Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blown away

Waving a Dandelion to help all the little seeds at their parachutes to start their journey.
blown away
The Albero Kawaii hunt started today. In this hunt you search for 16 tree stumps. At the startpoint you get a hud and with every tree you find you could see more of a picture. When having found all trees you could teleport to the participating stores and grab the hunt gifts. There are not only japanese stores on Albero. For example No Strings Attached has a shop there and also Duh! sells shoes at this place. The prices are pretty cute. The cuphat comes from Ingenue. The dress is the gift from mocha and the shoes are the gift from Duh. The pale skin comes in a version with and one without freckles.
in soft colours
Dress: +mocha+ - Highland Holiday [Mint] (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Skin: HUNT ALBERO *LpD* Skins - *Pink Flower Special Edition* (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Floral Linen Flats Albero (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Necklace: (Caroline's Jewelry) Pink Cupcake Necklace (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Hat: Ingenue :: Teetering Teacups Chapeau :: Albero Kawaii Hunt (0$ Albero Huntgift)
Dandalion: 'NSA' - Dandy (for Albero Kawaii hunt) (0$ Albero Huntgift)
cloverleaf: 'NSA' - Lucky Brolly (don't know yet how much it will cost)

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