Saturday, February 12, 2011

Painless Tattoos

Sometimes Tattoos are great but its even greater when they stay just for a short time. Diapop relased henna tattoos for the arms. Thats a good reason to combine them with some more Diapop and Somapop items. I blogged the green scarf ages ago. Its just a clothing layer so it keeps the Avatar rendering costs low. The shirt below the scarf is a ramones shirt. Always a good object to show some attitude. The jeans are also from diapop.
Tattoo: * [DIAPOP] * mijn mehndi tattoo - hetal (cheerful) (79$)
Scarf: [SomaPop] tuch green (comes in a set with 4 colours for 149 Linden)
Top: * [DIAPOP] * I love mijn ramones halter (99$)
Jeans: [DIAPOP] * jeans da ballo green ::low rise::(69$)

Here a picture of an other Tattoo. I combined it with a simple shirt and also jeans. A good outfit for hanging around, washing the dishes and maybe also to buy food. The antlers are also from Diapop. I like them a lot as they are very cute.
Tattoo: * [DIAPOP] * mijn mehndi tattoo - champak (flower) (79$)
Jeans: * [DIAPOP] * jeans blu scuro ::low rise:: (69$)
Shirt: * [DIAPOP] * mijn ::goldie:: tee
Antlers: * [DIAPOP] * : Antlers Gatcha item (30$)

When Soma from Somapop heard that Storm and I are now responsible for "Look what the cat brought". He decided to put out a dollarbie for our followers. I hope im not the only ramones fan here. The shirt is unisex. The tattoo is a part of the Somapop mensstuff hunt gift.

T-Shirt: [SomaPop] ramones shirt (1$ Dollarbie for our followers and readers)
Tattoo: [SomaPop] circles and stars tattoo (0$ Mensstuff hunt item)

Friday, February 11, 2011


Standing around and being glad because of not having to work as the latexsuit might get destroyed when touching something sharp.
Somehow my Second Life consists of surprises. I never supposed that i might ever be absolutly keen on a latexoutfit but when seeing this i needed to have it.Its a suit with gloves and stockings and a lot of straps. It could also be worn without some of the primparts but in my opinion it looks best with all of them.
The system layers come either with the latex or without. So if it is extremly warm it is possible to wear the suit without the latex. It still looks great.
The strap around the chest is optional it is also possible to wear only the vertical one with the collar and pasties if its needed.
To be honest i love the look of the whole set. But most i love how great it lets look my favourite tattoo. Somehow it looks under latex much more intresting than it looks without. Its also a question of taste if the boots from bax fit to the outfit or not. I like them in this combination. Some friends i asked had an other opinion.
Latexsuit: Graves: G179 Crossfire black (460$)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather (875$)
Tattoo: ::::HORI-MUTO ::::KURIKARA-MONMON (850 Linden)

Make up your eyes

I love the makeup layer. Its just great to give the Avatar a unique look without having to use an other skin than one's favourite skin. Sometimes its nice when just the lips get an other colour but i like massive makeup for the eyes best. So im stunned by the new makeups from Adam n Eve. They are big i would say and also striking. I like also the elegance of the lines a lot. Makeup: Adam n Eve Goth Tattoo Buttons & Bows (100$)

This one has much Kajal of course there wasn t anything changed at the lips (much Kajal and lipstick wouldn t work and the creator has taste). On that way the eyes remind me a bit on butterflys. And its impressing that it has been managed to create the look of little stones just with using texture.
Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Flourished (100$)

Here are even more stones used. I think this one might be great for a roleplay character. Maybe its even playable that all those diamonds have a special function. Like enabling that the character could sense something humans normaly can't sense. The eyeshadows is also very nice and the little red dots fit well. I have to admit i would never have the patience to paint and glue such an artwork into my face in rl. So its great to have it in second life and that just with putting on a makeup layer and without annoying fights with prims.
Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Bedazzled (100 $)

There are some available with little leaves. This one has violet and black ones. In my opinion they fit well to fairy characters of maybe wood elves. Its also stunning here how much the apparance of the face gets changed just through the makeup layer. There are some more designs available at the store and its definitly worth to take a look. And at the moment there is also a gift in the store. A makeup layer with a little heart for the cheek.
Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Fae (100$)

