Thursday, June 7, 2012

For Flowers

The path had been but finally she had gotten what she yearned for. She was one of the bright ones. And normaly she should have been dedicated to serving the sun, singing to the moon and counting stars. A calm life with some fights now and then about who might be the best. But a life which was too boring for her . She wanted more than spending all her time on reaching something which allready had been planed.
the gift of the goddess
First she had been pondering about trying to become one of the fire priests. Flames were something she could handle but having to learn 261 names for fire was something she didn't interest at all so she left those. Then she tried the water cult. They taught her how to dive for hours so that her skin started to absorb the air she needed from the water. It was not bad but having been so attached to the sun for a long time it was something she missed to much in the deepths of the oceans. Finally she decided to test the group which cared for plants. And it was like it was what she had been training to do all the time. She knew how to deal with the celestials so that she knew how to get the right light for the plants. The teachings of the fire priests allowed to make sure that the right amount of warmth was provided. And the knowledge about water helped her to provide the right water. Finally she had something which was interesting and versatile. It was the first time that she really liked what she did and had the feeling that it was something which was needed. So she kept doing it and soon she received the gautlets which were the sign that she was an official member of the plant cult. the gift of the goddess III Currently two events are running which are cute and lovely. In Booshtopia and some other sims something called "Flori & the Nectubloom Rising". It is a quest in which you have to help Flori the Flora deity of Booshtopia to fertilize the Nectublooms so that they start blooming and some booshies can drink their nectar. After receiving some informations and a hud from Flori you start to search for those flowers and with the help of the hud you give them the fertilizer. It is a cute idea and the gift you get at the end is just lovely.It is a pair of gauntlets with leaves on the top and a gem. After the booshies are released the people who did the quest will also have a special flora item for their booshies. The gauntlets are no copy but transfer. It is possible to mod them. The dress and the poses come from the other event Chic's 2nd birthday. The poses have been created by Mavi Beck. She is not only one of second life's best models but also a storemanager for Miamai and also the one behind Miamai poses. This set is called the time is now.
Tomoto also takes part in this event. They made a very cute dress which is available in four colours. This one is the the white version. It is possible to edit the prim parts so that they fit. The dress itself creates a dreamy look.
The horns from ni.Ju first were sold at the fantasy faire. Now they  are also available in their store. At the fantasy faire ni.Ju had their stall in Nu Orne. The buildings which have been used to create this sim are now available at Cerridwen's Cauldron. Elicio Ember's store who also built Nu Orne. It is possible to see them on a plattform which can reached with the help of teleport pads.
the gift of the goddess II

Gauntlets: Booshies : Flori's Gauntlets (0 L$ Flori Quest in Booshtopia)
Dress:  tomoto, delice white (380 L$  sold at Chic2)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/  Sybille Mesh Hair -  - (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack)
Horns: [ni.Ju] - Portmanteau  - white (299 L$)
Legwarmers: *Epic* Barbs & Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers {Paw} (279 L$)
poses: Miamai _Model pose_The Time is Now (250 L$ for 10 poses sold at Chic2)

Location: Nu Orne at Cerridwen's Cauldron

[more chic²ness]

[more chic²ness]

I've already introduced the CHIC² Birthday Event (June 3rd - 24th) to you in my last post, but there is so many nice things to be seen and found there that I thought it's well worth a second (and maybe even third?) post. Today you can catch a glimpse at Miamai's contribution, the sexy minidress called Nene that is available in no less than 7 colours to pick your favourite from. With its both cute and elegant ruffled skirt and the sculpted corset and bosom-line, this little dress is more than suitable for various occasions, may it be shopping, a visit at the beach or a steamy summer party.

On Raven

Hair: .: vive nine :. - DreamCatcher in Noir w/ DeepRoots
Skin: -Glam Affair- Gio Natural Skin
Eyes: -Glam Affair- Snow Queen Eyes

Lashes: Miamai_Catwalk Lashes - Delicate 01
Hairbase: /Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase - Night shadow
Eyeshadow: .:A&M:. - Eyeshadow Duo - Red&Wine

Dresses: Miamai - Nene (shown in teal, red and black, available at the CHIC² Birthday Event)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I want to ride my...

