Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Huntress And Her Prey

Adira was an experienced huntress, but she was a ranger above everything. She loved the woods, be it Winter or Summer... every season held some unique charm for her. In Winter she enjoyed the soft duvet of white snow that covered the ground, the silence and the sharp sunlight twinkling on the frozen pond. Spring was the season of rebirth, with the birds chirping and singing, and the fresh, crispy smell of the wet earth under her boots. Summer was bountiful, offering her berries and mushrooms... and Autumn was golden, sleepy decay.
The Huntress
Whenever hunger and necessity called for it, though, Adira became a killer. Armed with her sharp knives and accompanied by her pet raven who served as her scout, she dived into the forest... and did not leave until she had her prey. A rabbit, usually, or a pheasant... and very, very seldom even something bigger, like a young deer.
Silent Woods
And today Adira was walking the hunting path again. Her pantry was empty, so was her stomach... and it looked like Black Claw, the raven, smelled something as he was hopping on the shoulder of his mistress quite impatiently. “Shhhh.... let’s go and see what it is, shall we, Clawie?” – whispered Adira, and sprung forward...
... and tomorrow morning I’m telling you what she found.

Outfit: Black Cat Bones „Storm” that also includes the boots – Lucky Cage prize for this week (0 L$). The outfit is very well done, and I particularly like the small elaborate details, such as the hand stitching on the riveted belt, the soft paisley pattern of the underskirt, the coil of rope hanging on the belt and the second knife half hidden in the left boot.
Necklace: Fallen Leafs „Spiritweaver” – Lucky Chair prize (0 L$).
Hair accessory: Caverna Obscura „Elven Hair Sticks” – gift in the shop (0 L$).
Shoulder pet: Montagne Noire. It was part of a previous Twisted Hunt prize, and it’s not available any more. However, if you’d like to have your own pet raven, drop me a line, because it’s copy/trans. :)
Skin: Rockberry „Megan” A Natural – Lucky Chair prize (0 L$).
Hair: Alice Project „Persuasion SE” in Brown – Lucky Board prize (0 L$). The hair is rigged mesh, the giftbox contains three sizes and two alpha layers, plus the hairtips are tintable.
Hairbase: Analog Dog „Black” – free gift package available in the shop (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „February Caramel” – former monthly freebie, but I’m sure you’ll find something quite similar in the shop. :)
Poses: CS Shapes „Gentle Poses” – former Womenstuff Hunt prize, not available any more.

The pictures were made at the Skerry of Einar, a Gorean RP sim. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

[welcome to the shadows]

[welcome to the shadows]
"I'm the luminance in the gloominess - indisputable way to your providence."

As a true lover of all kind of mesh-items and clothing, I keep searching the Marketplace for new releases, usually of the more uncommon kind. To be honest, I was a bit unsure when I found [DustyHut]'s Master's Robe there, but after purchasing the demo, I was instantly hooked! Trying the demo is highly recommended, for the robe comes in one size only, and I'd say that it rather fits the more slender avatars around, so do yourself a favour and make sure it really fits before you buy. An alpha-layer, as well as a so called 'shadow layer' is also included, to simulate the hood's fall off on your body, and it's available in black and brown.

Skin: [dekade] - Beno (at the Narcissus' Room)
Eyes: REPULSE - Bloodsucker Eyes
Make-up: A:S:S - Runway makeup (free, TPRH-item)

Robe: [DustyHut] - Master's Robe (black) - MESH
Shirt: Illusions - *~*Corvus Silk Shirt

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Croakie And Cutie

Jannina and Johanna Undershroom were twins, but sometimes even their mother had doubts about her two girls being siblings. Both were born with the fine green skin of the meadow pixies of the land, but the similarity ended there. Jannina was a real beauty, while the same inherited features became somewhat distorted on Johanna’s broad, froglike face… so much that their kinsfolk started calling them „Cutie” and „Croakie”. As the two girls grew, yet another difference became painfully obvious, though… that Jannina’s dreamlike traits covered a selfish and arrogant character, while plain Johanna was a nice, pleasant and helpful soul. 
Croakie One day the twins were doing their usual rounds in the woods, when they heard some feeble moaning from under a parasol mushroom. The moaner was a tiny and ancient man, and everybody well versed in the magical lore knows that such tiny and ancient men are usually powerful magicians in disguise. Furthermore, our learned readers also know that said tiny and ancient men usually ask for some favour, then they duly punish anyone answering their pleas in a high and mighty manner, while they fabulously reward the meek who lend them an ear and two hands.
Cutie The tiny person under the mushroom was an exemplary specimen of his kind, and so were the girls. Jannina answered his begging with a shrill and cheeky laughter, while Johanna just smiled and rolled up her sleeves… and later, when they returned to the village, their people just stood around and speechlessly stared at them. Because „Croakie” was a beautiful meadow pixie now, while „Cutie” wore some bright scars that disfigured her smooth beauty… as if their respective characters had been openly written on their small otherworldly faces.

