fits wonderful. It is a gown which three skirts. It could be worn like on the picture or as short and sexy short dress. There is also baby doll version of the skirt included. As all the dresses from fierce are non copy but trans this dress might also be a good gift for your personal Miss Ireland.
miss ireland
Dress: Fierce**Miss Ireland pageant queen (299$)

Big yellow taxi

Is it a while since I blogged under a song title? or do I just do it all the time? but it makes me wonder how many would recognise is it as a song, or even which version you prefer. Well anyway it keeps me amused :) Today i'm sporting a bit of a biker girl look, since my tomboy look was so popular. I did want to find a spot to take a picture with a bike, but when I saw this taxi I couldn't miss the opportunity to do the song title thing...sorry.

 I had to grab this zeery scarf well I saw the new releases,. Zeerys scarves are by far my favourites, and it's not hard to see why, it's the unique clever styling, also there is something for every budget, which is nice if you're like me and wear a different outfit every day! Again more footwear from Skifija! these boots have 3 options with the cuff up, down or no cuff at all which makes them more adaptable to different looks. You can pick them up for  a steal at L$149 but if you wait until Friday you can get your 50% group discount

Hair with hat & goggles: Free group luckyboard item > Bubblez
Top: Free Euphoria hunt item > Fishy strawberry
Scarf: L$5 new release gift > Zeerys
Trousers: Free group luckyboard > Bubblez
Belt: Free group gift > So many styles
Gloves: Free group gift > Modd.G
Boots: L$149 > Skifija

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In which she wears pink hair!

Well I thought pink hair wearing days were over...ok in my 1st life yes but when I saw this subtle pink shade of hair on a luckyboard at D!va I knew I had to have it! and so I teamed it with this 'Marine' look with this marine top, and Marine bermuda pants at Vera Modera . I love the cleverly designed top which looks like it had a prim bodice due to the creased effect, which helps keep my prim count down. Oh and yet another pair of fantastic footwear from Skifija. I know I harp on about them but honestly I've never found shoes as easy to wear, available with so many options, I just LOVE them!

Hair: Free luckyboard item > D!va
Top: L$400 Red marine top > Vero Modera
Pants: L$200 Marine low rise bermudas .> Vera Modera
Sunglasses: Free luckyboard item > Kumaki glasses style
Bag: Free group gift > Coco
Belt: L$1 Gacha item - hot pink  > Chuculet
Shoes: £149 - secrets of Iris > Skifija

Magnolia Fairy

She always loved magnolias but she was surprised when finding the huge magnolia blossoms in her garden. They were nearly as big as she was. But with some effort she managed to dry them and to press them. Knowing some tricks she even avoided that the blossoms changed their colour during the drying and flatening process. She was very content when seeing the result. Being much thicker than normal pressed flowers she even was able to make a dress with them.
Lois Allen Designs takes part at fashion for life. As all designers who take part in this charity event for Relay for Life she donates four items which are sold in special vendors. The money which gets collected through that goes directly to Relay for Life and will support their work to find finally a cure for cancer. So here two of the donation dresses from Lois. The upper one looks like being made of magnolia blossoms. It comes with fitting wings so it is perfect for every flower fairy. Very lovely are the fitting anklet and wristlet, and the set also includes a fitting necklace and a flower for the hair.
The pink dress on the other picture is something for fairy princesses. It has a big skirt and elegant wings. The jewlery seeable on the picture belongs to the set as well. The dress is impressive so the one who wears it might gain a lot of attention.
pink princess
Flower Dress: Lois Magnolia (200$)
Princess Dress: Princess Waiting in the Wings by Lois (200$)

If you like to see more of Lois Allen's designs take a look at her mainstore.

In Leather

Exploring a empty town in the middle of the night. Nobody is on the streets at this time of the day which is not the worst as the outfit is more than short.
hardwear trousers and top
HardWear creates skintight clothing for men and women. That means the outfits are tight and it is possible to see a lot. This leather outfit, which is one of the HardWear donation items at fashion for life, looks a bit like being made of a skin with scales (but it does not look like dragonscales). The trousers could be worn with wide flares or skintight to wear them with boots. For that you have to mod them and make them maybe a bit shorter or simply use boots with alphalayer. The silvernet is included in the top, it might feel intresting.
The set includes unisex and mens versions of the top and the trousers. There is also a bulge included for a very manly look.
HardWear has great necklaces in the Gacha at fashion for life. The texture in the pendant is animated and changes all the time. I have no clue how things like that are created but it looks awesome.
The makeup used on those pictures is a gift from Miamai at fashion for life.
hardwear necklace
Outfit: HardWear Irridescent Venom #2 Leather Outfit (300$)
Necklace: HardWear Cord Necklace - Blow Your Mind (30$ Fashion for Life Gacha item)
Makeup: Miamai::DarkEyes 06 (0$ fashion for life gift)

The pasties are not included in the set.

