Thursday, March 14, 2013

Relay the news...

Relay and Fashion for Life in 2013 is a massive event, with some of SL's best designers putting what are often exclusive objects, items and outfits up for sale to raise money for the American Cancer Society. You can find the  Fashion for life SIM here.

I do have to say that I'm concerned that the organisers may not be making the most of the event. Following the link on the SL login screen, or by searching for the event, you get to the SIM above (often under the floor). Here, you can find the gatchas - where you randomly get one of several different versions of an item by paying a low low price. This is of course, great - but this is all that many visiting the event seem to find.
I was walking around for ages, buying from the gatchas, and searching for the stores. Many MANY others (so it wasn't just me not knowing where to go) were doing the same, confusion about the lack of stores was leading to annoyance.
To make things clear - the seven SIMS around the main Fashion for Life SIM, named and styled after the seven wonders of the ancient world are where you find the stores. I tp'd to one as a last gasp hope before giving up and leaving.
THERE THE STORES WERE! I started imming those who had been similarly frustrated in the main SIM - and sadly many were too annoyed at the time they had spent there already to want to go shopping. This is potentially a massive loss of revenue, so if you go, PLEASE let those around you know!
I've not even made it to all of the SIMs yet - I will be back, most likely with enough new stuff for another post.
Relay for Life 2013 is on now!  Here in RL, Cancer Research UK has just begun a new style of ad campaign to raise money for the cause. Very different to earlier campaigns, focusing on the sadness, and hope that go hand in hand with a cancer diagnosis, this is all about fighting back. It's positive, it's inspiring, it's time. Go shopping, spend all you can, get fantastic stuff while donating to the most worthwhile cause of all. Life.
Watch the video here :

Red dress photos - taken in the Colossus of Rhodes SIM:
Skin : -Belleza- Amy Med FFL BL 1 - Recommended donation L$ 200
Eyes : Amacci Fudge Eyes - 19 - From the Gatcha - L$ 25
Earrings : Bliensen + MaiTai - Amore - Madonna - Earrings  - From the Gatcha -  L$ 50
Dress :  [LIV-Glam]WINTER-2012- ANASTASIYA Peacock Gown - Recommended donation L$ 275

Fountain photos - taken in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon SIM:
Skin : -Belleza- Amy Med FFL BL 1 - Recommended donation L$ 200
Makeup : PMD - Colour me pretty 5 - From the Gatcha - L$ 25
Eyepatch : LIKKA*HOUSE Daisy Eyepatch -red- - From the Gatcha - L$ 50
Eyes : Amacci Fudge Eyes - 19 - From the Gatcha - L$ 25
Sweater : Vengeful Threads- Dia de los Muertos Sweater - From the Gatcha - L$ 25
Skirt : ArisAris Igs49-1  handkerchief  Skirt - From the Gatcha - L$ 30
Shoes : *Epic* Mega Spiked Pumps {Camo} - Recommended donation - L$ 200

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well, it's been a long day...

So they said at the end of each day, and the end of each night, as they traipsed in, singly, and in pairs, filling up the booths and barstools at the Supernaturella Café.
Nyx and Electa had been friends for many years, having met right here at the end of another long, and long forgotten days work. The Café was out of time, having rested, in one form or another, exactly where it lay through time out of mind. The faces frequenting it altered, new ones came, old ones faded, or burned all the brighter for their years. None of them came here for the coffee, that sludge had not lasted so well, but it passed the time while waiting for friends, warming hands that passed through the ether to lead the living, for fair reasons, or for foul. The demon and the ghost were often on the same side, the overruling passion of mischief uniting their goals. Still, sometimes each would do what was right and good to their own eyes, putting them in opposition, but work was work, and at days end, their friendship was stronger than anything.
As the evening drew on, they were joined at the sticky, coffee-ringed table by other friends, also longstanding patrons of the Café. Few places attracted such an eclectic clientele, it was a place to rest after all, to replenish, where causes and concerns, and battles for souls and lives were left outside. Ezriel and Kip had shared many nights, many drinks, and even more laughs in this rusty old Café. Sliding over the vinyl seats, resting weary bones in the company of their mates. As the last Buddy Holly track flipped into play in the old jukebox, the evening of relaxation, of sharing stories in safety wound to an end. Rising, they headed outside, arm in arm, ready now to find more fun in the darkness, as the 'CLOSED' sign was flipped in the window.

More Meshy goodness from the delectable Mz Wytchwood at +REDRUM+. A series of relaxed t-shirts for both sexes, with theological, or perhaps antitheological designs. You get two colours in each design pack - black and grey - with the exception of the Lucipurrr design, where you get dark grey and green. There are five designs in all to collect. Each pack costs L$99.  You can find them on marketplace here...
Or inworld at the shiny new mainstore here...

*Pops some champagne corks - having just hit the one year mark of blogging here - Yeay!*