Some more Crazy Hair Hunt 3 stuff, this time from Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros. Miss Benelli, you’re delightfully demented, but this is why we love you! :D

First picture:
Hair: Grim Bros. “Miss Flora Fauna” – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$).
Skin: Grim Bros. “Rainbow Skin” Blue Cream – gift in the shop (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry “March Festive” – monthly gift still available in the shop (0 L$).
Dress and earrings: Simply Fae “Eithne”Green Medieval Dress – 350 L$.
Pose: Sterling Artistry “Emoting Hands” – 30 L$ for one pose, 250 L$ for a 10-pose pack.

Second picture:
Hair: Grim Bros. “Miss Fernia” – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 extra gift (0 L$).
Skin: Nuuna’s Skins “Halloween Witch” – freebie available in the shop (0 L$).
Eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. “Blood Eyes” – freebie available in the shop (0 L$).
Dress: Aussie Duchess “Claire” – previous MM Board prize, not available any more.
Pose: Sterling Artistry “Emoting Hands” – 30 L$ for one pose, 250 L$ for a 10-pose pack.

The first picture was taken at Hazardous, the second one at Da Vinci Gardens.

Floating over flowers

There it was happening finally. Cita smirked lightly. The dress had the effect she had hoped it would have. A lot of efford had been needed to create it. Her dream was to make a dress which would allow her to float over flowers like pollen. Of course Cita wouldn't have worn just pollen. She had the magical abilities to make it behave like it normaly did even when it was glued on something else. But just using her skin would have been boring and also could have caused confusion if anybody would have seen her flying naked over meadows. She wanted to be impressive so she spend ages on collecting so much pollen that it would be enough to carry her and then she started to wove it into a gown. And it worked. Not that it was important for Cita now that she had reached her goal.
Floating over flowers
The gallery gift shop has as beautiful items as always and this Kimono from MiuMin is one of them. It can be worn in three versions, as normal kimono, in a mermaid version with a wider skirtlike bottom and in the gown version like on the picture. All of them look great and beside the gown the set contains also accessories like a bag and flowers for the hair. The primparts all look very light and move with every move of the avatar. The getas which come also with the set are hidden in the mermaid and gown version but visible in the normal kimono version. Of course the set contains also tabi socks. As many items at the gallery gift shop the Kimono can be bought in a copy or in a transfer version.
The short hair is the latest release from Wasabi Pills. It is made of mesh but different than most mesh hair its unrigged. As it is short hair it is also not really needed to rig it. So it can be handled as normal sculpted hair. And if you have bought hair from Wasabi Pills before and still know how much you needed to resize your sculpted hair from that store, those numbers are exaclty the same at this hair - as its non rigged it comes with a resizer and can be moved.
The flowers on the picture come from The Looking Glass. This store sells awesome plants which look like they would come from an other planet. As those on the picture change their colour and glow they are actually really not very earthy. They are sold no copy but transfer in a set which contains several versions of them.
The background is a skybox from Spessart, it has a footprint of 26 x 26 and is made of 12 prims. The pose comes from purple poses.

Dress: *MiuMIn* 3way KiMoNoDress [Black] (270 L$ sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Annette2 Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)

Flowers: The Looking Glass - Paper Flowers (300 L$)
Background: Spessart - Skybox XII (149 L$ sold on the marketplace)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crazy Hair Hunt 3

So many outfits, so many moods, so many roles to play. Each demands its own hair to complete a look, a victorian gent with a pink mohican may look cool, but not so authentic (having said this, it may be a look I work on in future).
This is why I love hair hunts. Doing so many hunts, often I find that there aren't that many hair stores included, which is disappointing given the number of great creators out there. When it comes to hair, I have my favourite creators, and one of them - RedMint - included the store list for this hunt in their group update notice.
      A hunt?
My ears perk...
            For Hair?
You have my attention.
                      With all these stores?
I'm sold. Let's Hunt.

Of course not every hair will work for everyone, but there's is a really wide mix of styles here, all a little on the crazy side - the best side to be on. All stores have the hunt poster - from which you can get a current list of stores, and hints! All hunt prizes are free to buy.

Crazy hair 1 Massive Overgrowth - Shown here in Elvish - By the Stringer Mausoleum.
This gift comes with 6 colours total, and bonus for those petites - same colours included for the smaller sizes! This particular hair could take me in a number of different directions, whether for RP, or as inspiration for photosets. It suggests to me an ice witch, or a mermaid of the north, or even something extra-terrestrial!

