Thursday, February 10, 2011

My funny valentine

Yes you got! it's a another song title that kinda fits the theme of the post...Valentine's  well it's everywhere you can't avoid the pinkness,  the hearts, chocolate blah blah blah and since my Valentine's day will be a funny one ( that funny odd not funny ha ha ) I thought the title was rather apt. I picked out my favourite valentine themed clothing to share with you.  This dress is a cutesy kitsch valentine one I think, it's difficult to see on this picture but it has teeny tiny little hearts all over it , and a naughty little tattoo above the right breast which says 'taste me'  ! Anyway to receive this little treasure of a dress, look in the book at Luv's free shop.

outfit: Free > Luv's free shop
Shoes: Free group gift > Les petits details

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