Monday, June 22, 2015

On Converse Row...

Infiniti elegance 3 Scarlet had worked on Converse Row for years now. More than a stones throw from the worst end of town, but several tram stops from any bourgeois security. The tangle of narrow streets and lanes followed the same shambles pattern of centuries earlier, under the cracked tarmac and concrete lay cobbles worn by the ages. The Row held many businesses, mostly law abiding - except for high days and holidays...
She walked to work, red heels glinting in whichever light found them, twilight, streetlight or the dawn. Of course she wasn't for sale, no regular to the street, or visitor who would be welcomed back would allow that thought to cross their mind. Dealers and donut munching cops watched over the Row, sentient gargoyles, she had never felt safer. All eyes were on her.
Infiniti 1
On Converse Row, skin was business. Sold on the street and in the stores, Scarlet catered to them all. She could illuminate any form, deep shadows and beautiful highlights, the ink in her needles brought beauty to the blank canvas of the body. If you can pay, you could walk away as your own work of art.

Hair : (r)M Hair No.34'15
Skin :  DS'ELLES-Skin JULIE -Porcelaine- eyebrows Brun
Eyes :  DS'ELLES Mesh Eyes -Prunelle Bleu Ardoise
Tattoo (Upper) :  Endless Pain - Damn Life
Dress : :[P]:- Desdemona Dress - Rose
Harness :  :[P]:- Desdemona Harness  Rose
Tattoo (Foot) : Letis Tattoo : Slink Feet : Masks
Shoes : :[P]:- Desdemona Heels  Rose
Poses : Infiniti - Elegance