Sunday, March 13, 2011


Standing in snow in a dress which is not made to sit in it. It forces the one who wears it to stand or to walk. But in elegant movements like a living doll.
In a very unflexible skirt
The first time i heared about the secret shelf was when i saw the owner roleplaying. She was awesome. Her avatar looked so different and special that i was just stunned. And she was a brilliant roleplayer as well, just impressing and stunning.
Her creations are like her. She uses very elegant and pretty textures. I hope that those are seeable on the picture. The cloth which has been used to make this dress looks like there would be little patterns woven into it. The skirt seems to be made of metal and might be heavy. Around the waiste it has ravenskulls. Those fit to the theme of the current twisted hunt "nevermore" the dress is one of the gifts from the secret shelf in this hunt.

Dress: *Secret Shelf* Ladies Twisted Prize Spring 2011 (0$ huntgift in the twisted hunt)

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