Thursday, August 7, 2014

Riding the rails

It was the era of speed. The twenties roared with shining engines and sparkled with modernity. The horrors of the Great War were not forgotten, they were just that bit harder to see when eyes were dazzled by movement, chrome and sequins. 1 Spitfire welcomed this change, along with all others of her age. The nights were long, free to be enjoyed. Beerhalls stayed open until the dawn, jazz spilled from windows and doorways. She rode the rails between nightclubs, a buccaneer in each carriage, one eye ever open for thrills to come. 3 In the darkest hours of night, she sailed her landbound ship alone, wheels trundling along tracks, wearing to a brilliant shine in the moonlight. Her cabin aglow, sliding through the shadows of the city, the cobbled hills her own high seas. 4 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is something of a treasure trove. Ok ok I'll stop with the pirate references 
- just such the vibe I get from this dress! 
YumYums have these beautiful items in the Carnival in this round which begins on August 8th. 
Dress, shoes, eye-patch and hat are available in a range of colours, red, green, purple blue, from commons to ULTRA RARE pink. All for just L$ 50!

Spitfire wears:
Hair : Analog Dog - PopScotch - Blacks L$ 275
Analog Dog
Skin : Deetalez Skin Shanice No.4 eyeliner (Skin retirement sale)
Eyes :  Chus! Poppet Lens in Spawn L$ FREE
Chus! Marketplace
Dress, Eyepatch, Hat and Shoes :  .{yumyums}. Miss Captain Heart
Amazing texture on the dress, the shading is perfect. The shoes are for SLink High Mesh feet. Love this!
Available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival here from 08/08/2014:

Acerbus Silva

The sim where the pictures were taken is a current favourite of mine. A beautiful rendering of Stuttgart.