Elegant and classic

She always wanted to have her own bar. When she found the empty loft she knew that this was perfect. The large windows the roof with the glass. It was just the perfect place and most surprising there was allready a piano in it. She had no idea how it got up into the loft but it was there and it was perfect. So she only needed to get furniture and she was done. This evening she would open the bar for the first time. She was dressed perfectly for that event.
Sweater dress
Shiki takes part at Fashion for Life. Their donation items are classical and elegant. I like the upper combination with the sweater and the skirt a lot. It looks like being made to go for a snack in a bar or to spend some time danceing. I had to make the belt a bit smaller and to move the prims of the sweater but it worked well.
The white dress has great textures and as it is a dress in second life it has the benefit that you do not need to be careful to avoid that it gets dirty. It comes with fur for the shoulders. The skirt is non flexi and i made it also a bit smaller until it fit perfectly.
white dress from shiki

Outfit on the first picture: SHIKI-sweater dress TOKYO STROLL (290$)
Outfit on the second picture: Shiki Designs: YUKI dress (490$)

After Fashion for Life and also if you want to see more of their designs you find their Mainstore here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

22769 for Japan

At friday Japan suffered under a horrible earthquake, a tsunami and now it is in danger to get polluted with radioactive radiation as an atomic power plant got out of control. The second life community reacted with organizing an event to help. The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser will start tomorrow. Lots of designers donate items and the money will be collected and donated to the charity Americares.

22769 decided to take part in this event and designed a pink version of their LEDAO Kimono dress for the event. The dress has some steampunk elements and is not a pure kimono it more mixes kimono elements with a elegant dress. I alwas get reminded at Jugendstil by the cut of the dress. The dress is a 100% donation item and sold in the 22769 store and also at the pacific crisis fundraiser.
Pink pacific kimono dress
Dress: 22769 Pacific Crisis Fundraising Female - LEDAO special Release (210$)

22769 also have a new groupgift. This time they created a white sweater with black leather pants. As seeable on the picture it comes in a version for males and females. The guy on the picture is Paco from 22769 himself by the way. He is a bit in disguise as he always changes his look for taking the pictures of his items. He had a lot of fun with a face animator at this day.
march groupgift
Outfits:22769 Groupgift March 2011 (0$)

Pink with feathers

Visiting the beach in winter just wearing a elegant dress with feathers. It is snowing but sometimes fresh air is just more important than avoiding to freeze.
In a gown in the cold
I posted the hunt gift from schoen from the fashion for life hunt some time ago. So here some of their donation items. The white short dress comes with three kinds of skirts. A normal one and a short and long frill skirt. The set also includes a hat. The cape with the rose in the middle is very nice.
The pink gown also comes with two skirts. A short and a long one. One side of the gown is open and covered only with bands. A band of feathers runs from the shoulder to the hip.

Blindfolds are a great accessory. So its a cool thing that Schoen has some as gatcha items at fashion for life.
schoen dress and gown
Left: ::Schoen:: Rira (White) ladies 350 $
Right: ::Schoen:: IbizaMoon (LoversNight) ladies 600$

Saya Littlething the owner of Schoen is japanese. Her family was near the epicenter when the earthquake and the tsunami happend. Please include her and her family in your thoughts. She is a very dear and kind person and made me nearly cry when she apologized for not having replied earlier to my first review on her fashion for life items. Such a horrible disaster and she apologizes for having been busy with her real life. I hope that as many lives as possible could be saved and that a miracle happens and it somehow works to get those atomic powerplants back under control.

Euphorically animated

The sim Euphoria is doing it's 2nd hunt, and as there are so many great stores on that sim, I wasted no time at all getting my pixelated tush down there to find some fabulous items.The first ones I opened I instantly adored, so let me make this short and sweet so I can finish my blog post and open the others! oooooooh it feels like my birthday, only I don't get nearly as many goodies as this on my birthday. All you have to do to be part of the hunt is join the Euphoria group  ( or visit the highlighted link for details ) wear you tag and off you go! there is a list of landmarks for participating stores in notices.

