Thursday, February 10, 2011

New from Fierce

Wandering around in black and white lingerie. While wearing a wonderful necklace and being quite relaxed. This is a new burlesque outfit from fierce. It is very much like a dress and comes with cute stockings. And its not only available in black white there are more colours of it. I also suppose that it might work very well as lingerie.Outfit: Fierce**My Milkshake

For those who know how much love could hurt this outfit is kind of perfect. Its a white dress being hold by a heart which has a lot of arrows in it. There is also such a heart on the backside.
Outfit: Fierce**HEARTBREAK

This is the right dress when spending time in a desert. You will always have relaxed legs when wearing it as it rains on you all the time. All the parts of the dress are made of prims but they cover everything decently. The sun with the little cloud for the head is quite cute.
Outfit: Fierce**Il Pleut

Poses: Just a pose

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