Gone skating

Sometimes all the task, a roleplay character has, are a bit annoying. So what could be better to relax than spending some time at the road near the beach and to skate. Of course being dressed well and having a bag with useful things just in case. A bag is always a great roleplay item. Its useful when you suddenly need something. So you just have that item in your bag. The skateboard is from Draneqo. I love the look of it. But as it has been made for me its not available for anybody else. The boots are somehow my favourite boots since i have them. They aren t sexy at all i guess but they are comfy and useful and could deal with dirt. The dress comes from MNK its cute. The useful bag was in a complete rp outfit i won some time ago on a midnight mania board.Skateboard: : +DRANEQO+ Sk8_board(elfenlied) (500 Linden custom )
Boots: !! DragansVarg !! *imrae* armor boots flat (490 Linden)
Dress:::MNK*SHOP:: Knit Dress (190$)
Bag: Outfit: *PD/BLACK Equestrienne (was on the midnight mania board i do not know if its still there)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who says I can't wear that?

My father! that's who always said that to me in my days as a real life student. So when I picked up these boots  from Deco in the menstuff hunt , I knew instinctively what I would wear them with...I'd wear them with exactly what I would have done when I was a student.
{ "you wear such pretty things then I look down and you've got on some miners old boots, you can't go out looking like that!" ... "urghhh dad!"  - * goes off to sulk and listen to The Smiths* }
  The top part of this outfit is made up of 2 different tops - being a tunic ( from oyakin)  and the long sleeve part is  part of a sweater ( from Emery). Love this tutu style skirt ...which [yes dad] would look sweet with some little ballet pumps.

Skirt: Free lucky board item > Chocolate atelier
Tunic top : Free cupid hearts hunt item > link to follow..sorry sl doesn't want to play today!
Sweater:  Free group gift > Emery
Belt: L $1  gacha item - hot pink > Chuculet
Gloves: L$50 > League
Hair: Free 10,000 group gift > D!va
Boots: Free menstuff hunt item > Deco
Scarf: Free gift > Mr Poet
Leggings: Free somapop hunt item > Somapop
Glasses: Free > Maschienenwerk

The art of Graverobbing

Omen Zero here, In this day and age the art of grave-robbing is highly frowned upon, however do not let this dissuade you, rifling through the bodies of the nearly departed is a very profitable business. You might be confused, so let me clarify, I speak of the Dead Mans Hand Hunt by Madpeas. I am not someone who usually goes on hunts, let alone hunts that cost me cash, but I can tell you something about this event, It was worth every last linden! It only costs 100 Linden to get involved, and grab the hud, which is honestly almost nothing. Not to mention the amazing loot you grab along the way.

Now let me be clear about something here, this post is in no way endorsed by the folks from DMHH in any way, shape or form. I simply enjoyed the hunt to such an incredible degree that I felt it should be shared with others. It start off simply, and a little bit of effort is required before the body-rifling can begin. You are transported to a property out in the woods somewhere, it is the house and land of a serial killer. Your job is to go around the house and hunt for clues as to the bodies of the 52 victims. Each object in the house is a potential clue so hunt well! There are a few very tricky clues so let me give you a few hints.

  • 8 Of spades is truly a despicable foe, I recommend putting on your comfiest pair of slippers
  • The Spare house holds a secret upstairs, look closely to the walls.
  • Wear any keys you might find to access new areas
  • Even hand-prints on walls, footsteps under windows and blood-smears can be clues. Don't forget this.
Now once you've found all fifty two clues, you can get to the real loot of it all. And trust me, every piece of loot is worthy of your attention. Included in these prizes are skins from Fallen Gods(Don't forget to pick up the rose skin as well while you are there from a different hunt), a fairly fantastic set of macabre bits and pieces including a gouged eye hook. A few exciting outfits including a wasteland pirate outfit and much much more. There is also a tonne of furniture and even a few really interesting set pieces. There is even a fully animated sex bed death room for those so inclined! My personal favorite trio was the full dungeon sky-box, the forge building and the witches fire.(The last two pictured above) Not to mention the underdog of the hunt, the Zombie statue(I call him George)

Now the best part of all is that when you have completed this interesting trip around the stores(Collecting items from the tainted heart and when the roses turn hunts along the way), you are able to access a final dungeon with a bonus item from each store you have visited! This is where some of the real treats are, including another fallen gods skin! The photos here are a minor random sampling, as the real fun is always in the unboxing of the items themselves. Each object worn(including the skins and tattoos) are prizes from the event, so feel free to go have a bit of fun, and make a killer turn over in his grave.

As you can see there is a great assortment of items and gifts along the way, from scarves, to hats, to furniture, gags and much much more. I of course am only showing the mens clothing but do not let this fool you, there is plenty of prizes for the women too!