Hair: Free Euphoria hunt item > LoQ hairs
Vest: Free Euphoria hunt item ( just the vest layer worn it's part of a top) > Milk Motion
Dress: Free Euphoria hunt item > Vita's boudoir
Bracelets: Free Euphoria hunt item > Stigma
Shoes: L$149 Andromeda heels > Skifija
Poses: Free Euphoria hunt item > Dare

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stepping out

I couldn't think of a more appropriate title for this blog post, why? because I'm stepping out of the car? or that i'm stepping out for a night out? or because it's such a lovely song from the film 'Easter parade'? well all of those reasons and how appropriate with Easter just around the corner! I'm wearing the prettiest purple dress, and the colour itself reminds me of spring, all those beautiful coloured crocuses and  tulips that appear at this time of year. Well if that doesn't make you smile then let me tell you that this dress is free! hard to believe isn't it. It's available at the Moolto hunt so grab your moolto glasses and group tag and head down to DD style and pick it up !

Dress and shoes: Free Moolto hunt gift > DD style

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who is that boy?

I'm in my tomboy clothes today or should I say unisex? yes that sounds better. I picked up this lovely vest at A:S:S yesterday and I love it. It's like a waistcoat so will look great over a shirt or on it's own with a skirt, I'm definitely going to play around with a few looks.

Hair: Free NMR122 hair - Brown >Boon
Vest: L$65  cotton vest - grey   >A:S:S
Coat: L$249 _ Navy duffle coat > Fir & Mna
Shorts: Free part of the St patricks day gift @ > Jane
Socks: Free- daily socks > Arai
Boots: Free group gift > Vinyl cafe addicts


Standing in snow in a dress which is not made to sit in it. It forces the one who wears it to stand or to walk. But in elegant movements like a living doll.
In a very unflexible skirt
The first time i heared about the secret shelf was when i saw the owner roleplaying. She was awesome. Her avatar looked so different and special that i was just stunned. And she was a brilliant roleplayer as well, just impressing and stunning.
Her creations are like her. She uses very elegant and pretty textures. I hope that those are seeable on the picture. The cloth which has been used to make this dress looks like there would be little patterns woven into it. The skirt seems to be made of metal and might be heavy. Around the waiste it has ravenskulls. Those fit to the theme of the current twisted hunt "nevermore" the dress is one of the gifts from the secret shelf in this hunt.

Dress: *Secret Shelf* Ladies Twisted Prize Spring 2011 (0$ huntgift in the twisted hunt)

Beloved by Butterflies

Some flowers have green blossoms and some butterflies know that. So they flew around me trying to get my scent to decidede if i m a flower or not.
Loves for shades of green
When seeing this dress from VUI at fashion for life i had to have it. VUI itself closed it doors but they have a sales booth at fashion for life. This dress comes in a mix of shades of gold and green with a very metallic look. The combinations of colours are impressive. The skirt looks a bit like it would move but it does not. The frills around the neck have been made with the same or similar textures as the skirt, but they are a bit smaller. The dress comes also with a small headdress. It might be a bit brave to combine a green dress with purple boots but the boots from perse are so unique in their mix of classic and modern style so they go quite well with the dress. And as they are available in many colours its possible to pick them in a dark grey as well.
Green dress with purple boots
Dress: VUI. Marbled Little Diva (green/yellow) (50$)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Purple (149 $)

Blue in front of blue

Wandering around having blue thoughts and ruining good highheels. At least the dress is cute and fits perfectly to the water. And its definitly worth to ruin great shoes for a good walk.
Blue infront of Blue
Vanitas Vesture is a store which makes classical outfits for women. The items are well made with love and nice textures. And Vanitas Vesture takes part at fashion for life. There they present their latest mini-collection "Madison Ave".

The upper dress is called "Languid Party Dress" i have to admit i had to look up the word languid but i do not really understand the name maybe it is because the textures look a bit matt. The dress is lovely. It comes on all layers and the skirt floats nicely. On the picture you could see the dress in Auld Blue but it is available in much more colours like in red, rose, or shades of grey, black or white. The version in spring (a light green) is sold at fashion for life as donationitem.

On the lower picture you could see the Nervous Blouse in gold combined with the Meticulous Pencil Skirt in olive. I had to look up meticulous as well and this word definitly describes the skirt very well. The designer used the skirtlayer for this skirt (i guess its not possible to create pencilskirts without the skirtlayer) and with a band, in the colour of the skirt around the hips, the gap which often appears between the skirt and the rest of the avatar is covered. This takes a bit of the strictness of the skirt but makes it more special and it looks good. And of course it is a smart and goodlooking solution and for an annoying problem (maybe the problems with the skirtlayers are an invention of the Lindens to see how designers manage to solve it).
The top is more playful than the skirt it has a collar which looks a bit like a scarf. The prims for the arms have little frills. As the dress it comes on all layers. The skirt and the top are also available in many colours. The skirt in red and the blouse in teal are two of the donation items from Vanitas Vesture at Fashion for Life.

