Sunday, March 13, 2011

No reason to sweat

Standing at the harbour and pondering if it would be ok to walk around in a dress with such a cut or not. At least its not very likely to sweat in it.
black intresting cut dress
This dress is nothing for coy persons or maybe it is good for coy persons because when wearing it people might be tempted to speak with you. It is only the question where they are going to look at when talking to you. The dress comes from Touche De Classe. It could be either worn with a open side and a pastie (or no pastie if being very brave) or with one side covered with lace and a pastie under it as well. The dress comes on the jacket and the trouser layer and the pastie on the shirt layer so you could wear tattoos under it if you have some old tattos you love and have them only for the undies layers. The laceleggins are included in the set. They do not cover the feet that means if you have primfeet highheels they will look fine with those leggins. I like the combination with high boots as the skirt is that short that it goes well with those boots.
Lace and Lace
Dress: ~TDC~ Confidante (249$)
Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Le Papillion Noir, female (115$)

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