Now that that all over and done with, you might be curious as to how you begin such an adventure across the worlds, well its really simple! Simply Click here and it will get you started along your way to finding out the truth behind the Dead Mans Hand.

Happy birthday 22769

The down with the chimney hunt was not only the best hunts i ever made because of the items. For me it is the best hunt i ever did in second life as i met a long eared small guy in it. To be honest Paco from 22769 is not that small only compared to all the 2,5m avatars he is tiny. We did that hunt together and later i got to know his friend Manuel. Both were pretty nice and somehow we moved together on a sim. I just had started to write for look what the cat brought and they started 22769. First it was just a small store but as both are smart, talented, friendly, witty and nice (they are also quite gigglish i have to admit) their store started to grow. We moved to other sims and stayed friends. I would even say that they belong to my best friends in Second life. They are patient when i am lovesick (somehow i m always lovesick so they are very patient) and i pester them from time to time with ideas. Or we just talk. Today 22769 is exactly one year old. And i would like to say "Happy Birthday" and also "Thank you for being always yourself".
I already blogged their Valentines Huntgift. Beside that it is possible to buy now the old groupgifts for 10$ each in their store. There are some great outfits among those for example the great "Sex Instructor" one or the lovely one with the read sweater from august.
On the picture below is one of their personal favourites. The Vintage Senta outfit. Its a steampunked themed gown which also could be worn in a version with shorts.Dress: 22769 casual couture Vintage Series "Senta" (270$)

By the way when we talk it normaly looks like this:
So happy birthday and go on like this.

New from Fierce

Wandering around in black and white lingerie. While wearing a wonderful necklace and being quite relaxed. This is a new burlesque outfit from fierce. It is very much like a dress and comes with cute stockings. And its not only available in black white there are more colours of it. I also suppose that it might work very well as lingerie.Outfit: Fierce**My Milkshake

For those who know how much love could hurt this outfit is kind of perfect. Its a white dress being hold by a heart which has a lot of arrows in it. There is also such a heart on the backside.
Outfit: Fierce**HEARTBREAK

This is the right dress when spending time in a desert. You will always have relaxed legs when wearing it as it rains on you all the time. All the parts of the dress are made of prims but they cover everything decently. The sun with the little cloud for the head is quite cute.
Outfit: Fierce**Il Pleut

Poses: Just a pose

Fight hard but look good

A young fighter grinning after having had a fight with her former best friend. The reason was of course a man. Now that the former best friend had lost the fight she is finally rid of him. As much men might sometimes fight for a woman, women sometimes fight to get rid of a man and she had managed to do so. A good reason to be glad. She was not sorry for her former friend at all. That one had been quite mean and now she would have to be with the guy.

This outfit is new from Ezura. I like all the belt like thingies all over it. The collar looks cool as well as the gloves and the legband. The set includes all system layers. The prim parts are scripted so that is comfy to adjust them. As Ezura, the builder, is not the smallest i had to make them much smaller but there was not problem with doing that at all (sometimes the minimum size of things is still large). I like the look of this item a lot. It looks a bit aggressive but quite cute at the same time. Outfit: + ezura + Li Xiu *Black ($358 or 179 $ currently for Groupmembers)

My funny valentine

Yes you got! it's a another song title that kinda fits the theme of the post...Valentine's  well it's everywhere you can't avoid the pinkness,  the hearts, chocolate blah blah blah and since my Valentine's day will be a funny one ( that funny odd not funny ha ha ) I thought the title was rather apt. I picked out my favourite valentine themed clothing to share with you.  This dress is a cutesy kitsch valentine one I think, it's difficult to see on this picture but it has teeny tiny little hearts all over it , and a naughty little tattoo above the right breast which says 'taste me'  ! Anyway to receive this little treasure of a dress, look in the book at Luv's free shop.

outfit: Free > Luv's free shop
Shoes: Free group gift > Les petits details

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

La Femme ...fatal :(

 La Femme is having a closing down sale.  Such a shame to see another lovely store closing it's doors, so  if you'd like to take advantage of the closing sale dash down there straight away and pick up your pretty vintage style dresses for L$25!