Eloise had been out riding all day, through the fields and down the rutted tracks, her blue bike could handle the terrain. it had been a long, hot day, and she had enjoyed the time with her friends in the countryside. Stopping by the river, upstream, well before the pollution of the town hit, they had waded in the cool green water under the shade of the trees. Spreading out the blanket they had shared a picnic amongst the flowers that bloomed wild in the meadow, a playful reminder of childhood days gone by, the plastic cups of sparkling wine a cheerful nod to their adult state. As the sun passed through the sky, and started its descent it was time to head back to town, after all, she had a date. Emerging from her rented rooms, showered and fresh, still smelling of sun and daisies she was dressed to meet Jacques, brushing some tangled grass from the gears, she was ready.
 Snapshot_308 They had meet one hot day, a few weeks before, when Eloise had stumbled with some friends into the quiet cafe, their loud laughter and chatter fading in the sombre atmosphere. The cafe was, after all, a refuge for the great and the good of the town from the heat of offices and courtrooms. Retreating to one of the tables outside, shaded by the large parasols, yet with no protection from the noise and bustle of the street, the tables were less popular, and much more suitable. Jacques had noticed her straight away, not the loudest, or the most confident ordering, her sweet smile and clear laugh captured his heart. Risking the ire of the strict manager, as he cleared their table, he slipped a scrap of paper on which he had written his number into her hand along with the receipt. That same evening, they met and rode out for the first time. Bikes1 Now each evening, they kept this rendez-vous. Of course, they didn't just ride. The bike was quiet, and could get past the guards in the factory district. Away from the streets and cafes, often busy long into the summer nights, they headed where they wanted. Following the music from illicit parties, or just the flight of a bird, they were free of care and concerns. Stopping often, not tied by the roads, they shared kisses and promises, and would remain forever, even if only that summer, Jacques & Eloise. Bike2 

This is the [Virtual Props] Freestyle Photography Pose Prop; it costs L$800, and the permissions are COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.. There is no notecard associated with this product, just rez and pose!
It has 12 Unique single poses, 5 couples poses, adjustable with memory for up to 100 avatars, photographer controlled and can be placed into any photo studio prop rezzer. 77 color choices. 15 Prims.

Skin :  S u g a r :  -C- :2: Breeze {Sheer Twilight} (I believe this came from the SYS event for May)
Hair :  [Shag] - Love Is A Battlefield  - Dirty Blonde
Top :  *Fishy Strawberry* Denim Dress Wash B (Dress upper layer worn as a top)
Skirt : (r)M~BabyDoll Skirt (No.07)
Leggings: DeeTaleZ Tights half net black leather leggings
Boots : MIEL FAR BOOTS - solid -

Hair :  **Dura-Boys&Girls**15(Black)resize
Eyeliner : Flirt - Guy Liner 1
Shirt : +REDRUM+ Seahorse T-Shirt
Jeans : :FORM: Tilt Dark Jeans
(Sadly can't seem to find the store existing now. These are rather old)
HOC - Bolts Sneakers - Male

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[piglet pink marzipan]²

[piglet pink marzipan]

CHIC² is celebrating its 2nd birthday in June, and an awesome event that includes dozens and dozens of the best loved CHIC clients invites you to join the party and indulge yourself in a true shopping spree! All of the offered items have been exclusively made for the event, and there is some gorgeous things to be found, from clothing to jewellery, poses, hair, and many, many more.

When I first saw the suits from [Cheerno], especially the pink one, I immediately had to think of... piglet pink marzipan! The colour is so cute and squeaky that I couldn't resist grabbing it, and I wasn't disappointed. Made from mesh, you can wear it with the jacket open or closed, and the included tee-shirt can be worn tucked into the pants or just untucked for a more casual look. And if pink is not your shade, you can also go for the more subtly coloured versions. Go and try a demo!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Adam
Hair: RAW HOUSE - Trilby
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog - free)

Suits: [CheerNo]- Suit Julio * Pink and Sand (exclusively at the CHIC² Birthday Event)
Necklace: +ROZOREGALIA+ - *Belial* Necklace

Sunday, June 3, 2012


The circles it hooves had caused in the water were calm again. The Equylon had been standing calm in the water for a long time. It was pondering. There was an apple it really wanted. Not for itself. Of course the apple looked so tasty but the Equylon was kind and helpful and wanted to make a gift. Dreaming Equylon The Nectublooms looked like they would start to bloom soon and had appeared everywhere in Booshtopia - something which happened every year. Most booshies were waiting happily for this moment. Especially the Beefluza Booshies. They would feed from the nectar of those wonderful flowers. Happy Ibstomp But the Equylon knew that those flowers didn't produce the nectar by themself. There was that little goddess who lived in the forest - Flori - she always seemed to take care that there was enough food for those beings who lived in the forest of boosh. Sometimes she even seemed to help that the rest of the land was in bloom but her home was always the forest. The Equylon hoped to find a way to get the apple. It hoped that Flori would like the gift. in menchys gardenBreedables were never something which interested me. But the Fantasy Faire and the Breedables Fair the Booshies caught my interest. Those cute pets do not only come in a great variation of sorts, it will also be possible to go on adventures with them as soon as they get released.
At the moment it is allready possible to visit Booshtopia and to see some of the booshies walk around. Beside this there are many of them available as avatars. For example the ones on the first and the second picture (the green Urpy and the blue Girecko are booshies who tend the garden on the 3rd picture). But there are more available for example even one which reminds on a flying cat.
It is amazing how different and cute all of them look.
There is actually an event about the Nectubloom Flowers in Booshtopia which will start tomorrow. For more informations there is a page on the booshies website: Nectubloom event.

Booshies: Booshitar: Equylon (250 L$)
Booshies: Booshitar: Ibstomp (250 L$)
Booshies: Booshitar: Bonkle (250 L$)