Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blue in front of blue

Wandering around having blue thoughts and ruining good highheels. At least the dress is cute and fits perfectly to the water. And its definitly worth to ruin great shoes for a good walk.
Blue infront of Blue
Vanitas Vesture is a store which makes classical outfits for women. The items are well made with love and nice textures. And Vanitas Vesture takes part at fashion for life. There they present their latest mini-collection "Madison Ave".

The upper dress is called "Languid Party Dress" i have to admit i had to look up the word languid but i do not really understand the name maybe it is because the textures look a bit matt. The dress is lovely. It comes on all layers and the skirt floats nicely. On the picture you could see the dress in Auld Blue but it is available in much more colours like in red, rose, or shades of grey, black or white. The version in spring (a light green) is sold at fashion for life as donationitem.

On the lower picture you could see the Nervous Blouse in gold combined with the Meticulous Pencil Skirt in olive. I had to look up meticulous as well and this word definitly describes the skirt very well. The designer used the skirtlayer for this skirt (i guess its not possible to create pencilskirts without the skirtlayer) and with a band, in the colour of the skirt around the hips, the gap which often appears between the skirt and the rest of the avatar is covered. This takes a bit of the strictness of the skirt but makes it more special and it looks good. And of course it is a smart and goodlooking solution and for an annoying problem (maybe the problems with the skirtlayers are an invention of the Lindens to see how designers manage to solve it).
The top is more playful than the skirt it has a collar which looks a bit like a scarf. The prims for the arms have little frills. As the dress it comes on all layers. The skirt and the top are also available in many colours. The skirt in red and the blouse in teal are two of the donation items from Vanitas Vesture at Fashion for Life.

Vanitas Vesture is located on the Bourke White Sim at Fashion for life and their Mainstore is in Bill.
getting wet feet in a pencil skirt

Dress: Vanitas Vesture - Languid Party Dress - Auld Blue (200$)
Top: Vanitas Vesture - Nervous Blouse - Gold (100$)
Skirt: Vanitas Vesture - Meticulous Pencil Skirt - Olive (100$)

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