Dress: L$25 closing sale > La femme
Necklace : Free gift - something old > Ganked
Socks: Free part of a set on a lucky board > Art & fun
Shoes: Free group gift ( brown shoes )  > Les petits details

Rednecks and Valentine

He knew that he should have known that it would happen. After her best friend got such a nice engagement ring she was furious. Now she started to talk again about that ring. And she even demanded that he would buy her a more pretty one. Platin and gold was what she demanded. If he would have demanded something from her it would have been to shut up. But he was a gentleman. So he just listened and nodded and listened again. Till he asked instead of her the sister of his best friend if she would like to marry him.

22769 have as last year a valentines store hunt. The hunt gifts somehow remind me on cowboys i guess this was also the intent. For the women the prize is a dress which could either be worn with or without the jeans. Both gender get a hat. For men the prize is a jacket with a vest under it and also jeans. The hunt will start at the 10th and end at the 15th.Outfits : 22769: Valentines store hunt (0 $)

Short Huntitems

Ducknipple always has great huntgifts. And this month their hunt gifts are very short and sexy and with animal print. The textures are quite simmilar. I personally like the violet dress better but i think the golden one might be a great one for roleplay. I love that Ducknipple manages to make so good looking items with mainly useing textures. Its an great store and they are even so kind not to hide their huntgifts on mean places. So its always relaxing when looking for huntgifts in that store.Left: TVDH from Ducknipple :) (0$ Huntgift)
Right: TLH from Ducknipple (0$ Huntgift)

Fade to grey

Still on my masculine/feminine theme I've thrown together a few items from the menstuff hunt ( look for the black t.shirt icon ) . I love these shorts which are a group gift ( mens) at bubblez . You can edit them so that the gusset prim hangs lower making them a baggy hareem style pant. The boots are also a group gift from Mary Jane shoes and have a colour change hud I LOVE colour change huds! The shirt which is from SB menswear in the menstuff hunt has various options too being short/long sleeve, tucked/untucked shirt & buttoned/unbuttoned collar. I love items that are adaptable like that , it shows a lot of clever thought on the designers part in my opinion and of course much better value for your linden. That is when you buy their full price items tee hee! so whilst I love to grab a bargain ( don't we all ) the freebies we collect are also a good representation of the quality you can expect from the designers, and therefore encouraging to purchase full price items. I know it's helped me discover my favourites.

Shirt: Free menstuff hunt gift > SB menswear
Vest: Free menstuff hunt gift > 22769
Shorts: Free group gift > Bubblez
Boots: Free group gift ( group gift has changed since I started this post now some stilettos) > Mary jane shoes
Belt: Former FLF item > Miel

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[disclipline, anyone?]

Black is this week's dominant *coughs* colour in the '52 Weeks Of Color' challenge, and the massive amounts of this shade in my inventory made it kinda hard to decide. Then I saw Luna's beautiful pic with the harness I'd planned on wearing and needed to change my plans a little not to look like a copycat, but I have to confess that I like this outfit even more than the one I originally had in mind. Many thanks go out to Disembodied Hand, owner of :Defectiva:, who created the most stunning pair of breeches I've been hunting for ever since I joined SL years ago, and to Kyoot for their truely awesome customer service. Guys like you rock my world!


My heart is burnin' with desire
To push the limits a lil' bit higher
'Love hurts' so they say
You will like it, babe, if you do it my way

I'm gonna teach you right now
Pretty baby, some discipline
You better take it
I'm gonna give you right now
Pretty baby, some of it...

The 69 Eyes - Discipline

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Hair: Amacci Hair - Nevin ( + hairbase)
Eyes: MADesigns - Individual (glaze)

Shirt: Schadenfreude - Noir Oxford Shirt
Harness: Kyoot - Addicted to Dopamine Harness
Breeches: :Defectiva: - Oppressive Force
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] - Riding Boots

Belt: *BLITZED* - Legacy Belt
Riding Crop: Abranimations - Riding Crop v1b

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Make them fall

Amour jumping innocently around. But had done a lot of mischief today allready. She made a taxidriver fall for the daughter of the boss of the railway. The butcher fall for the librarian (she was a vegetarian librarian) and caused some more trouble.This rather skin showing costume is a huntgift from SeVered GarDeN in the Valentines Diva hunt. And it is rather cute. The Wings are cute, the idea of an arrow for the mouth is cute and i love the bands for the legs. Of course its not an outfit everybody could wear at work. But it is very nice.
Outfit: TVDH *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Cupid (0$ Huntgift)

For those pictures i played around with pictures i took in a greenscreen and background i found on flickr. Here the link to the first and the second background. I somehow doubt that will make more pictures on that way bu its intresting.