Vanitas Vesture is located on the Bourke White Sim at Fashion for life and their Mainstore is in Bill.
getting wet feet in a pencil skirt

Dress: Vanitas Vesture - Languid Party Dress - Auld Blue (200$)
Top: Vanitas Vesture - Nervous Blouse - Gold (100$)
Skirt: Vanitas Vesture - Meticulous Pencil Skirt - Olive (100$)

With friends in the garden

Somehow a giant clover grow in my garden. So i asked some friends to visit me. Although it was a strange clover because even the goats who seem to become more and more every day did not want to eat it. We climbed onto the shamrock and Zorah pretended to balance but she had some mean plans ... ouch.
with friends in the garden
This shamrock is big enough for five people. It is well made as everything from Just a Pose and fits well into the garden or on a st patricks day party. The poses are animated so it looked like Zorah was planing to kick me. I enjoyed it to spend sometime with Dehrynn and Zorah in the garden.
Zorah being mean
Shamrock: { Just A Pose } The Party's Clover - Animated! - (75$ in TOSL this weekend)

Top: A:S:S - January cardigan - Crimson
Vest: A:S:S - Cotton vest - blue
Trousers: [[[COGOO]]]Cotton Trousers

Hair - Amacci Hair Isak ~ Jet Black
Shirt - !RFyre Hollis Mens Black Slash Sweater
Belt - [MANDALA] Kookai Belt /Black (Resize)[Male] stomach
Pants - Deviance-leather pants-stars - Black v1.1
Boots - Abyss - FM_Boots//SlowRider[Black_Leather]
Lip piercing - A:S:S deLuxe - Cross my heart, male
Ears - Schadenfreude Fey Ears with Solid Acrylic Plugs
Eyes - A:S:S - Stars in your eyes - Dehrynn
Eyeliner - A:S:S - Guyliner - 03
Skin - [ DNA ] .::.:HARMONY:.::. [_TYPE 3A_] [_HAIR_] SHAVED
ring - ) AI ( Wytlesey Solitaire Signet Ring

Zorah: is just offline and will be pestered to tell what she wore as soon as she comes online.

Fab Pony at Fashion for Life

Yesterday finally Fashion for Life opened. It is a Fashion Fair on which more than 100 Designers work together to help the American Cancer Society. The designers create items for the event which are sold in special vendors. The Lindens which are gained through those sales go directly to the American Cancer Society. In the last years this event was called RFL Clothing Fair but as some things changed they also changed the name of the event. They put the reasons for the rebranding onto their site.
Walking on water
This are some of the items from Fab Pony. They made a very sparkly dress with a mix of pinks and black. The patterns are big and i like the idea of making the sleeves not symetric. On their blog they say they make fashion for girls who want to get recognized and this definitly will happen when wearing this dress. The top with the highrise trousers are an other donation item from fab pony. The trousers have really big flares. The hair used with them is a donation item from amacci. It has been created specially for fashion for life. It is black and has blonde tips. The hairbands have a colourhud so you could decide which colour they should have.
fab pony dress and jeans with top
The shirt is in the fashion for life hunt. It has some parrots on it. The sleeves are sculpted and look a bit like they moved up without that the person who wears the shirt planed it. The trousers in a very neonlike green and a light grey are also donation items.
fab pony jeans

Dress: FAB.PONY "Own the Night" Dress (Magenta Magic) (310$)
Highrise trousers with top: FAB.PONY "Chloe" Jeans + "Samantha" Tank (399$)
Pink shirt: FFL Hunt Item* FAB.PONY Printed Tee "2 Parrots" (70's Pink) (25$)
Trousers: FAB.PONY Acid Wash Jeans (349$)
Hair with the two pony tails: Amacci Hair Suzy ~ Black Coal Tipped Blond (100 $)

No reason to sweat

Standing at the harbour and pondering if it would be ok to walk around in a dress with such a cut or not. At least its not very likely to sweat in it.
black intresting cut dress
This dress is nothing for coy persons or maybe it is good for coy persons because when wearing it people might be tempted to speak with you. It is only the question where they are going to look at when talking to you. The dress comes from Touche De Classe. It could be either worn with a open side and a pastie (or no pastie if being very brave) or with one side covered with lace and a pastie under it as well. The dress comes on the jacket and the trouser layer and the pastie on the shirt layer so you could wear tattoos under it if you have some old tattos you love and have them only for the undies layers. The laceleggins are included in the set. They do not cover the feet that means if you have primfeet highheels they will look fine with those leggins. I like the combination with high boots as the skirt is that short that it goes well with those boots.
Lace and Lace
Dress: ~TDC~ Confidante (249$)
Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Le Papillion Noir, female (115$)