Crazy hair 3   How does your garden grow? - by ZsaZsa - MESH
This mesh hair is exactly the kind of thing that makes me love SL hair, and hunts in particular. I would rarely - not never - but rarely have the inclination to go looking for hair like this, but having found it, I love it. The colours are so bright, cheerful, and most importantly, it actually works as hair, rather than something daft I've plonked on my head. It inspires the fun loving, wicked pixie, who sneaks about in the garden, moving the shears, protecting the wild flowers from the gardener's hands all before riding off into the sunset on the back of a white rabbit.

Crazy hair 2
Hathor - Shown here in Grackle - By Tekeli-li! dark artistry.

This Multihues pack is a limited edition release for CHH3, and contains five new combination colours, created especially for the hunt. Helpful NC is included, detailing possible modifications to colour of metals, gems, and gem's glow. Also some nice information about the inspiration behind the hairstyle. This hair makes me long for a flowing white toga, and some ruined temples to wander while I recite poetry beautiful enough to drive souls to distraction.


Drow, when beings which weren't drow heard that word it made them shiver. They knew that the ones who lived deep in the mountains were more to fear than the worst giant. A long time ago Druunak had been a drow and he agreed. It was smarter to flee from them although it was hardly possible to escape them. As all of his kin he had spend his youth in dark caves somewhere under the mountains always in danger. The next drow was always the next possible killer. For some time he enjoyed it. The silent killings, the intrigues and the parties - which only lead to more killings and intrigues. But then he started to get bored and saw no sense in playing the typical games. Although it were games which could cause his dead he simply wasn't thrilled anymore. Searching for more deepth he made his way up to the surface.
22769 sweater for narcissus room I
First the bright sunlight hurt his eyes. Everything else would have been surprising. After a while he started to wander downhill and was soon amazed by all the flowers and trees he saw. The naturewas totally different for him. He also met people well met would have been wrong he saw people but they ran away from him, in his opinion they were pretty slow. But then he saw a man working in a garden and approached him and the man didn't run away. The man was old for a human, which meant he was a child for Druunak, but a child with knowledge he wanted so the Drow became the apprentice of the gardener. And finally found something which was better than killing for the sake of killing and more power. Slowly people even got used to seeing him working in the garden. But always when somebody got killed he had to deal with people singing a german song "Der Mörder ist immer der Gärtner".
22769 sweater for narcissus room
22769 takes part in two events for men at the moment and for both they created mesh items. For the 3rd round of the narcissus room they made a green hipster jumper. The way the folds are designed is awesome. As the shirt is made of mesh it comes with a alphalayer. It should fit any avatar. The slacker pants are designed for the Mens Departement event. They do not need an alphalayer and are perfect to wear in the morning or when walking around in a casual way. The mens.department event will start at April 7st. There is a group you can join to get more informations about it. Even the poses come from 22769, they were a gift for the bloggers who took part in the 22769 in the blogs exhibition.
The crazy hair hunt runs currently for the third time. The blonde hair with the flowers is the gift from (red) Mint. Its one of the few gifts in the hunt which also go for men - at least thats what I have been told - and is really pretty. The hair comes with a resize script and the gift includes a version with and one without particles.

Shirt: 22769 ~ [homme] narcissus3 hipster jumper mesh (75 L$ sold at the narcissus room)
Trousers: 22769 ~ [homme] mens.dept. 1 slackerpants mesh (60 L$ sold at mens. department)
Hair: (red)Mint Hair ~ Miss.Dandelion(CHH3 Hunt) (0 L$)
Tattoo: The Plastik :[P]:- Valah Markings- Recolorable
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~Noctis Group Gift (0 L$)
Shape: Zero Shape modded (0 L$ Eclectic Equations Headquater)

Poses: 22769

The pictures have been taken at Greenhouse a wonderful old sim near blake sea filled with flowers and a greenhouse.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In my smalls


It's a first for me to blog lingerie, mostly because I've never had any need for it so it's just not something that I own but I just fell in love with this pretty little ensemble currently available at XYROOM and felt compelled to blog it, plus it shows off the skin to it's maximum potential (without being in the nuddy of course *gasp*) I'm loving the tones of this skin by sugar, I like these skins and their funky make ups, definitely worth a peek.

