Thursday, February 10, 2011

The art of Graverobbing

Omen Zero here, In this day and age the art of grave-robbing is highly frowned upon, however do not let this dissuade you, rifling through the bodies of the nearly departed is a very profitable business. You might be confused, so let me clarify, I speak of the Dead Mans Hand Hunt by Madpeas. I am not someone who usually goes on hunts, let alone hunts that cost me cash, but I can tell you something about this event, It was worth every last linden! It only costs 100 Linden to get involved, and grab the hud, which is honestly almost nothing. Not to mention the amazing loot you grab along the way.

Now let me be clear about something here, this post is in no way endorsed by the folks from DMHH in any way, shape or form. I simply enjoyed the hunt to such an incredible degree that I felt it should be shared with others. It start off simply, and a little bit of effort is required before the body-rifling can begin. You are transported to a property out in the woods somewhere, it is the house and land of a serial killer. Your job is to go around the house and hunt for clues as to the bodies of the 52 victims. Each object in the house is a potential clue so hunt well! There are a few very tricky clues so let me give you a few hints.

  • 8 Of spades is truly a despicable foe, I recommend putting on your comfiest pair of slippers
  • The Spare house holds a secret upstairs, look closely to the walls.
  • Wear any keys you might find to access new areas
  • Even hand-prints on walls, footsteps under windows and blood-smears can be clues. Don't forget this.
Now once you've found all fifty two clues, you can get to the real loot of it all. And trust me, every piece of loot is worthy of your attention. Included in these prizes are skins from Fallen Gods(Don't forget to pick up the rose skin as well while you are there from a different hunt), a fairly fantastic set of macabre bits and pieces including a gouged eye hook. A few exciting outfits including a wasteland pirate outfit and much much more. There is also a tonne of furniture and even a few really interesting set pieces. There is even a fully animated sex bed death room for those so inclined! My personal favorite trio was the full dungeon sky-box, the forge building and the witches fire.(The last two pictured above) Not to mention the underdog of the hunt, the Zombie statue(I call him George)

Now the best part of all is that when you have completed this interesting trip around the stores(Collecting items from the tainted heart and when the roses turn hunts along the way), you are able to access a final dungeon with a bonus item from each store you have visited! This is where some of the real treats are, including another fallen gods skin! The photos here are a minor random sampling, as the real fun is always in the unboxing of the items themselves. Each object worn(including the skins and tattoos) are prizes from the event, so feel free to go have a bit of fun, and make a killer turn over in his grave.

As you can see there is a great assortment of items and gifts along the way, from scarves, to hats, to furniture, gags and much much more. I of course am only showing the mens clothing but do not let this fool you, there is plenty of prizes for the women too!

Now that that all over and done with, you might be curious as to how you begin such an adventure across the worlds, well its really simple! Simply Click here and it will get you started along your way to finding out the truth behind the Dead Mans Hand.


  1. Great post, now I'm really curious about this hunt, gonna check it out! And welcome to the family ^^

  2. Its the same for me i also want to do it now. So Storm do you want to have a date with me? Im a horrible hunt friend but ahm i could wear latex.

    And welcome Omen im really glad that you would like to write here too.

  3. Wow! what an amazing blog post!! * drools a bit with admiration till she realises in doing so it makes her look a bit like a rabid dog* Welcome to the blog!! :)

  4. There are a LOT of prizes on offer, a great intriguing game which must have take a lot of work ... and people moaning cos it's L$100 for the HUD

  5. In my opinion anyone who complains about paying less than 50cents for -hours- of entertainment(not boredom) AND two(three if you are smart) Lost god skins/tattoos that retail at close to 3000 for the set is truly not thinking straight. Not to mention all the other wonderful prizes!