Saturday, February 12, 2011

Painless Tattoos

Sometimes Tattoos are great but its even greater when they stay just for a short time. Diapop relased henna tattoos for the arms. Thats a good reason to combine them with some more Diapop and Somapop items. I blogged the green scarf ages ago. Its just a clothing layer so it keeps the Avatar rendering costs low. The shirt below the scarf is a ramones shirt. Always a good object to show some attitude. The jeans are also from diapop.
Tattoo: * [DIAPOP] * mijn mehndi tattoo - hetal (cheerful) (79$)
Scarf: [SomaPop] tuch green (comes in a set with 4 colours for 149 Linden)
Top: * [DIAPOP] * I love mijn ramones halter (99$)
Jeans: [DIAPOP] * jeans da ballo green ::low rise::(69$)

Here a picture of an other Tattoo. I combined it with a simple shirt and also jeans. A good outfit for hanging around, washing the dishes and maybe also to buy food. The antlers are also from Diapop. I like them a lot as they are very cute.
Tattoo: * [DIAPOP] * mijn mehndi tattoo - champak (flower) (79$)
Jeans: * [DIAPOP] * jeans blu scuro ::low rise:: (69$)
Shirt: * [DIAPOP] * mijn ::goldie:: tee
Antlers: * [DIAPOP] * : Antlers Gatcha item (30$)

When Soma from Somapop heard that Storm and I are now responsible for "Look what the cat brought". He decided to put out a dollarbie for our followers. I hope im not the only ramones fan here. The shirt is unisex. The tattoo is a part of the Somapop mensstuff hunt gift.

T-Shirt: [SomaPop] ramones shirt (1$ Dollarbie for our followers and readers)
Tattoo: [SomaPop] circles and stars tattoo (0$ Mensstuff hunt item)

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