Hair: 280L -  QPT129 - black > Boon
Skin: 599L - Fireball party - tone 3 > :sugar:
Underwear: 70L -  malena by Le petit coquette @ > XYROOM
Feet: 600L - Jolie pied barefeet V3 > Slink
Headband: 70L - Rouge rose hairband by charme @> XYROOM
Eyes: 65L - starlight eyes - sienna shine > Sterling artistry
Poses: 75L each - sinned girl > Epiphany

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wearing more brown


Yep more brown, most of my recent blog posts appear to be featuring mostly shades of brown recently not that it is intentional. Anyway what's not to love about all this brownness, I mean will you look at these shiny shiny boots! pure liquid chocolate, that's what they remind me of. I don't have anything more to say on the matter, thanks for looking though <3

Hair: 50L - Sunday - beach blonde > Maitreya
Skin 1L - Nadine > Mother Goose's
Dress: 0L - customer appreciation gift > Priss
Boots: 390L - gator star boots - brown > Pia
Scarf: 30L - Gause scarf - almond > Humming
Bag: 0L - group gift - chocco bag  > !1MM

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boyish style


I wouldn't especially call this a tomboy look, yet to me it long a tad masculine. Perhaps it's the short hair which I picked up at Tram, I have to say at 350L I thought this was a little pricey for hair compared to many other hairs out there, so I deliberated for a while before finally buying it.

 You may argue that in real terms it costs barely anything, yet to a shopaholic blogger like me with the distinct reality that It would be rare for me to wear anything more than once, I think hard before I buy, and if it's something that's quality that I think I'll wear again then i'll go for it.

I digress, perhaps it's the sheer make up free skin from Love which I have to say is a pretty fabulous blank canvas in which to add your own make up choices or like me just wear it as it is. In truth I'm not sure what it is that makes me think this whole look is a little boyish but I like it a lot.

Hair: 350L - A816 - Gray > Tram
Skin: 1200L - Emma redux - > Love
Top: 0L - (part of a dress) Lily - burgundy by old time prims @ > 1920's Berlin
Shorts: 30L - short pants - grey > Evergreen
Shoes: 169L - AA Mox - Vanilla > Argyle Anonymous
Bag: 0L - group gift > S@BBiA
Eyes: 10L - Jelly eyes - Electricity (gacha item) > Sterling artistry

Butterflies In The Mist

She was born among the mountains, and she never forgot about them… not even later, when her family gave her hand in marriage to a rich merchant who lived at the sea. Mei Hua became an obedient wife, she learned quickly how to prepare the savoury fish stew that her husband preferred to any other dishes, and she got used to the damp weather and the fog. What she couldn’t forget, though, was the sweet smell of the grass that had grown on her father’s mountain pastures... and she sourly missed the butterflies. There weren’t butterflies in the seashore town, and nobody knew why.
Butterflies In The Mist
Then, one morning, when Mei Hua was doing her usual chores, she felt a soft tickling in her hair. She reached up, touched her elaborate bun, and when she lowered her hand she was astonished to see that a golden butterfly was sitting on her middle finger, and butterflies were soaring around her, as if she had been an exquisite flower. The next day she received a letter from her family. Her mother had died the day before... but the butterflies never left her any more.
Butterfly Princess
I heard people mention the Crazy Hair Hunt and I also saw some pictures of the past prizes, yet I couldn’t really understand why everybody had been talking about the previous hunts with so much nostalgy until the third Crazy Hair Hunt kicked in on March 31st. And what can I say that other bloggers haven’t said before me, in praise of this crazy funny whirlwind of amazing hairdo…? This is the very first SL hunt where I wasn’t cherry picking from the various gifts but I did the entire hunt from A to Z. And what gifts… oh my. Treebee Withnail, the mastermind behind the happening, has been absent from SL for 18 months and now she’s back with a „Bang!” We all owe her some huge thanks for the work she’s done, and we owe similar thanks to the creators whose creativity I can’t cease admiring.

I’m not one of the organisers, yet I hope you’ll forgive me if I share out some mild words of admonishment, for the common well-being of all participants. The hunt is extremely popular and hundreds of SL residents are on the path all around the clock – so pretty please, play nicely, the hunt objects are easy to find (it’s not the Twisted Hunt, after all…), and don’t complain to the organisers at the very first apparent difficulty. Treebee is ironing out the few effective glitches with incredible efficiency, so please show some patience with her. What you get are gifts, after all, and many people have worked in order to amuse you… so please say „Thank you”, and enjoy. :)

Outfit: The White Armory „Mists of Fuji” group gift (0 L$). It’s free to join the group, but for an invitation you have to contact either Colton Drechsler or Ida Donardson.
Hair: Yasyn’s Odds and Ends „Effervescent Chrysalis” – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Skin: PixyStix „Custard” – The Fashionista Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt ended on March 31st, but the gift bag is still out in the shop. If it’s gone, then you can buy the „Custard” skin for 100 L$.
Tattoo: White Widow „Crystal” – free gift in the shop (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „March Festive” – monthly freebie in the shop (0 L$).
Nails: Sterling Artistry “Gold Silk” (10 L$).
Poses: previous D!va group gifts, not available any more.

The pictures were taken at World’s End Garden.